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Freddie Osborn

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Frederick Osborn was born in Leicester on 10th November 1889. He played for Avondale and Hinckley United before joining Leicester Fosse in 1910. Playing at centre forward, Osborn scored 29 goals in 67 games for the club.

In 1913 he joined Preston North End. Although the club was relegated from the First Division in his first season, he ended up as top scorer with 26 league and cup games. This included three hat tricks against Middlesbrough, Sheffield Wednesday and Bristol Rovers.

Preston North End was promoted from the Second Division in the 1914-15 season. Once again Freddie Osborn was top scorer with 17 goals. The Football League was brought to an end by the First World War.

In 1915 Osborn joined the 160th Brigade Royal Field Artillery (RFA). He served on the Western Front and in 1918 he was badly wounded by a bullet that hit him in the thigh. Although he continued to play football he was unable to regain his place in the Preston North End side.

Frederick Osborn died on 11th October, 1954.

Freddie Osborn - History

On the evening of 30 November 1969, the silver-haired actor Robert Ryan introduced CBS viewers in the US to a buzzkill of historic proportions: Simon and Garfunkel’s first ever TV special. “These two young men have attracted a tremendous following among the youth of America with their lyrical interpretation of the world we live in,” said Ryan, who was a genuine fan. “We think you will find the next hour both entertaining and stimulating.”

Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel certainly hoped so. According to executive producer Robert Drew, Simon talked about using the primetime opportunity as a Trojan horse for “a home movie about where he thought the nation was”. Directed by actor Charles Grodin, Songs of America used the duo’s hits to soundtrack footage of riots, marches and the war in Vietnam, much to the horror of sponsors AT&T, who demanded their $600,000 investment back. Even more sympathetic viewers found the movie’s earnest sermonising hard to swallow.

The album Bridge Over Troubled Water spent 35 weeks at the top of the UK charts over an 18-month period (Credit: Alamy)

We first meet Simon and Garfunkel in the back of a car. Coming off the back of four hit albums and two number one singles in four years, the 27-year-old superstars are not overburdened with humility. When Garfunkel brings up the subject of America’s imminent bicentennial, a camera-conscious Simon gazes into the distance and asks solemnly: “Think it’s gonna make it?” This mood of pensive pomposity comes to dominate the film, as Simon frets: “What’s the point of this album? The world is crumbling”, and Garfunkel less coherently ponders “the chaos of what the hell is the whole thing about”.

♔ Queen ♔

"When we lost Freddie, we not only lost a great personality, a man with a great sense of humour, a true showman, but we lost probably the best. The best virtuoso rock 'n' roll singer of all time. He could sing anything in any style. He could change his style from line to line and, God, that's an art. And he was brilliant at it." - Roger Daltrey

"My lifetime role model and hero is Freddie Mercury of Queen." - Psy

"Freddie's voice has so much texture to it. It’s supersexy. He kind of grabs at everything, he squeezes it. He was completely over the top in the best possible way. " - Adam Lambert

“There is only one Freddie, and it is impossible to replace him.” – John Deacon

“We constantly hear about what kind of a great showman Freddie was. And sometimes it infuriates me. No, he was not a showman – he was a great musician! – Roger Taylor

"There's so few people behind the glamour who really make it as true performers. It's very strange thoroughbred condition to be a successful musician and still be able to project it with confidence. Freddie had that, and there's not many people who have had it." - Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin

"There are people these days who can do things on the guitar which are beyond my reach. There's one guy who plays with Queen who can do things I would dream of doing. I sincerely mean that." - Eric Clapton

"Rumor has it that Queen shall soon be crowned "the new Led Zeppelin," which is an event that would certainly suit this observer just fine. There's no doubt that this funky, energetic English quartet has all the tools they'll need to lay claim to the Zep's abdicated heavy-metal throne, and beyond that to become a truly influential force in the rock world. Their debut album is superb. They're the first of a whole new wave of English rockers, and you'd best learn to love 'em now 'cause they're here to stay. Regal bearings aside, Queen is a monster." - Rolling Stone Mag. (1973)

