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Russia 1900 to 1939

Russia 1900 to 1939

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Russia of Alexander III

Alexander III


Karl Marx

Political Views in Russia

Revolutionary Ideology

Socialist Revolutionaries


Julius Martov

George Plekhanov

Lev Kamenev

Gregory Zinoviev

Nicolai Bukharin

The Russian Church

Russia and Agriculture

Nicholas and Alexandra

The Bolsheviks

The Mensheviks

Gregory Rasputin

The Russo Japanese War

The 1905 Russian Revolution

The October Manifesto

Peter Stolypin

The First Duma

The Second Duma

Russia and World War One

Russia and War

Russian Revolution - March 1917

The Provisional Government

Alexander Kerensky

Russian Revolution - November 1917

Vladimir Lenin

The Bolsheviks in power

The Cheka

Felix Dzerzhinsky

The Red Terror

The Lockhart Plot

Social Reforms of 1917

Bolshevik Land Reforms

Political Reforms of 1919

Treaty of Brest-Litovsk

The death of the Romanovs

The Russian Civil War

Leon Trotsky

Permanent Revolution

War Communism

New Economic Policy

Permanent Revolution

Lavr Kornilov

Alexander Kolchak

Anton Denikin

Russia 1918 to 1921

Joseph Stalin's Early Years

Sergei Kirov

Agricultural changes under Stalin from 1928 to 1935

The Great Famine

Life in USSR under Stalin


The Provisional Government

The Show Trials in the USSR

The Purges in the USSR

Russia Political Terms