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USS Helena (CA-75) (originally Des Moines)

USS Helena (CA-75) (originally Des Moines)

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USS Helena (CA-75) (originally Des Moines)

USS Helena (CA-75) was a Baltimore class heavy cruiser that saw combat during the Korean War. She was awarded the Presidential Unit Citation of the Republic of Korea and the Korean Service Medal with four stars.

The Helena was originally laid down as the Des Moines (CA-75). After the Brooklyn class light cruiser Helena (CL-50) was sunk in 1943 the new Cleveland class light cruiser CL-113 was named in her honour, but this ship was cancelled in 1944. In order to keep the name alive CA-75 was renamed as USS Helena. The name Des Moines ended up being used on the name ship of a post-war class of cruisers that carried automatic 8in guns.

The Helena was launched on 28 April 1945 and commissioned on 4 September 1945, too late to take part in the Second World War. She was present for the Navy Day celebrations at New York on 27 October 1945 and then carried out her shakedown cruise.

The Helena's first operational deployment to European waters, where she became the flagship of Admiral H. Kent Hewiit, commander of Naval Forces, Europe and 12th Fleet. She spent three months operating in northern European waters, especially around Britain.

On 1 May she was replaced as flagship and began what became a round-the-world cruise. She passed through the Suez Canal, visited Indian Ocean ports and joined the Far Eastern fleet at Tsingtao. She left Shanghai in March 1947 and returned to US waters after a year-long voyage.

From April-December 1948 she was deployed to the Far East. In the spring of 1949 she received a new crew. In May she conducted a Naval Reservist cruise. She was then converted to carry helicopters. Another training cruise followed in July-August. The year ended with a training exercise off Hawaii.

During the first half of 1950 she was the flagship of the 7th Fleet in the Far East. She departed to the US on 21 May 1950, where she prepared for a major overhaul, but the outbreak of the Korean War changed that. Instead she was ordered back to the Pacific.

The Helena fired her first shots in anger on 7 August 1950, hitting railway marshalling yards near Tanchon. She became the flagship of the Bombardment Task Force and was used for shore bombardment duties along the east coast of Korea. This first combat tour ended in November 1950.

After undergoing a refit the Helena returned to Korea in April 1951, and joined the fast carrier group (Task Force 77). She had a mix of roles, providing anti-aircraft support for the carrier and also conducting shore bombardment missions. Some of these took her very close inshore. In late July she was hit by shore fire while operating within a harbour. This tour lasted until late in the year and she didn't return to the US until December 1951. By this point she had fired so many 8in salvoes that her guns needed to be replaced.

The Helena's third combat tour began in June 1952. She joined Task Force 77 and once again was used for shore bombardment duties. In late November she was called away for transport duties. Her passengers included Admiral Arthur W. Radford, C-in-C of the Pacific Fleet and President-Elect Eisenhower. She carried them to Pearl Harbor, arriving in mid-December, and then continued on to Long Beach, arriving on 16 December.

By the time the Helena returned to the Far East the Korean War was over. Her first post-war tour began in August 1953, her second in October 1954, her third in January 1956, her fourth in April 1957 (this time as flagship), her fifth in August 1958 and her sixth and final in January 1960.

In January 1961 the Helena became the flagship of the 1st Fleet. This involved a mix of duties on the US West Coast and in the Far East, some ceremonial and some training.

The Helena was decommissioned on 29 June 1963 and struck off the Navy List on 1 January 1974. She was sold for scrap in October 1974.

Displacement (standard)


Displacement (loaded)


Top Speed



10,000nm at 15kts

Armour – belt


- armour deck


- barbettes


- turrets

8in face
3in roof
2-3.75in sides
1.5 rear

- conning tower

3in roof

- underwater magazines

3in side
2.5in deck


673ft 5in oa


Nine 8in guns (three triple turrets)
Twelve 5in/38 guns (six double positions)
Forty eight 40mm guns (11x4, 2x2)
Twenty four 20mm guns
Four aircraft

Crew complement


Laid down

9 September 1943


28 April 1945


4 September 1945


1 January 1974

8"/55 caliber gun

The 8"/55 caliber gun (spoken "eight-inch-fifty-five-caliber") formed the main battery of United States Navy heavy cruisers and two early aircraft carriers. United States naval gun terminology indicates the gun fired a projectile 8 inches (203 mm) in diameter, and the barrel was 55 calibers long (barrel length is 8 inch × 55 = 440 inches or 11 meters). Α]

Compare the rounded roofs of early Mark 9 twin and triple turrets of Salt Lake City and Pensacola with the later turrets of New Orleans on the right.

These self-loading guns with lined monobloc construction and vertical sliding breech blocks weighed about 20 tons. Semi-fixed ammunition (projectile and powder case handled separately) with 78 pounds (35 kg) of smokeless powder gave a 335-pound (152 kg) projectile a velocity of 2500 feet per second (760 m/s). [1] Each gun could fire about ten rounds per minute. Useful life expectancy was 780 EFC per liner. Range was 17 miles (27 kilometers) at the maximum elevation of 41 degrees. [1] [6] This gun was modified for the experimental Major Caliber Lightweight Gun.

The eight twin turrets of Lexington and Saratoga were removed in early 1942 during refits at Pearl Harbor. The turrets were turned over to the United States Army Coast Artillery Corps and remounted as coastal artillery on Oahu. Four two-turret batteries were established at Salt Lake near Aliamanu Crater (Battery Salt Lake, later Battery Burgess), [7] Wiliwilinui Ridge Military Reservation (Battery Wilridge, later Battery Kirkpatrick), [8] Opaeula Military Reservation (Battery Opaeula, later Battery Riggs), [9] and Brodie Camp Military Reservation (Battery Brodie, later Battery George Ricker). [10] [11] [12] [13] After the war, all of the guns and turrets were scrapped in 1948, along with almost all other US coast artillery.