"Someone told me that I might have the chance to sing with Queen. and I was like: Don't ask me twice, mothe*':#ker. I'll be there!" - James Hetfield of Metallica

"They've been the biggest influence on my life." - Gary Cherone

"The worst day of my life was once that my mom didn't allow me to go to a Queen concert because I was grounded." - Lars Ulrich of Metallica

“He had theatricality, he was larger than life, new, fresh, cool. This is a god that walks as man.” - Mike Myers

"I hope Freddie will be looking at me from up there." - Garth Brooks

"I have seen the future of pop music and it is a band called Queen." - Jac Holzman, Elektra records.

"The biggest band ever." - Joe Elliot of Def Leppard.

"The bright light of Freddie's talent has been so cruelly extinguished. it needn't have happened, it shouldn't have happened. Please let's not let it happen again." - Elizabeth Taylor

"Playing with Queen was the biggest moment of my career. It was like living a childhood fantasy." - George Michael

"As Freddie loved a spectacle. I think he would have enjoyed it. Freddie was to me the ultimate performer." - Paul Young

"The best band in the world is Queen, definitely." - Matthew Bellamy of Muse

"There's not a single day where I don't miss Freddie Mercury." - John Taylor of Duran Duran

"Freddie was such a big personality. Queen had record out throughout my whole life, and it's a part of us that everyone's lost." - Lisa Stansfield

“I was deeply saddened when I heard Freddie passed away. A great performer, a great voice, a great musician was lost to the world. Thank God we have the music to listen to forever.” - Rob Halford of Judas Priest

"All I've got on my iPod is every single Queen song and every single Judas Priest song. Queen were an incredible heavy metal band. I saw them on their first ever tour, at Birmingham Town Hall. They just blew me away." - Rob Halford of Judas Priest

“I watched him, and I watched him die, and it was so painful for me, because I really loved Freddie Mercury, the way that he just truly went with his voice.” - Dave Mustaine of Megadeth.

"If I didn't have Freddie Mercury's lyrics to hold on to as a kid, I don't know where I would be. It taught me about all forms of music. It would open my mind. I never really had a bigger teacher in my whole life." - Axl Rose of Guns N' Roses

In music

Among classical composers, in addition to Gottschalk, Congo Square was made the subject of a symphonic poem by Henry F. Gilbert, The Dance in Place Congo (1908), which was also staged as a ballet at theMetropolitan Opera in New York in 1918. He was inspired by an 1896 essay of the same name by George W. Cable which included extracts of the music to be heard in the Square.
The history of Congo Square inspired later generations of New Orleanians. Johnny Wiggs wrote and recorded a piece called “Congo Square” early in the New Orleans jazz revival, which became the theme song for the New Orleans Jazz Club radio show.
“Congo Square” Jazz Saxophonist Donald Harrison is the Big Chief of The Congo Nation Afro-New Orleans Cultural group which represents Congo Square in New Orleans culture. His father, Donald Harrison, Sr. was the Big Chief of four tribes and passed down the secret rituals and drum patterns of Congo Square to him. Harrison says, “That our culture is different than African culture but it has direct links to it. You have to start in New Orleans to understand it.” His CD’s, “Spirits of Congo Square,” recorded in 2002 and, “Indian Blues,” recorded in 1991 incorporate his concept of the swing beat merged with the Afro-New Orleans rhythms of Congo Square have influenced many jazz musicians.
Congo Square is also the title of an African-themed jazz score byWynton Marsalis and Yacub Addy. It consists of swing arrangements for big band as well as traditional African drum and vocal ensemble from Ghana. Another famous version is that of Louisiana slide guitaristSonny Landreth on the 1985 album Down in Louisiana. The Americanhard rock act Great White released a song called “Congo Square” on their 1991 release Hooked.
Younger generation neo soul artist Amel Larrieux also wrote a song based on the Congo Square called “Congo” on her 2004 albumBravebird.
R&B songstress Teena Marie’s new album is entitled Congo Square, released on June 9, 2009.


