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West Virginia Railroad Stations - History

West Virginia Railroad Stations - History

Virginia Railroads In "The Old Dominion State"

Virginia railroads feature typical Appalachian operations plenty of coal moving from tipple to tidewater with stiff grades over the Blue Ridge that must be conquered to complete the journey. However, the Commonwealth also includes operations not often found in Appalachian states coastal plains.  Virginia is home to the port of Norfolk/Newport News, a large eastern seaboard facility that handles important container traffic and outbound coal shipments.  In addition, the state is home to north-to-south main lines like the former Southern, Atlantic Coast Line, and Seaboard Air Line.  From a train enthusiast's perspective at the time, it offered quite an eclectic display of operations.

The Old Dominion State may no longer be home to names like the Norfolk & Western or the Richmond, Fredericksburg & Potomac, but today successors CSX Transportation and Norfolk Southern carry on operating many of their, and other fallen flags’, lines. Additionally, Virginia is served by a handful of short lines, most of which are located in the eastern regions of the state (or directly along the coast).

Norfolk & Western 4-8-0 #382 winds its way along the fabled "Abingdon Branch" (Abingdon, Virginia-West Jefferson, North Carolina), colloquially known as the "Virginia Creeper," with a mixed train (freight/passenger) on October 1, 1956. Abandoned in 1977, today the right-of-way is the Virginia Creep Trail.

Virginia railroads date back to 1830 when the Petersburg Railroad was chartered to connect Petersburg, Virginia with Garysburg, North Carolina. A distance of about 62 miles the railroad opened its main line in 1833 and after operating for 65 years, it was merged into the Richmond & Petersburg Railroad in March of 1898 eventually becoming part of the Atlantic Coast Line system. The original Petersburg Railroad route became the Atlantic Coast Line's primary main line to Richmond and today it remains an important artery in successor CSX Transportation's system, more than 170 years since the route was constructed.  In the succeeding years following the opening of the Petersburg, Virginia would come to know many of the South’s most celebrated railroads.


The Washington, Cincinnati & St. Louis Railroad (WC&StL) was chartered in 1871 in Virginia as a narrow-gauge railway that would operate from Washington, D.C. west to Elkton, Harrisonburg, and Bridgewater, Virginia, through central West Virginia, before terminating in Cincinnati, Ohio. 2 Some right-of-way was purchased and some grading began before funding for the WC&StL ran dry in 1874.

In 1892, several promoters incorporated the Chesapeake, Shendun & Western Railroad to haul coal from West Virginia to the Chesapeake & Ohio Railroad (C&O) at Gloucester Point, Virginia. 2 The railroad was quickly renamed the Chesapeake & Western Railroad (C&W). The C&W was projected to cross the Allegheny Mountains via North River Gap west of Harrisonburg, 1 utilizing a part of the WC&StL right-of-way. 2

Construction of the C&W began in 1895 in Harrisonburg, 2 and on March 23, 1896, a 26-mile segment between Bridgewater and the Norfolk & Western Railway (N&W) at Elkton opened. 1 It included the erection of railroad shops in Elkton. The route included a five-mile, 2% grade over Massanutten Mountain west of Elkton and a 1.8% grade at Keezletown Hill.

The C&W reorganized as the Chesapeake Western Railway (CW) in 1901, and began construction of an extension into West Virginia and another through the Blue Ridge Mountains at Powell’s Gap, financed by New York investor Thomas Stokes who wanted to develop coal mines in western Rockingham County. 2 But after he became mired in financial technicalities, his brother purchased control of the C&W in 1900 and renamed it Tidewater & West Virginia Railroad, although the name reverted to the CW in 1901.

A section of the CW extension was completed to Stokesville at North River Gap to serve several logging railroads in 1902. Unfortunately, western Virginia’s coal proved to be of little value and there was not enough financing to construct the CW further west or east. Despite the lack of coal revenue and because of its exclusion a joint Baltimore & Ohio Railroad (B&O) and N&W “Union Station” in Harrisonburg, the company constructed a larger, more elaborate station in the city in 1913.