USS Helena (CA-75) (originally Des Moines) - History

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71 China &ndash USS Rochester. Canc. USS ROCHESTER &ndash 27 OCT 1932 with &ldquoSHANGHAI CHN &ndash NAVY DAY&rdquo in KB (VF). VF MB $10.00 (0901)

72. China &ndash USS S-39. Official #10 USS S-39 &ndash Asiatic Fleet. Canc. USS CANOPUS &ndash 11 AUG 1930 with &ldquoTSINGTAO - CHINA&rdquo in KB (F). F (small piece missing in corner) MB $14.00 (0901)

73. China &ndash USS Sacramento. Official #10 USS Sacramento &ndash Asiatic Station. Canc. USS SACRAMENTO &ndash 29 NOV 1937 with &ldquoHONG KONG &ndash B.C.C.&rdquo in KB (VF). VF MB $10.00 (0901)

74. China &ndash USS Tulsa. Official #10 USS Tulsa &ndash US Asiatic Fleet. Canc. USS TULSA &ndash 25 SEP 1931 with &ldquoTIENTSIN - CHINA&rdquo in KB (F). VF MB $10.00 (0901)

75. China &ndash USS Waukesha. Cacheted &ldquoUS Fleet in Asiatic Waters&rdquo Canc. US NAVY &ndash 31 DEC 1945 (VF) + CC USS WAUKESHA (AKA-84). VF MB $8.00 (0901)

76. China &ndash USS Whipple. Official IRS #10 Canc. USS WHIPPLE &ndash 11 NOV 1937 - 217 with &ldquoSHANGHAI - CHINA&rdquo in KB (VF). VF MB $10.00 (0901)

77. France Naval - Cruiser. Card 1c stp Canc. Croiseur-Ecole Jeanne D&rsquoArc&ndash 21-1-(35)(Ave-F). With large handstamp &ldquoEngagez-vous dans la Marine &hellip). MS Note on back &ldquo&hellipGreetings from San Pedro&hellip&rdquo. VF MB $18.00 (0901)

78. France Naval - Battleship. Cover French 50c stp Canc. Cuirasse Provence&ndash 23-11-28(F). F (2 punch holes) MB $15.00 (0901)

79. Newport Naval Training Station. PC (USS Old Constellation and Naval College) 2c stp Canc. NEWPORT U.S. NAVAL TRG. STA &ndash 1926 (F). VF MB $5.00 (0901)

80. Polar &ndash SS City of New York. Cover Canal Zone # 106 canc S.S. CITY OF NEW YORK &ndash 1 JUN 1930 (VF). Handstamp &ldquoBYRD Antarctic Expedition&rdquo. VF MB $20.00 (0901)

81. Polar &ndash SS City of New York. Cover block of 4 Civil Aero Conf. canc S.S. CITY OF NEW YORK &ndash 19 JUN 1930 (F). Back Handstamp &ldquoBYRD Antarctic Expedition &ndash Dunedin, N.Z.&rdquo. F (stain on back) MB $20.00 (0901)

82. US NAVAL HOSPITAL ANNAPOLIS. Cacheted (Naval Academy) cover 3c stp Canc. US NAVAL HOSPITAL &ndash ANNAPOLIS. MD &ndash 1938 (VF). VF (0901)

83. SUB &ndash USS Nautilus. Canc. KB USS NAUTILUS &ndash 16 NOV 1936 (VF). VF (0901)

84. SUB - USS Pollack. Cacheted (Pollack Merry Christmas) - KB U.S.S. POLLACK&ndash 25 DEC 1937 with &ldquoSAN DIEGO - CALIF&rdquo in KB (VF). VF MB $5.00 (0901)

85. SUB - USS Porpoise. Canc. KB U.S.S. PORPOISE&ndash 20 APR 1936 with &ldquoGUANTANAMO &ndash BAY. R. DE C.&rdquo in KB (VF). VF (0901)

86. SUB - USS S-10. #10 Official large CC U.S.S. S-10. Canc. KB US NAVY YARD &ndash PORTSMOUTH 29 NOV 1926(F). VF MB $15.00 (0901)

87. SUB - USS S-16. #10 Official CC U.S.S. S-16. Canc. MC San Diego &ndash Calif. 30 JUN 1927 (VF). VF MB $15.00 (0901)

88. SUB - USS S-17. #10 Official printed CC U.S.S. S-17. Canc. MC Vallejo Calif. &ndash Mare Island Sta. 25 MAR 1927 (VF). VF MB $15.00 (0901)

89. SUB - USS Salmon. Canc. KB U.S.S. SALMON&ndash 9 MAY 1938 with &ldquoBROWNSVILLE - TEXAS&rdquo in KB (VF). VF (0901)

90. SUB - USS Sargo. Cacheted (Sargo invades the domain of Neptune) - KB U.S.S. SARGO&ndash 4 APR 1939 with &ldquoEQUATORIAL - CROSSING&rdquo in KB (VF). VF MB $5.00 (0901)

91. SUB - USS Seadragon. Cacheted (USS Seadragon &ndash First Day Postal Service) - KB U.S.S. SEADRAGON&ndash 23 OCT 1939 with &ldquoFIRST DAY IN - COMMISSION&rdquo in KB (VF). VF (0901)

92. SUB - USS Seal. Cacheted (USS Seal Shakedown Cruise) - KB U.S.S. SEAL&ndash 17 JUN 1938 with &ldquoSANTIAGO DE - CUBA&rdquo in KB (VF). VF MB $5.00 (0901)

93. SUB - USS Trout. Cacheted (USS Trout Keel Laid) &ndash Canc. Portsmouth NH &ndash Navy Yard Sta. &ndash 28 AUG 1939 (VF). VF (0901)

94. US SUB Detachment Pearl Harbor. Cacheted (Concentration of the US Fleet) &ndash Canc. U.S. SUB DETCH PEARL &hellip - HONOLULU T.H. &ndash 1932 (F). VF (0901)

95. US SUB SQ 3. MS &ldquoDispatched during the visit of US Submarine Squadron Three &ndash Galveston, Texas &ndash Apr 18-28, 1932&rdquo. Canc. Galveston, Texas &ndash 20 APR 1932 (VF). VF (1301)

96. USF Constitution &ndash New Bedford. Cacheted Type C1 &ndash Canc. New Bedford Mass &ndash 31 JUL 1931 (VF). Signed. F (back flap missing) (0901)

