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Buckingham APA-141 - History

Buckingham APA-141 - History

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Buckingham is a county in Virginia.

(APA-141: dp. 6873; 1. 455'; b. 62'; dr. 24'; s. 17.7 k.; cpl. 536; a. 15"; cl. Ha8kell)

Buckingham (APA-141) was launched 13 November 1944 by California Shipbuilding Corp., Wilmington, Calif., under a Maritime Commission contract; sponsored by Mrs. S. J. Dickey; transferred to the Navy 23 January 1945; and commissioned the same day, Captain H. G. Moran in command.

On 3 April 1945 Buckingham departed the United States for the Pacific where she operated among the Hawaiian, Marshall, Marianas, Caroline, and Philippine Islands transpo-ting troops and cargo. Between 26 September and 19 December 1945 she made two voyages between San Francisco and Japan with men and supplies for the occupation forces.

Buckingham was decommissioned I March 1946 and returned to the Maritime Commission four days later.

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