  • Spider-Sense Disruption: Spider-Man's spider-sense can lose it's the effect when he is close to the Venom Symbiote, due to him being a host to the Venom Symbiote. The symbiotic life form can block his spider-sense which enables Venom to tackle Spider-Man without warning him, making Venom a deadly foe.
  • Bad Luck: Not exactly a typical weakness, but Peter Parker's life is a very complicated one. His superhero duties make it hard for him when he tries to get to his college classes, work, and even Mary Jane's play on time. Sometimes he can be late for his work at the Daily Bugle, college classes, dates, and going to see Mary Jane's acting plays, due to his crime-fighting activities. This has put strains on his relationships with his loved ones and he struggles to maintain his relationships with his Aunt May, Harry Osborn, and Mary Jane Watson.

The plane crash Killed Rhoads — and nearly Killed the Osbournes

Soon they were taking the fun on the road. “I remember we did a gig in Knoxville, Tennessee, and we were driving from Knoxville, Tennessee, to Orlando, Florida, to do a gig with Foreigner,” the now 71-year-old musician recalls.

They were staying at a mansion on March 19, 1982, before their concert in Leesburg when tragedy struck around noon.

“Ozzy and I were sleeping in the back of the bus, and we got woken up by this huge, huge blast,” Sharon remembers.

Even now, almost four decades later, Osbourne speaks about the incident with devastation, remembering seeing a gigantic blaze. “I couldn’t understand what’s going on — it’s like I’ve been in a nightmare,” he says.

Sharon recalls bassist Rudy Sarzo shouting, “Get off the bus!” while Sarzo adds, “We all get out of the bus and we had no idea what was going on.”

When Sharon got out of the bus, she saw the tour manager on his knees crying. She turned and saw an airplane sticking up through a house.

In the plane were 25-year-old Rhoads, 36-year-old pilot Andrew Aycock and 58-year-old hairdresser Rachel Youngblood.

“They had been on a plane and the plane had crashed,” Sarzo says. “One or two inches lower, it would have crashed into the bus, and we would have blown up right there.”

While the exact details of how the plane crashed are unclear, their fate was certain. “I don&apost know what the hell happened that killed them, but everyone died on the plane,” Osbourne says.

The mother of Randy Rhoads along with (L-R) Zakk Wylde, Ozzy Osbourne, Yngwie Malmsteen, Sharon Osbourne and Rudy Sarzo attend the ceremony in which the guitarist was honored posthumously and inducted into the Hollywood Rockwalk on March 18, 2004, in Hollywood, California

Photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

5. Pretty Car, Driving Down the Street

Orbison had a strong fascination with cars, as well as machines of all kinds. In fact, he loved cars so much that, if he ever spotted a car he liked heading down the street, he would follow it, approach the driver, and offer to buy it from them on the spot. I guess he was perfectly fine with deferring questions such as how the other person would get home, or how he could drive off with two cars at once, for a later time!

Getty Images

Phill Urich was recently fired from his job at Kidd Video, so one of his friends, "Fast" Freddie Glazer, gets some thugs to rob the place in retaliation. [Continuity 1] Phil doesn't approve of the group's actions, but out of pressure lies to incoming police, diverting their attention from the robbery. Out of gratitude "Ricko the Sicko," leader of the gang, gives Phil a ride and some of the stolen vids.

The next day Phil goes to the Daily Bugle where he currently works as an intern under his uncle, Ben Urich. Phillip is enamored with another intern, a young woman named Lynn Walsh. Unfortunately, when the pair are alone in the copy room, he cannot muster the courage to ask her out on a date. Phil's Uncle Ben has recently been working on a follow-up story surrounding the Osborn Family, titled "Dynasty Of Evil", and has Phil helping him with research. [Continuity 2] Seeing an old photo of the original Green Goblin, Phil comments on how dorky the Green Goblin costumes looked. [Continuity 3] That evening, Phil goes to dinner at his family home, where his father expresses his disappointment that Phil won't quit his job at the Bugle, return home, and go back to school. However, his mother is supportive of the boy, telling her husband that Phil needs to discover who he is on his own.