97. USF Constitution &ndash Miami. Cacheted Type C10 &ndash Canc. U.S. FRIGATE CONSTITUTION &ndash 24 DEC 1931 with &ldquoMIAMI &ndash FLA.&rdquo in KB (F). VF MB $5.00 (0901)

98. USF Constitution &ndash Baton Rouge. Canc. U.S. FRIGATE CONSTITUTION &ndash 21 JAN 1932 with &ldquoBATON &ndash ROUGE, LA.&rdquo in KB (F). VF (0901)

99. USF Constitution &ndash Washington. Cacheted Type S1 &ndash FDC 3c coil G. Washington # 721 &ndash Canc. U.S. FRIGATE CONSTITUTION &ndash 24 JUN 1932 with &ldquoWASHINGTON &ndash D.C.&rdquo in KB (F). VF MB $10.00 (0901)

100. USF Constitution &ndash San Pedro. Printed Cachet Type C28 (300 covers made) Canc. U.S. FRIGATE CONSTITUTION &ndash 17 FEB 1933 with &ldquoSAN PEDRO &ndash CALIF.&rdquo in KB (F). With brochure San Pedro &ndash USF Constitution. VF MB $12.00 (0901)

101. USF Constitution &ndash Seattle. Hand painted Cachet Type C40 Canc. U.S. FRIGATE CONSTITUTION &ndash 31 MAY 1933 with &ldquoSEATTLE &ndash WASHINGTON&rdquo in KB (F). Signed by L.M. Ryer. VF MB $20.00 (0901)

102. USF Constitution &ndash Everett. Printed Cachet Type C50 (Green) Canc. U.S. FRIGATE CONSTITUTION &ndash 14 JUL 1933 with &ldquoEVERETT &ndash WASHINGTON&rdquo in KB (F). VF (0901)

103. USF Constitution &ndash Bellingham (2). 2 Covers Cachet Type C51 &ndash 1 Green label &ndash 1 Green and Blue handstamp. Canc. U.S. FRIGATE CONSTITUTION &ndash 14/20 JUL 1933 with &ldquoBELLINGHAM &ndash WASHINGTON&rdquo in KB (VF). VF MB $7.00 (0901)

104. USF Constitution &ndash San Pedro. Printed Cachet Type C71 Signed by Crosby (front and back). Canc. U.S. FRIGATE CONSTITUTION &ndash 19 OCT 1933 with &ldquoSAN PEDRO &ndash CALIF.&rdquo in KB (VF). VF MB $10.00 (0901)

105. USF Constitution &ndash San Pedro. Unlisted Cachet Battleship Oregon. Canc. U.S. FRIGATE CONSTITUTION &ndash 26 OCT 1933 with &ldquoSAN PEDRO &ndash CALIF.&rdquo in KB (VF). VF MB $15.00 (0901)

106. USF Constitution &ndash San Diego. Cachet Type C74a (50 made). Canc. U.S. FRIGATE CONSTITUTION &ndash 10 NOV 1933 with &ldquoSAN DIEGO &ndash CALIF.&rdquo in KB (VF). VF MB $20.00 (0901)

107. USF Constitution &ndash San Diego. Cachet Type C57a + &ldquoLast Day Pacific Coast Cruise&rdquo. Canc. U.S. FRIGATE CONSTITUTION &ndash 20 MAR 1934 with &ldquoSAN DIEGO &ndash CALIF.&rdquo in KB (F). VF MB $6.00 (0901)

108. USS Ships Registered (10). 10 pieces (6 x 4) of official business covers with mostly 15c Statue of Liberty. All with Type 9 cancels (Regular or Registered &ndash 1 is Ty 3) from 1927-28. Includes USS Vestal, Reina Mercedes, Rigel, Williamson, Omaha, Raleigh. (Ave to VF). (0901)

109. USS Akron. Cacheted cover (Welcome USS Akron West Coast Naval Air Base) &ndash Canc. Sunnyvale, Calif. 18 May 1932(VF). VF MB $5.00 (0901)

110. USS Balch. Cacheted cover (Shakedown Cruise) Canc. KB U.S.S. BALCH &ndash 26 DEC 1936 with &ldquoBALBOA &ndash CANAL ZONE&rdquo in KB (VF). VF MB $4.00 (0901)

111. USS Broome. Cacheted cover (Independence Day) Canc. Type F U.S.S. BROOME &ndash 4 JUL 1934 with &ldquoA STRONG NAVY &ndash A STRONG NATION&rdquo in KB (VF). VF (0901)

112. USS Camden. Cover - KB U.S.S. CAMDEN &ndash 23 NOV 1926 with &ldquoPORTSMOUTH &ndash NAVY YARD&rdquo in KB (F). VF MB $4.00 (0901)

113. USS Dallas. Cacheted cover (Hand Drawn battleship) Canc. KB U.S.S. DALLAS &ndash 24 JUN 1934 (VF). VF MB $10.00 (0901)

114. USS Denebola. Commercial Size #10 cover Canc. KB U.S.S. DENEBOLA &ndash 18 FEB 1924 with &ldquo(CELEBRA ?) &ndash WEST INDIES&rdquo in KB (F). F (fold) MB $5.00 (0901)

115. USS Eagle 19 + 32 (2). 2 Covers 1 is Canc. KB U.S.S. EAGLE 19 &ndash 20 JAN 1936 with &ldquoNAVY YARD &ndash BOSTON&rdquo in KB (VF). 1 is Canc. KB U.S.S. EAGLE #32 &ndash 8 SEP 1941 (VF). VF (0901)

116. USS Galveston. Cover - KB U.S.S. GALVESTON &ndash 13 DEC 1926 with &ldquoCORINTO - NICARAGUA&rdquo in KB (F). VF MB $10.00 (1301)

117. USS Hannibal. Cacheted cover (Navy Day) &ndash Canc Type F U.S.S. HANNIBAL &ndash 27 OCT 1935 with &ldquoNAVY - DAY&rdquo in KB (F). VF (0901)