The CW between Stokesville and Mt. Solon was dismantled in 1930 after the logging railroads it depended upon ceased to operate, and the remainder to Bridgewater was abandoned in 1933. 2

Stokes continued to operate the CW until his death in 1926. 2 The company then fell into the hands of his estate who mismanaged the railroad. After Japanese interests offered to buy the line for scrap value in 1938, the CW was acquired by general manager Don Thomas. The purchase was underwritten by the N&W who saw the line as an important connector for its railroad.

The CW expanded in 1942 when it acquired the B&O between Harrisonburg and Lexington. 1 The company then dismantled the segment from Lexington to Staunton as it was redundant. The N&W assumed direct control of the CW in 1954.

The original CW line between Bridgewater and Pleasant Hill to the north was dismantled in 1987 because of a lack of traffic and in 1989, the railroad shops at Elkton were demolished. 1 The former B&O south of Pleasant Valley was mothballed in 1985 and in 1993, was sold to the Buckingham Branch Railroad which became the Shenandoah Valley Railroad.

Although the CW never reached its lofty expectations, a significant portion of the line remains active today as the Norfolk Southern Chesapeake Western Branch.

West Virginia Railroad Stations - History

The Parkersburg B&O train station in 1897.
Courtesy of Dan Kemper.

Looking west toward Green Street, the train station and Sixth Street in the 1930s. St. Xavier is on the right.

The station as it looked in the 1890s.

Men stand in front of the station in 1907.

Looking southeast from the corner of Sixth and Avery, around 1915.

Looking west on Sixth Street across the street from the train station in the early 1900s, you
can see where the tracks become elevated at Avery Street. The tall building was the
Van Winkle Hotel at the corner of Avery. It is now a beauty college
(Photo courtesy of Artcraft Studio, 519-521 Market Street, Parkersburg, WV 26101 (304) 485-5771.)

In this photo looking east, Parkersburgers gather at the station and on Sixth Street, possibly in 1917.

The Van Winkle Hotel stood at the northwest corner of Sixth and Avery.
It is now an office building and beauty college.
(Photo courtesy of Artcraft Studio, 519-521 Market Street, Parkersburg, WV 26101 (304) 485-5771.)

Shriners gather in front of the B&O station in the 1930s.

Looking east toward the station and Sixth Street from the top of the Avery Street Park-O-Loft in the 1950s.
The small brick building in the middle of the shot was the Amvets (American Veterana) Club at Sixth and Green.

Looking east on Sixth Street toward the corner of Avery: a train pulls out of the
station and enters the long approach to the bridge across the Ohio River.

The B&O Railroad line from Baltimore arrived in Parkersburg in 1857, and until the railroad bridge--spanning from the corner of 6th & Avery Streets to the town of Belpre--was built over the Ohio River, the city was a terminal from which all supplies and passengers had to be taken across by ferry or steamboat to connect with the Marietta & Cincinnati Railroad. The 6th Street Station was built in 1883 and razed in 1973. The photo above, looking west in the 1950s, shows the station on the left, Avery Street in the near distance, and the tower of St. Francis Xavier on Market Street in the middle.

Looking eastward in 1967 from the B&O Railroad bridge, Garfield Avenue is in the foreground, and Sixth Street runs east below the elevated tracks. The red building at the southwest corner of Ann Street is the Henry Logan Methodist Church. Prominent in the background are the Chancellor Hotel and the Union Trust Building at Seventh and Market, and the white spire of the First Baptist Church at Market and Ninth.

The overhead tracks on Sixth Street, 1940s. between Ann and Juliana.
(Photo courtesy of Ben Barnett.)

Standing east of Sixth and Green, you're looking west toward the last passenger train that stopped at Parkersburg, on the morning of May 5, 1973. On the left is the back of the first house in the 500 block of Sixth Street. Under construction is the United Bank Building at Fifth and Avery. You can also see the top of St. X.