The following morning, Phil's research into the Osborn family uncovers a deed to one of Harry Osborn's old warehouses, impressing his uncle Ben who wants to scour the place for incriminating evidence. After work, Phil heads home and runs into Freddie on the street tells him off for trashing Kidd Video the night before. Freddie takes insult to this, pointing out that everyone uses Phil and he was just standing up for his friend. To punctuate this point, Freddie points out that Phil is now working for his uncle for minimum wage. When Phil tries to explain his Uncle Ben's investigation into the Green Goblin, Freddie is uninterested in hearing anymore and is about to walk away when Phil mentions how they found one of the Green Goblin's old hideouts. This strikes Freddie as interesting and asks to hear more. Meanwhile, Ben Urich returns home and tells his wife about how he got Phil a job, and how his research is going before going to check out the warehouse.

Meanwhile, Phil is woken up in his loft apartment by a phone call from Freddie. He is horrified to learn that Freddie told Ricko the Sicko about the warehouse and how they are going to raid it. When they find his Uncle Ben investigating the area, Phil slips away and turn off the main breaker. While the warehouse is plunged in darkness, Phil is able to help lead his uncle to safety without being recognized. After getting Ben to safety, Phil begins to try and make a run for it himself. With the power back on, Ricko orders his men to find and Ben Urich now. While stumbling around, Phil happens upon a switch which opens a secret door. On the other side, he discovers Osborn's secret headquarters. There he finds blueprints for a brand new Goblin costume. When a rat scurries into view, Phil is startled and stumbles backward, smashing through a vat of chemicals.

By this point, Ricko's goons find Ben Urich and are prepared to rough him up. Recovering from his chemical dousing, Phil decices to use the new Goblin gear to try and spook Ricko and his men. However, when he puts on the mask, it jolts him with electricity. Although he is briefly stunned, Phil gets up and puts on the rest of the gear. [Continuity 4] He interrupts Ricko and his goons by flying in on a goblin glider. However, Phil's lack of experience causes him to crash into a pile of wooden crates. When Ricko and his men try to swarm Phil, he is surprised to discover that the chemicals and costume have boosted his strength. Not only this, but the suit is armed with finger blasts, pumpkin bombs, and a unnerving sonic laugh. As he trounces the gang, the police arrive on the scene. Without a single word, Phil flees the scene before the police can stop him. On his way home, he decides that he can use this equipment for good use as a new, heroic Green Goblin.

Black Sabbath Stardom

Released by Vertigo Records in 1970, Black Sabbath&aposs self-titled debut album was largely panned by critics but sold well in England and abroad. With standout tracks like the title song, “The Wizard” and 𠇎vil Woman,” Black Sabbath reached the Top 10 in the United Kingdom and No. 23 on the American album charts. The group’s sophomore effort, Paranoid (1971), included the seminal metal anthems "War Pigs," "Iron Man," �iries Wear Boots” and "Paranoid," and took Black Sabbath to new heights, topping the charts in the U.K. and reaching No. 12 in the United States.

The band&aposs use of religious symbolism and mythic themes lent a gothic cast to their public personae. It also earned them constant criticism from right-wing groups, negative publicity that simply fueled the band&aposs popularity with its fan base, mostly young males. As was the case with their first two albums, their subsequent efforts Master of Reality (1971), Vol. 4 (1972) and Sabbath Bloody Sabbath (1973) all found chart success, eventually achieving platinum status in the United States on the strength of such metal classics as “Sweet Leaf,” �ter Forever,” “Snowblind” and “Sabbath Bloody Sabbath.”

Freddie Osborn - History


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