118. USS Idaho. Cacheted Crosby Cover - MC U.S.S. IDAHO &ndash 14 APR 1937 (F). VF MB $5.00 (0901)

119. USS Lexington. Cover MS CC Captain Comdgr USS Lexington &ndash Canc. Ty 6 U.S.S. LEXINGTON &ndash 10 APR 1932 (VF). VF MB $5.00 (0901)

120. USS Manley. Cover canc Type F U.S.S. MANLEY &ndash NAVY DAY &ndash 27 OCT 1934 + KB U.S.S. MANELY &ndash 27 OCT 1934 with &ldquoJACKSONVILLE &ndash FLA NAVY DAY&rdquo in KB (VF). VF (0901)

121. USS Maryland. Cacheted Cover (Washington Birthday) Canc. Type F U.S.S. MARYLAND &ndash 22 FEB 1936 with &ldquoWASHINGTON&rsquoS - BIRTHDAY&rdquo in KB (VF). VF (0901)

122. USS Medusa. Cacheted cover (Fleet Week) - KB U.S.S. MEDUSA &ndash 30 JUL 1938 with &ldquoPORTLAND - ORE&rdquo in KB (VF). VF (0901)

123. USS Neches. Cacheted cover (Scouting Force) - KB U.S.S. NECHES &ndash 2 AUG 1934 with &ldquoPROVINCETOWN - MASS&rdquo in KB (VF). VF MB $5.00 (1301)

124. USS Omaha. Cacheted cover (In Alaskan Water) - KB U.S.S. OMAHA &ndash 3 AUG 1935 with &ldquoSEATTLE - WASHINGTON&rdquo in KB (VF). VF MB $5.00 (1301)

125. USS PENNSYLVANIA. #10 Official Canc. KB U.S.S. Pennsylvania &ndash 9 APR 1932 with &ldquoU.S. FLEET - CONCENTRATION&rdquo in KB (VF).VF (0901)

126. USS Relief. Cover CC USS Relief &ndash Canc. San Pedro, Calif &ndash Naval .. &ndash 7 APR 1932 (F). VF (0901)

127. USS Rigel. Cover MC Ty 7dit U.S.S. RIGEL &ndash 16 MAR 1940 + Ty 9 &ldquoM.O.B.&rdquo, &ldquoREGISTERED&rdquo & &ldquoPARCEL POST&rdquo. VF (0901)

128. USS Tattnall. Cacheted cover (Commodore John Barry) &ndash Type F KB U.S.S. TATTNALL &ndash 9 JUL 1935 with &ldquoBARRY TERM. SERV &ndash NAVY OF REV. 1785&rdquo in KB (VF). VF MB $5.00 (0901)

129. USS WM. B. PRESTON &ndash YWX. Cacheted &ldquoY.W.X. &ndash Last Day Commission&rdquo cover Canc. U.S.S. WM. B. Preston - YWX &ndash 15 OCT 1934 with &ldquoLast Day in - Commission&rdquo in KB (VF).VF MB $4.00 (0901)

130. 416 T.S.S. Flight (2) sender in Gulfport, Miss. 2 x 6c air canc. Harrison, Miss &ndash Dec 1942. VF (1240)

131. Alaska - APO 939. Sender Harbor Defenses. Free franked canc. APO 939 - 12 JAN 1945 (VF). Censored. VF (1226)

132. Alaska (2). Both 6c air. 1 x APO 948(KB 1943 &ndash F). 1 x sender APO 942 &ndash APO canc no # (MC 1943 - F).Both Censored. F/VF (1208)

133. Australia &ndash Nurses (3). 3 covers. 1 Sender nurse at 10th Evacuation Hospital APO 923 &ndash Canc. American Base Forces &ndash 1942 - Censored. 1 Sender nurse at 21th General Hospital APO 927 Unit 1 &ndash Canc. APO no # &ndash 1944 - Censored. 1 Sender nurse at 28th Surgical Hospital APO 923 &ndash Australian stp mute cancel - Censored. F/VF MB $15.00 (1002)

134. Austria (3). All 6c. APO 26 (KB &ndash 16 Oct 45), APO 174 (KB faint), APO 541 (light MC Sep 1945). F/VF (0909)

135. Belgian Army in Great Britain (2). 2 covers from Belgium to Soldier with the Belgian Army in Great Britain - 1945. 1 has tape censor &ndash 1 handstamp. F MB $12.00 (0901)

136. Bermuda &ndash APO 856. Sender 221st Station Hospital APO 856. 6c air Canc. APO no # (MC 1944 &ndash VF). Censored. VF MB $10.00 (1002)

137. Canal Zone &ndash APO 825. Sender 26th Fighter Command APO 825. 6c air Canc. APO no # (KB 1942 &ndash VF). Censored. VF MB $3.50 (1301)

138. Censor - Ceylon. PC to US. Ceylon Stps canc. Colombo 12 MR 40. Handstamp "Passed Censor - K - Colombo". VF (1226)

139. Censor - Vatican. Cover to US. Vatican Stps (1 missing) canc. Citta Del Vatican &ndash 9-6-. Handstamp "Via Clipper&rdquo. Censor tape on 3 sides. VF (0901)

140. China &ndash APO 627. Sender 559th Signal Aircraft Warning Bat APO 627. Cancel APO 627 (MC 1945 - F). VF (1 punch hole) MB $10.00 (1002)

141. Fiji &ndash APO 913-1. Sender 319 BB Sqdn &ndash APO 913 Unit 1. 6c stp Canc APO no # - 16 MAR 194. (MC - Ave). Self Censored. F (0909)

142. France (2). 1 is 6c air canc. APO 758 (MC 1945 &ndash F). 1 is free franked canc. APO 597 (KB 1944 &ndash F). Both censored. F/VF (0909)

143. France &ndash APO 131. Cover 6c air cancel APO 131 (KB FEB 1945 &ndash F). Censored. VF (0909)

144. Germany (3). 6c/5c air. Canc APO 29 (MC Jul 45 - F), APO 69 (KB Aug 45 &ndash VF), APO 872 (KB May 45 &ndash Ave). F/VF (0909)