A train sits at the station in 1940. The tower of Washington Junior High School at Seventh and Green is in the background.


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The West Virginia Railroad Museum will stimulate economic tourism development by promoting the essence and spirit of West Virginia’s railroad heritage through educational programs including operations, safety and interpretation of historic railroad equipment, structures, engineering and trackage.

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West Virginia Railroad Stations - History

A Brief History of Grafton

A postcard shows the Tygart River winding through Grafton and the steep hills of the cup-shaped valley in which it is nestled.

An aerial photo from 1931 shows an S-curve on U.S. Route 50 at Laurel Mountain.

And another postcard gives an indication of the Grafton mountainous terrain, also on U.S. Route 50 east of Grafton.

Surrounded by grazing country and scattered coal mines, Grafton is built on the steep hills of a cup-shaped valley located on the Tygart River, as shown by the postcard at right.

In 1773, by preemption, William Robinson acquired approximately 400 acres in the area that is now Grafton, but he never farmed or developed it. When the Irish construction crews for the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad arrived in 1852, "the entire countryside was still a tangle of grapevines and wild berry briars," according to "West Virginia, A Guide to the Mountain State." Because Grafton was the end of the rail line for four divisions of the B&O, when the railroad was completed a community sprang to life there.

The town was incorporated in 1856 stories differ as to how Grafton got its name.

Some historians think that it was named for John Grafton, who worked for the B&O as a civil engineer during the railroad's construction.

Others think that it received its name from the railroad construction crews. Not that it makes this version any more true, but in his remarks at Grafton on Oct. 16, 1948, as part of his "Rear Platform" visit to West Virginia, President Harry Truman said, "I have always liked the story I read once about how Grafton got its name. As I remember it, it seems that the railroad construction crews that came in here about 100 years ago called this place on the railroad the 'grafting on' point because so many branch lines were hooked onto the main line here."

Because of its rail yards and shops, Grafton was of strategic importance during the Civil War, and over time was occupied by both Union and Confederate troops. Both sides realized the urgency to control the region, and as a result Grafton and the Taylor County area became a launching site for what is recognized as the first organized land battle of the Civil War, which took place at Philippi. Click here to see the Centennial Plate of the Philippi Covered Bridge a postcard of the bridge is below, right.

This postcard shows the B&O Roundhouse that was built between the town of Grafton and the Tygart River.

The first land battle of the Civil War took place at Philippi, which is south of Grafton.

The cemetery contains the remains of Thornsberry Bailey Brown, who is believed to be the first Union casualty of the Civil War when he was killed by a Confederate sentry on May 21, 1861.

After the war, which resulted in the creation of West Virginia as a Union state when it seceded from the rest of Virginia in 1863, the City of Grafton continued to grow, spurred on by the railroad, timber and manufacturing industries.

In 1867, Major R. C. Bates, under the direction of the U.S. War Department, selected a small, three-acre site adjacent to the Maple Avenue Cemetery in Grafton as a National Cemetery for the Union casualties throughout West Virginia.

In 1868, West Virginia's first governor, Arthur I. Boreman, dedicated the cemetery, which he had been instrumental in getting located in the state.

Although some Confederate soldiers were eventually buried at the Grafton National Cemetery, the vast majority of graves hold Union soldiers and the cemetery is now closed for new interments.

After the war, as the B&O extended branch lines into the surrounding regions to transport timber and coal, Grafton became the trade and transportation center for nearby coal and lumber towns. Around 1870, a large sawmill was constructed in the area to cut logs, which were floated down the Tygart River to be processed into lumber.

According to "West Virginia, a Guide to the Mountain State, "In 1872 Grafton aspired to become the State's capital. Delegates from near-by counties, presided over by Joseph Johnson, convened here and drafted resolutions instructing their delegates to the Constitutional Convention at Charleston to seek the removal of the capital from Charleston. Although it failed in this, [Grafton] succeeded in becoming the county seat in 1878."

