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Adair- APA-91 - History

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A county in South Dakota.

(AK-173: dp. 2,474; 1. 338'6"; b. 50'; dr. 21'1"; s. 12 k.;
cpl. 79: a. 1 3"; cl. Alamosa)

Codington (AK-173) was launched 29 November 1944 by Froemming Brothers, Inc., Milwaukee, Wis., under a Maritime Commission contract, sponsored by Mrs. W. P. Plehl; and commissioned at Galveston 23 July 1945 Lieutenant Commander A. F. Pittman in command.

Codington departed Galveston 11 August 1945 for Leyte, arriving 11 October. She assumed cargo operations in the Philippines, with one voyage to New Guinea (1-27 December), until 30 January 1946, when she sailed from Subic Bay for Yokosuka. Codington was decommissioned at Tokyo 27 February 1946, and transferred to the War Shipping Administration for disposal.

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