145. Germany &ndash APO 23. Cover 6c air cancel APO 23 (KB Apr 1945 &ndash VF). F (0909)

146. Germany &ndash APO 103. Blue Envelope &ndash Sender 506th Army Postal Unit. 6c air cancel APO 103 (KB Apr 1945 &ndash F). With letter. VF MB $10.00 (0901)

147. Germany &ndash APO 103. Sender 506th Army Postal Unit. 6c air cancel APO 103 (KB Jun 1945 &ndash VF). With letter. VF MB $10.00 (0901)

148. Germany &ndash APO 172. War Dept &ndash HQ 7th Army canc. APO 172 &ndash 14 APR 1945 (VF). F (1240)

149. Germany &ndash APO 755 Berlin (3). Same sender 6th Cav RCN Sq MECZ. All 6c air MC APO 755 (JUL/AUG 1945 &ndash F/VF). VF (1227)

150. Germany &ndash APO 755 Berlin (3). Same sender 6th Cav RCN Sq MECZ. All 6c air MC APO 755 (SEP/OCT 1945 &ndash F/VF). F/VF (1227)

151. Germany &ndash Berlin. Special P/C 700 years Berlin. 6 pf German stp pict. Canc Berlin 700 Jahre &ndash 28.8.37 (F) + Berlin O same date. VF MB $25.00 (1002)

152. Hawaii &ndash APO 960. 6c air canc. APO 960 (KB 27 SEP 1944 - F). Censored. F (fold) (1240)

153. India &ndash APO 465. Sender 82nd Air Depot. Free franked BLUE canc. APO 465 - 10 JUN 1943 (VF). Censored. VF (1226)

154. India (5). Canc. APO 429, 465, 2x 493, 494. All late 1945. F/VF (0909)

155. India (3). Canc. APO 465 (1945), 467 (1943), 629 (1944). 2 are censored. VF (1208)

156. Japanese Occupation of Philippines. PI stp Ovpt Japanese canc. Manila Philippines &ndash 8 DEC 1942 (VF). Special handstamp + Japanese Military Police censor. VF MB $8.00 (0901)

157. Korea &ndash APO 815. Sender 14th Base Post Office &ndash APO 815. 6c air canc. 14 BPO &ndash 31 DEC 1945 (MC - VF). VF (0909)

158. Military Ballot. Size # 10 tan color Military Ballot. Sender US Naval Radio Station, Jupiter, Flardia (sic) . Free franked canc. Jupiter, FLA 1943 (F). VF (0909)

159. Missing. Sender US Naval Repair Base San Diego, Calif. Free franked canc. US NAVY 10 DEC 1943. To APO 12616. MS &ldquoMissing&rdquo + handstamp &ldquoVerified HQS. USAFFE&rdquo + RTS. Back Canc APO 921 &ndash 3 APR 1944. (F/VF). (1002)

160. Missing. From Batavia NY canc. Batavia, NY 1943. To Bomb Sq APO 240. Label &ldquoMissing &ndash Postal Officer&rdquo + handstamp &ldquoVerified Return to Sender&rdquo. F (punch hole &ndash small tears). (1309)

161. North Africa Assault &ndash APO 34. Sender 135th INF &ndash APO 34. Free franked &ldquoReceived your&rdquo P/C canc. APO NO # (KB 20 JAN 1943 &ndash VF). Censor. VF MB $4.00 (0901)

162. Patriotic. Cover cachet &ldquo7th War Loan Drive&rdquo. 3c + 5c Overrun Luxembourg Flag - MC Lackwanna NY &ndash 1945 (F). VF MB $3.00 (0901)

163. Patriotic &ndash Combat Insignia label. Cover Cachet using &ldquoCombat Insignia label #22 &ndash Fighting Squadron VF-6&rdquo. 3c Win the War &ndash KB Liberty Road, KY &ndash 19 Dec 1944 (VF). VF MB $6.00 (0901)

164. Patriotic &ndash Combat Insignia label. Cover Cachet using &ldquoCombat Insignia label #42 &ndash 79th Bombardment Squadron&rdquo. 3c Win the War &ndash KB Roosevelt, Wash. &ndash 15 Dec 1944 (VF). VF MB $6.00 (0901)

165. Patriotic &ndash Combat Insignia label. Cover Cachet using &ldquoCombat Insignia label #50 &ndash Jackson Air Base&rdquo. 3c Win the War &ndash KB Devils Elbow, MO &ndash 19 Dec 1944 (F). VF MB $6.00 (0901)

166. Patriotic. Cover Cachet &ldquoYour empty tubes &hellip&rdquo. 3c Win the War &ndash Mahomet, ILL &ndash 7 May 1943 (F) + &ldquoDon&rsquot discuss ship movements&rdquo. VF MB $6.00 (0901)

167. Patriotic &ndash V-E Day. Cover cachet &ldquoFranklin Roosevelt&rdquo + typed &ldquoV-E DAY 1945&rdquo. 5c Overrun Denmark Flag - MC Battle Creek, Mich. &ndash 8 May 1945 (F). VF MB $10.00 (0901)

168. Patriotic - Greece. Cover cachet &ldquoLest we forget &hellip Greece&rdquo. New York Meter Clothing you do not need will save lives in Greece&rdquo &ndash 21 May 1945 (VF). VF MB $5.00 (0901)

169. Patriotic. Cover cachet &ldquoWomen&rsquos Army Corps&rdquo. 2c + 6c air MC Conneaut Ohio &ndash 1944 (VF). VF (0901)

170. Patriotic (2). 2 Covers. 1 cachet Craft &ldquoOur country&rsquos Defenders&rdquo + Gen. Dwight Eisenhower Day&rdquo - 3c Win the War MC New York NY 1945(VF). 1 Cachet &ldquoKeep &lsquoEm Flying&rdquo sender APO 181 &ndash KB APO 1943 (VF). VF (1309)