The U.S. Census of 1880 showed that the population of Grafton was 3,030 and that Taylor County as a whole was 11,453. Twenty years later, in 1900, the City of Grafton had almost 12,000 residents it continued to grow, but at a slower pace, until the 1920's.

Above left, on May 15, 1962, the historic Andrews Church, built in 1873, became the International Mother's Day Shrine and in 1967 the congregation vacated the building to a new church building location. Above right, a postcard show the First National Bank of Grafton.

In 1911, the B&O Railroad opened an impressive new station that served Grafton until the mid-1970s. It is shown above, next to the Willard Hotel, which is also closed.

In 1908, Miss Anna Jarvis requested that a service be held at the Andrews Methodist Church in Grafton to honor her Mother, Anna Reeves Jarvis, and other mothers throughout the world. This first Mother's Day service was held on May 10 of that year, and in 1914 Congress authorized the president to designate the second Sunday of each May as Mother's Day. Click here to see a Mother's Day plate.

Before the construction of interstate highways, getting to Grafton by automobile or truck was a challenge. The main highways into Grafton, U.S. 50 and U.S. 119, were famous for their hairpin turns and mountainous terrain with some of the deepest highway cuts in the country.

As noted earlier, the B&O Railroad played a major role in the City of Grafton's growth and provided employment for generations of families. In August 1911, the railroad dedicated an impressive new station that served the city until the mid 1970s. The B&O Station was built adjacent to the six-story Willard Hotel that was named for Daniel Willard, president of the B&O Railroad at the time of its construction. When it opened, The Willard was considered to be one of West Virginia's most elegant hotels, and the station matched its elegance with its marbled columns in the passenger lobby.

Most of current day Grafton was built between 1890 and 1930, and the city continued to prosper through the first half of the 20th century. However, in 1952 when the Carr China Company shut down it left hundreds of residents without jobs, as did the Hazel-Atlas Glass plant when it closed later in the decade. In 1958, the women of Grafton organized a parade through downtown Grafton as part of "Operation Survival" and carried a banner proclaiming that 1,500 jobs were needed. Their efforts received national attention and helped Grafton encourage a manufacturer of plastic baby toys to move to the area. Grafton was named an All-American City in 1962.

However, in the early 1980s the railroad relocated hundreds of jobs to Jacksonville, Fla., and as a result the city received yet another major economic setback. The population has dropped to slightly less than 5,000. Although Grafton has certainly seen better days, it seems to be turning the corner and is now headed in a more positive direction. New businesses are beginning to open along Main Street, and Grafton is experiencing new residential and commercial development for the first time in many decades.

Most of the preceding information was gleaned from the following sources:
"West Virginia, a Guide to the Mountain State," compiled by workers of the Writer's Program of the Work Projects Administration, 1941, Tour 22
"Images of America, Taylor County," prepared for the Taylor County Historical and Genealogical Society, Arcadia Publishing, 2000
City of Grafton West Virginia website, the History of Grafton section and
West Virginia National Cemetery website, the historical information section.

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Orange and Alexandria Railroad

Chartered in 1848, the O&A made Alexandria its headquarters including a yard and shop area. Construction of the railroad started southward in 1850 at a point along the Potomac River waterfront. Tudor Hall, later renamed Manassas Junction (located in the area of today's Fairview Avenue road crossing east of the Manassas Amtrak passenger station), was reached in October 1851. The rails reached Gordonsville in 1854 where a link with the Virginia Central RR (later to become the Chesapeake & Ohio RR) provided a through route to Richmond and Charlottesville. Using trackage rights on the Virginia Central to reach from Gordonsville to Charlottesville, the O&A built southward from Charlottesville to reach Lynchburg by 1860.

