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Who is this statue of?

Who is this statue of?

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Purchased it from an Italian leather shop in Budapest Hungary. Curious to find out the history behind it. I was recently informed it may be of a Hungarian cowboy. His outfit looks a bit formal. It does not have any markings or stamps. The shop keep told me it was for keys but that was about the extent of her English speaking skills.

It's a generic Hungarian cowboy wearing a traditional Szűr, rather than anyone in particular.

(h/t JustCal for this specific image.)

I checked whether it might Széchenyi, Batthyány, Kossuth, or one of the other Hungarian leaders who regularly pop up as place names. The beard style matches none of them.

If you want to connect an individual to that statue, I'd check one of the "betyár"s (outlaws similar to Robin Hood). Both of the most famous ones are depicted similarly: Rózsa Sándor and Sobri Jóska (in eastern name order).

The figure is not detailed enough to decide if it's someone in particular or just a guy in a traditional outfit.

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