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Bixby Medical Center

Bixby Medical Center

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Bixby Medical Center is an acute care hospital in Adrian, Michigan. A member of ProMedica Health System, the 142-bed medical facility proudly serves the community with a three-fold mission - prevention, education, and superior care.For more than 88 years, Bixby Medical Center has been providing compassionate inpatient and outpatient services.The core areas of practice include general surgery, cardiology, obstetrics and gynecology, neurology, behavioral medicine, oncology, orthopedics, pulmonology, pediatrics, mental health, family medicine, critical care, and radiology. Rehabilitation and surgical services are also available.The Hickman Cancer Center at BMC, a recipient of the 2004 Commission on Cancer Outstanding Service Award, features all sorts of oncology services. The Sage Center aims to provide comprehensive drug and alcohol treatment services.In addition, BMC has a Farver Center for Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation, Sleep Disorder Lab, and Farver Ambulatory Center.Bixby Medical Center encourages a variety of education, health and wellness programs. It conducts childbirth education classes which prepares expectant moms, dads, and siblings for their new arrival.The hospital campus includes facilities such as an information desk, pharmacy, ATM, cafeteria, gift shop, and chapel. Interpreter service is available for the hearing-impaired and non-English speaking visitors.


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