The O&A RR was the first railroad constructed on the south side of the Potomac River near Washington, DC. At that time a wagon road bridge across the Potomac existed at the site of today's Long Bridge, but was not able to carry the weight of rail traffic. All freight and passenger traffic across the river had to be carried by horse drawn wagon to reach the B&O in Washington. In 1854 an affiliate of the O&A RR called the Alexandria & Washington RR (A&W RR) was chartered which completed a line in 1858 from Alexandria the six miles to the foot of the bridge. To meet the need to ship supplies south during the Civil War, a new bridge was constructed in 1863 capable of carrying rail traffic. During the war the A&W RR was taken over by the US Government and the line was extended over the new bridge to a connection with the B&O RR in Washington. The US Military Railroad operated the A&W along with its connections, the Alexandria, Loudon & Hampshire, and the north end of the O&A RR as part of the Military Railroad of Northern Virginia. After the war the A&W RR, along with its extension to the B&O RR in Washington, was operated by the Washington, Alexandria and Georgetown RR.

In 1866, after the end of the Civil War, the B&O began to buy control of the O&A RR. Then, in 1870 under the control of the B&O RR, the Manassas Gap RR was merged into the O&A RR and the combined line was named the Orange, Alexandria & Manassas RR. Meanwhile the B&O suffered a serious setback in 1870 when the Baltimore & Potomac RR (B&P RR), a subsidiary of the PRR, built a line from Baltimore to Pope's Creek with a branch line from Bowie via Benning, Md to Washington and the Long Bridge. Then, through legal tactics, the B&P RR gained control of the Long Bridge. In the process the PRR severed the B&O's connection to the O&A and the south as the PRR also gained control of the line on the Virginia side of the river from the bridge to Alexandria in 1872. The B&O's response was to build a new branch line from their main line at Hyattsville, Md. to a point on the Potomac River across from Alexandria, Va. A car float operation was established to ferry freight cars across the river to connect with the tracks of the Orange, Alexandria & Manassas RR. This arrangement would remain in place until the turn of the century when the Potomac Yards were constructed.

In 1872 the OA&M RR was merged with the Lynchburg & Danville RR to form the Virginia & North Carolina RR which was renamed the following year as the Washington City, Virginia Midland & Great Southern RR which entered receivership in 1876. Also in 1876, the Charlottesville & Rapidan RR was incorporated to construct a direct line between Orange and Charlottesville. This line was eventually merged into the Southern railway and today serves as Norfolk Southern's mainline between the two cities. The original line between Orange and Gordonsville was leased to the Chesapeake & Ohio RR.

In 1881 the WC,VM&GS RR was reorganized by the B&O RR and the name was shortened to Virginia Midland RR (VM RR). The VM RR was leased to the Richmond & Danville RR in 1886. The R&D RR along with the VM RR became part of the Southern Railway in 1894.

Southern Railway is the product of nearly 150 predecessor lines that were combined, reorganized and recombined since the 1830s. The nine-mile South Carolina Canal & Rail Road Co., Southern's earliest predecessor line, was chartered in December 1827 and ran the nation's first regularly scheduled passenger train - the wood-burning "Best Friend of Charleston" - out of Charleston, S.C., on Christmas Day 1830. By 1833, its 136-mile line to Hamburg, S.C., was the longest in the world. As railroad fever struck other Southern states, networks gradually spread across the South and even across the Allegheny Mountains. Charleston and Memphis, Tenn., were linked by 1857, although rail expansion halted with the start of the Civil War. Known as the "first railroad war," the Civil War left the South's railroads and economy devastated. Most of the railroads, however, were repaired, reorganized and operated again. In the area along the Ohio and Mississippi rivers, construction of new railroads continued throughout Reconstruction.