171. RCA Radiogram. RCA cover to APO 72. Back KB APO 501 &ndash 30 Aug 1945 (VF). VF MB $20.00 (0901)

172. R.A.F. To US &ndash MS On active service on 6c air canc Field Post Office 188 &ndash 16 NO 43 (VF). Base Censor tape + handstamp &ldquoR.A.F. Censor 160&rdquo + Deputy Chief Field Censor. With letter. F (1309)

173. R.A.F. To US &ndash MS On active service on 6c air canc. Egypt Postage Prepaid &ndash 2 SE 44 (F). Handstamp &ldquoR.A.F. Censor 20&rdquo + same 215. With letter. F (1309)

174. Temporary APO GB (5). All free franked and censored. All canc. wavy lines only &ndash no dial! Sender APO 7744, APO 9115, APO 9531, APO 12557-B (no canc. - letter), APO 17172 (official WD). F/VF (0909)

175. V-Mail &ndash Process Control Form. 2 uncut V-mails. Top is &ldquo START &ndash Roll # &hellip. Target clerk&rdquo. Bottom Blank V-Mail. VF MB $25.00 (0901)

176. Wales &ndash APO 64. 6c air canc. APO 64 (KB 1944 &ndash VF). Censored. VF (1208)

177. War Dept (3). 3 x Size 10 WD official Business. Canc Fort Leavenworth (1943), Fort Oglethorpe (1945), Jeffersonville (1945 &ndash CC 5th Service Command). VF (1240)

178. Bermuda &ndash Marine Barracks. Czubay Cachet &ldquoDetachment B &ndash First Defense Battalion&rdquo canc. MAR. BRKS NAVAL OPR. BASE &ndash BERMUDA (KB 3 NOV 1943 &ndash VF). VF MB $3.50 (1301)

179. Brazil &ndash Navy 92. Sender Navy 92. #10 Off business canc. U.S. * Navy *(KB 1944 &ndash VF). VF (1208)

180. Camp Endicott. Sender Camp Endicott S-25. Free franked Canc. U.S. Navy (MC 14 Mar 1945 &ndash VF). To APO 655. VF (1241)

181. Charleston Naval. Patriotic cachet &ldquoLet&rsquos Go USA&rdquo + First Day Postal Service. Canc. Charleston, S.C. &ndash NAV. AMMUN&rsquoN DEP. BR. (KB 22 DEC 1941 &ndash VF). VF (0901)

182. Cigarette Card. &ldquoCompliments of General Motors &ndash Lucky Strike Cigarettes&rdquo. Sender 102 BATT Comp B. Canc. U.S. NAVY &ndash 22 FEB 1944 (MC &ndash VF). VF MB $5.00 (1002)

183. Cigarette Card. &ldquoCompliments of General Motors &ndash Camels&rdquo. Sender ACORN 12 - USN. Canc. Port Hueneme, Calif. &ndash 27 Aug 1943 (MC &ndash VF). VF MB $5.00 (1002)

184. Fiji Isl. &ndash Navy 201. Sender Navy 201. Canc. US Navy &ndash 23 Dec 1942. Small Naval Censor handstamp. With letter. F MB $7.50 (1002)

185. Guadalcanal - USMC. #10 Cover Sender F Co, 2nd Bn, 4th Marines. Canc. US Navy 19 APR 1944 (F). Naval Censor. VF (1220)

186. Guadalcanal - USMC. #10 Official Business sender Marine Air Base Sq One, Marine Aircraft South Pacific. Canc. US Navy . MAY DEC .44 (Ave). F (1220)

187. Guadalcanal - USMC. Sender A.S.A. Navy 145. 6c air Canc. US Navy 26 OCT 1943 (F). Naval Censor. F (Rough at right) (1220)

188. Guadalcanal - USMC. Sender Co K, 3rd Bn, 4th Marines, 6th Marine Div. 6c air Canc. US Navy 29 SEP 1944 (VF). Naval Censor. VF (1220)

189. Guadalcanal - USMC. Sender S.M.S. 25, MAG 25, MASP. 6c air Canc. US Navy 16 JUN 1944 (F). Naval Censor. VF (1220)

190. Guadalcanal - USMC (3). Same sender G-2-3 (2nd Bn, 3rd Mar). All 6c air Canc. US Navy 20 SEP / 5 OCT 1943 / 1 JAN 1944 (F). Naval Censor. Ave/VF (1220)

191. Hawaii &ndash Navy 27. Sender NAS Navy 27. Free franked canc U.S. Navy (KB 1943 &ndash F). Naval Censor. VF (1208)

192. Hawaii &ndash Navy 128. Sender Navy 128 Box 103. 6c air canc. U.S. Navy (MC 1944 &ndash VF). Naval Censor. VF (1240)

193. Hospital Ship (11). Lot of 11 covers (4 are size # 10) from Hospital ships: USS Relief (1932), USS Refuge (2) 1944/45, USS Comfort (1946), USS Benevolence (1945), USS Solace (2 &ndash 1942/45), USS Haven (1945), USS Tranquility (1945), USS Bountiful (2 &ndash 1944). VF MB $15.00 (1002)

194. Nav. Air Sta. Sender NavAirSta Alameda, Calif. 6c Prexies canc. Alameda, Calif (MC 30 Jun 1941 &ndash VF). VF (1240)

195. N.A.A.S. Fentress. CC NAAS Fentress on Official # 10 Registered. 20c prexie mute canc. Back DR Norfolk VA 10174 Br &ndash Apr 1945. F (staple holes) (0909)

196. Newfoundland - Naval Base. Cacheted cover canc. NAVAL OPR. BASE, ARGENTIA &ndash NEW FOUNDLAND &ndash 16 Mar 1942. Naval Censor. VF (0901)

197. Patriotic &ndash SS Henry G. Costin. Sender Armed Guard &ndash S.S. Henry Gilbert Costin on patriotic cover. 1c + 5c Overrun Yugoslavia Flag canc US Navy Jan 1945. VF MB $6.00 (0901)

198. Seabees - Guam. Sender 13th Special NCB. 6c air canc. U.S. Navy (KB 6 Jul 1945 &ndash F). Naval Censor. To APO 228. F MB $15.00 (1002)

