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Gaillard Castle

Image Credit: ShutterstockGaillard Castle is a ruined medieval castle, located above the commune of Les Andelys in Normandy, France.Construction began in 1196 under the auspices of Richard the Lionheart, who was simultaneously King of England and feudal Duke of Normandy. The castle was expensive to build, but the majority of the work was done in an unusually short period of time.
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British Pilots Surname A

While pilots from abroad fought with distinction in the Battle of Britain, the majority of pilots were from Great Britain. No official record of Battle of Britain pilots survived World War Two - only those who had died, and it is their names that are on a memorial in Westminster Abbey, which was unveiled in 1947.
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Fighter Command Groups

Fighter Command was divided into fighter groups that had a specific part of Britain to guard during the Battle of Britain. However, it was perfectly feasible for sectors from one group to be sent to another sector of another group to support that group need during a heavy attack. Fighter Command was divided into four groups for the duration of the Battle of Britain.
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The Drive to Rome

Rome was the primary target for the Allies in Europe's “soft underbelly” in 1944 once Monte Cassino had fallen and the forces at Anzio had moved out of their beachhead. As the capital of Italy, it was hoped that the capture of Rome would be sufficient for the Italians to sue for peace. The resistance faced by the Allies at Monte Cassino and Anzio was severe.
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