Southern Railway, as it came into existence in 1894, was combination of the Richmond & Danville system and the East Tennessee, Virginia & Georgia Railroad. The company owned two-thirds of the 4,400 miles of line it operated, and the rest was held through leases, operating agreements and stock ownership. S outhern also controlled the Alabama Great Southern and the Georgia Southern and Florida, which operated separately, and it had an interest in the Central of Georgia. Southern's first president, Samuel Spencer, drew more lines into Southern's core system. During his 12-year term, the railway built new shops at Knoxville, Tenn., and Atlanta, and purchased more equipment. He moved the company's service away from an agricultural dependence on tobacco and cotton and centered its efforts on diversifying traffic and industrial development. By the time the line from Meridian, Miss., to New Orleans was acquired in 1916 under Southern's president Fairfax Harrison, the railroad had attained the 8,000-mile, 13-state system that marked its territorial limits for almost half a century. The Central of Georgia became part of the system in 1963, and the former Norfolk Southern Railway Co. was acquired in 1974.

Southern and its predecessors were responsible for many firsts in the industry. Its predecessor, the South Carolina Canal & Rail Road Co., was the first to carry passengers, U.S. troops and mail on steam-powered trains, and it was the first to operate at night. In 1953, Southern Railway became the first major railroad in the United States to convert totally to diesel-powered locomotives, ending its rich history in the golden age of steam.

From dieselization and shop and yard modernization, to computers and the development of special cars and the unit coal train, Southern often was on the cutting edge of change, earning the company its catch phrase, "The Railway System that Gives a Green Light to Innovations." In 1982 the Southern Railway merged with the Norfolk & Western Railway to form Norfolk Southern.

The B&O Richwood Branch was originally built as the West Virginia & Pittsburgh Railroad (WV&P), which was incorporated on January 30, 1876. 5 It consisted of the Clarksburg, Weston & Midland Railroad (CW&M) and the Buckhannon River Railroad (BR). 11

The CW&M, incorporated on April 10, 1889, 11 comprised of the following:

  • Weston & West Fork Railroad, formed on March 4, 1875, attempted to construct 24.9 miles of track between Clarksburg and Weston.
  • Clarksburg, Weston & Glenville Railroad, incorporated on August 6, 1878, finished the work of the Weston & West Fork. By September 1879, 24.9 miles of narrow-gauge track was open between Clarksburg and Weston.
  • Buckhannon & West Fork Railroad, incorporated on April 10, 1882, built 15.8 miles of narrow-gauge track from Weston to Buckhannon.
  • Buckhannon River Lumber Company, incorporated on October 15, 1885, constructed 13.3 miles of narrow-gauge line from Buckhannon to Indian Camp Run (Calico Run) in 1886.
  • Weston & Elk River Railroad, formed on February 20, 1889, attempted to build a line from Weston south towards Charleston via the Elk River. No line was built.

The Buckhannon River Railroad, formed on August 13, 1889, was never built. 11

The WV&P fell into receivership in 1898 and on June 1, the WV&P was acquired by Johnson N. Camden and Clarence Cary. The railroad’s projected southern terminus was then modified to be the mouth of the Williams River near present-day Cowen, in Webster County, to extract the area’s virgin timber forests.

The WV&P was extended from Weston south to Sutton via Flatwoods in 1890-91, and to Camden-on-Gauley in 1891-92. 4

Baltimore & Ohio Railroad

On August 31, 1899, 5 the WV&P and its 17 locomotives, 18 passenger cars, and 530 freight cars were leased by the B&O. 4 (It was not until December 31, 1990, that the WV&P was fully merged into the B&O’s ultimate successor, CSX. 5 )

The renamed B&O Richwood Branch was completed to Richwood in 1901, providing a railroad connection between the B&O and the Chesapeake & Ohio Railroad (C&O). 5

At the time, Richwood was known as Cherry Tree Bottoms and had a population of 27. 6 Richwood, named so because of the area’s rich abundance of timber, incorporated in 1901 and rapidly developed. By 1930, the town had blossomed to a population of nearly 7,000. 7 It boasted the Steele-Wallace Clothespin Factory, the largest in the world at the time, the Cherry River Boom & Lumber Company, the Cherry River Paper Company, the J.D. Wescott & Son broom and chair factory, and the Wm. F. Mosser Company, the largest sole leather factory. 8

Further north, Weston developed as the center of several glass manufacturing plants. 14 The companies were initially drawn to the region because of the availability and affordability of natural gas, which made glass production competitive.