199. Seabees with Marines. Sender Seabee with 17th Marines. 6c air canc. U.S. Navy (KB 22 Nov 1945 &ndash F). Naval Censor. Located at Goodenough Island. F (1002)

200. Seabees &ndash Woodlark Island. Sender 20th Naval Const Reg. 6c air canc. U.S. Navy (KB 12 Jul 1944 &ndash VF). Naval Censor. VF MB $5.00 (0901)

201. Seabees &ndash Russell Island. Sender 24th Const Batt. 6c air canc. U.S. Navy (KB 13 Jun 1944 &ndash VF). Naval Censor. To APO 522. F MB $10.00 (1002)

202. Seabees &ndash Trinidad. Sender 30th Naval Const Batt. 6c air canc. U.S. Navy (KB 14 Jun 1943 &ndash VF). Naval Censor. With long letter. VF MB $5.00 (0901)

203. Seabees &ndash Manus Island. Sender Const Batt No 44. 6c air canc. U.S. Navy (KB 30 May 1943 &ndash VF). Naval Censor. VF MB $5.00 (0901)

204. Seabees &ndash Alaska. Sender 45th Const Batt. 6c air canc. U.S. Navy Naval Air Station (MC 25 Sep 1943 &ndash VF). Naval Censor. VF MB $5.00 (1002)

205. Seabees &ndash Emirau Island. Sender 61st C.B. Batt. 6c air canc. U.S. Navy (KB 27 Apr 1944 &ndash VF). Naval Censor. VF MB $7.00 (0901)

206. Seabees &ndash England. Sender 97th N.C. Batt. Free franked canc. U.S. Navy (KB 14 Sep 1944 &ndash F). Naval Censor. VF MB $5.00 (1002)

207. Seabees &ndash Pearl Harbor. Sender 125th NCB. 6c air canc. U.S. Navy (KB 9 Mar 1945 &ndash VF). Naval Censor. To SS Mary Bickerdyke. Back marking &ldquoD.P.O. S.F.&rdquo. F MB $10.00 (1002)

208. Seabees &ndash Virgin Island. Sender 507th C.B.M.U. Navy 38. 6c air canc. U.S. Navy (KB 13 Jul 1943 &ndash VF). Naval Censor. F (open rough at left) (0909)

209. SS Lindenwood Victory. 2x 3c stps canc. U.S. Navy &ndash 24 Sep 1945 (F). With letter. VF MB $5.00 (1002)

210. SS Reinhold Rieher. Cover to Armed Guard &ndash SS Reinhold Rieher. Handstamp &ldquoNot on Board&rdquo + RTS Atlantic Fleet Records Office 1945. No stp no cancel. VF MB $8.00 (1002)

211. SS Sidney Sherman. Sender Armed Guard. Free franked canc. APO 881 &ndash 19 Jul 1945 (F). Naval Censor. VF (0909)

212. Sub USS O-8. #10 official canc. U.S. Navy &ndash 28 Jun 1944 (VF). VF MB $4.00 (1002)

213. Sub USS R-1. #10 cover canc. New York Grand Central Station (partial - 1942). Censor tape + Army Censor + Naval Censor. F MB $10.00 (1002)

214. Sub USS R-6. #10 official canc. U.S. Navy &ndash 20 Jul 1944 (VF). VF MB $5.00 (1002)

215. Sub USS S-15. 6c air canc. U.S. Navy &ndash 9 Jun 1943 (VF). Naval Censor. VF MB $5.00 (1002)

216. SUB - USS Sailfish. Cacheted Canc. KB U.S.S. SAILFISH&ndash 11 MAR 1941 with &ldquoPEARL &ndash HARBOR T.H.&rdquo in KB (VF). VF (0901)

217. SUB - USS Sealion. Cacheted Commissioning Canc. Groton, Conn. &ndash 8 MAR 1944 (VF). VF (0901)

218. Tokyo Bay &ndash USS Mt Olympus. 6c air canc. Type F Tokyo Bay - U.S.S. MT OLYMPUS &ndash 14 SEP 1945 (VF). VF MB $15.00 (0901)

219. Tokyo Bay &ndash USS Wilkes-Barre. 5c Overrun Luxembourg Flag canc. Type F Tokyo Bay - U.S.S. Wilkes-Barre &ndash 2 SEP 1945 (VF). VF MB $15.00 (0901)

220. Trinidad Naval Base. Sender US Naval Base &ndash Trinidad. 15c air canc. U.S. NAVY &ndash 9 NOV 1942 (VF). Naval Censor. VF (1309)

221. US Coast Guard. CC USCG &ndash Bandon, Oregon. Free franked canc. Bandon, Oregon &ndash 30 Mar 1943. VF (0901)

222. US Coast Guard CENSOR. Sender USA-FS 309 &ndash Navy 920. 6c air canc. U.S. NAVY &ndash 19 JUL 194. U.S. COAST GUARD CENSOR. VF MB $60.00 (0901)

223. US Coast Guard Cutter Sagebrush. CC USCGC SAGEBRUSH &ndash Free franked canc. Blacked out British canc &ndash 4 MY 44 + PAQUEBOT POSTED AT SEA. Naval Censor. VF MB $12.00 (0901)

224. U.S.C.G. Sender printed CC USCG Training Station, Curtis Bay, Maryland. Free franked MC U.S. Navy - 23 AUG 1943 (F). VF (0909)

225. U.S.M.C. (8). Lot of 8 covers &ndash same sender with different addresses. Incl Miramar, Naval Photo School, MAG 22 (Eniwok), VMB 613,&hellip All with letter. 3 are Official Patriotic &ndash 1942 to 1945. F/VF MB $25.00 (1002)

226. USS Aristaeus. #10 PO Dept Registered &ndash Deposit Funds. Back Ty 9 canc New York USS Aristaeus BR + New York 18871 Br &ndash 28 JUL 1945. F MB $8.00 (0901)

227. USS Arizona. Sender CC &ndash 20c air canc. U.S.S. ARIZONA &ndash 15 APR 1941 (Ty 6 &ndash VF). F (toning) MB $15.00 (0901)