The freight depot at Lost Creek became the largest shipping point for cattle on the entire B&O in the state. 12 By 1923, it became the largest cattle shipping point east of the Mississippi River with 275 cars needed to carry between 4,000 to 5,000 cattle. The depot had been built in 1892 by the WV&P and served unbroken blocks of grazing lands for cattle controlled by the Goff, Gore, Haymond, Lowndes, Lucas, Maxwell, and Reynolds families. By the 1930s, the county had become one of the biggest beef cattle producing regions in the eastern United States.

Coal mining was developed around Richwood after the Great Depression but collapsed after 500 coal mining jobs were lost in 1984 and 1985. 7


The C&O took financial control of the B&O in 1963. 2 The B&O at that point already had a controlling interest in the Western Maryland Railway (WM). In 1973, the three railroads were brought together under one identity, the Chessie System. The WM was formally merged into the B&O in 1976.

In 1980, the Chessie and the Seaboard Coast Line, which controlled the Louisville & Nashville, the Clinchfield, and Georgia railroads, merged to form the CSX Corporation. 2 Despite the consolidation, CSX never had its own identity until 1986, when all of the merged entities was renamed CSX Transportation (CSX).

In April 1987, the B&O was formally absorbed into the C&O, which merged into CSX in August. 2


The first abandonment of the B&O Richwood Branch came in the 1940s when the line between Weston and Orlando was abandoned. 15 The B&O opted to route through trains from Orlando northeast to Buckhannon via the Coal & Coke Railway, and then west to Weston via the B&O Pickens Branch (originally the Weston & Buckhannon). The Coal & Coke had been acquired by the B&O in 1916, becoming their Charleston Branch. 16

During the 1970s and 1980s, increased foreign competition caused one glass company after another to close in Weston. With little originating traffic in the city, CSX discontinued use of the Richwood Branch between Weston and McWhorter on August 25, 1989. 13

After the coal mines around Richwood never reopened, CSX abandoned the Richwood Branch between Cowen and Richwood in 1990. 9 The Cranberry Tri-Rivers Rail-Trail committee purchased the right-of-way for $189,000 after securing a $69,000 grant from the Georgia-Pacific Company, which operated a large mill in Richwood. The company retained the rights to operate the trail as a logging haul road during the off-season to move cut timbers into Richwood.

In September 1998, the state dedicated the new six-mile Cranberry Tri-Rivers Rail-Trail, which followed the Cherry and Gauley Rivers between Richwood and Enoch Branch near Allingdale. 9 The multi-use path included a long trestle over the Cranberry River and the 640-foot Sarah’s Tunnel. The trail is planned to extend from Enoch Branch to Cowen along the abandoned branch’s mainline and from Bolair to Cowen on a former spur to a coal mine.

In 1999, CSX abandoned the section of the Richwood Branch between McWhorter and the former B&O St. Louis mainline in Clarksburg. 10

The remaining active portions of the B&O Richwood Branch became the CSX Cowen Subdivision, which extended south from Grafton to Philippi, Buckhannon, Burnsville, and Cohen.


On March 25, 2005, the Appalachian & Ohio Railroad (A&O), a part of Watco Companies, took over operations of the former Cowen Subdivision. 1 (The sale also included the former Pickens Subdivision, from Hampton Junction to Alexander.) The A&O had connections to the WVC at Tygart Junction, the BEEM at Alexander, and the Elk River Railroad at Burnsville.

The A&O was expected to move 90,000 carloads in the first year, 1 with coal comprising 95% of the route’s traffic. Coal was expected to be shipped from the mines to power plants in the North and Mid-Atlantic states. The A&O held onto the line for just a short time before turning it over to Four Rivers Transportation, now P&L Transportation, on May 15, 2006. 3 P&L Transportation is jointly owned by the P&L Railway and CSX.

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