228. USS Atlanta. 6c air canc. U.S. Navy &ndash 23 Oct 1942 (VF). Naval Censor. (Sunk in Nov 1942) VF MB $10.00 (1002)

229. USS Barker. 6c air canc. U.S. Navy &ndash 10 Dec 1942 (F). Naval Censor. Xmas card enclosed. F MB $3.00 (1002)

230. USS Bradford. 6c air canc. U.S. Navy &ndash 28 Aug 1945 (VF). Naval Censor. (off Japan) F MB $3.00 (1002)

231. USS Lake Champlain. M.J. Huss Cachet (American fliers from Shangri-la murdered by the japs) 3c air canc. U.S.S. LAKE CHAMPLAIN (CV 39) &ndash 27 Oct 1945 (F). VF MB $5.00 (0901)

232. USS Clark. Registered cover from Peru (1943) to USS Clark. Censor tape + back canc. US Fleet Post Office + US Navy (Aug 1943. With letter (+ 2 picts). F MB $5.00 (1002)

233. USS Clark. Cover from New Zealand (Wellington 1943) to USS Clark. Censor tape D.D.A. / 53. (Ship in Balboa, CZ) With letter. VF MB $5.00 (1002)

234. USS Colhoun. Nicholson cachet (First Day Postal Service) Canc. KB U.S.S. Colhoun &ndash 14 APR 1941 with &ldquoGuantanamo &ndash Bay - Cuba&rdquo in KB (F). VF (0901)

235. USS Haraden. Cacheted (Last Day Cancel &ndash Exchanged to England) Canc. KB U.S.S. Haraden &ndash 13 Sep 1940 with &ldquoLast Day - Cancel&rdquo in KB (F). VF (0901)

236. USS Kenosha. Cacheted (Launch &ndash V for Victory) Canc. Superior, Wis. (MC 25 Aug 1944 - VF). VF (0901)

237. USS Mertz. Cacheted (Destroyer mail) Ship&rsquos MS CC. Canc. KB U.S. Navy &ndash 8 Jun 1944(VF). Naval Censor. VF MB $10.00 (0901)

238. USS Murzin. #10 PO Dept Registered &ndash M.O.B.. Back Ty 9 canc New York USS Murzin BR + New York 13992 Br &ndash 7/9 AUG 1945. F (fold) MB $8.00 (0901)

239. USS Pennsylvania. 3c canc. U.S. Navy &ndash 11 DEC 1945 (VF). Naval Censor. (at Pearl Harbor) F MB $10.00 (1002)

240. USS Rainier. 6c air canc. U.S. Navy &ndash 29 Jun 1944 (F). Naval Censor. VF (1226)

241. USS Relief. 6c air canc. U.S. Navy &ndash 1 Apr 1945 (VF). Naval Censor. (Off Okinawa &ndash attacked 2 Apr by Japanese planes) VF MB $9.00 (1002)

242. USS St Louis. 3 x 6c air canc. U.S. Navy &ndash 10 DEC 1941 (VF). Naval Censor. (Returned to P.H. on this date after searching for Japanese fleet) VF MB $10.00 (1002)

243. USS South Dakota. 6c air canc. U.S. Navy &ndash 12 DEC 1944 (VF). Naval Censor. (Off P.I.) With letter. VF MB $5.00 (1002)

244. USS Tennessee. 2x 3c canc. U.S. Navy &ndash 18 Jun 1943 (VF). Naval Censor. (TF-16 Off Aleutians) with letter. VF MB $5.00 (1002)

245. USS Tennessee. 6c air canc. U.S. Navy &ndash 25 Aug 1943 (VF). Naval Censor. With letter. F (1002)

246. USS Vicksburg. 6c air canc. U.S. Navy &ndash 9 Mar 1945 (VF). Naval Censor. With letter. VF MB $3.00 (1002)

247. USS Vicksburg. 6c air canc. U.S. Navy &ndash 6 Aug 1945 (F). Naval Censor. (Day of A-Bomb dropped) with letter. VF MB $5.00 (1002)

248. VB-9. Pict. CC (BUGS BUNNY) 6c air canc. U.S. Navy &ndash 26 Nov 1944 (VF). Naval Censor. VF MB $20.00 (0901)

249. V-Mail. Sender Navy 151 (Dutch Harbor, Alaska). V-Mail env. 9 Mar 1944. VF (1226)

250. V-Mail. Unprocessed V-Mail sender APO 22027 (SW Pac Area) dated 8 Aug 1945. Naval Censor. Letter mention A-Bomb. VF (1002)

251. Wave Barracks. #10 cover sender CC. Free franked canc. Oakland, Calif. 3 Mar 1945. VF (0909)

252. Waves Quarters. Patriotic cover handstamp CC Waves Quarters, NOB, San Diego, Calif. 1c ½ stp canc. U.S. Navy &ndash 11 Nov 1943 + DR San Diego, Calif 10169 Br . VF (0901)

253. 8th US Army. Cacheted 65th Anniversary franked 8th US Army Korea Photostamp canc. Pict. APO 96205 -8th US Army Sta &ndash 10 June 2009. VF MB $4.00 (0901)

254. APO 9. 6c air &ndash Sender 35th Sta Hospital, APO 9. Cancel APO 9 (KB 5 Nov 51 &ndash VF).With letter (I finally got up&hellip.I&rsquod like to go to Korea and kill every Chinaman..) Located Kyoto, Japan. VF (0909)

255. APO 14. 6c air &ndash Sender HQ XVI Corps, APO 14. Cancel APO no # (MC Aug 8, 53 &ndash F). Located Sendai, Japan. VF (0909)

256. APO 25. Free franked &ndash Sender 69th F.A. Bn, APO 25. Canc. APO 25 (KB 17 Sep 51 &ndash F). Located Suwon, Korea. VF (0909)

257. APO 76. 6c air &ndash Sender 606th A.C.S. W. Sqdn APO 970. Canc. APO 76 (MC 8 Aug 53 &ndash F). Located Kimpo AB, Korea. VF. (0909)

258. APO 77. # 10 official business &ndash Sender 839th EAB, APO 970. Canc. APO 77 (KB 24 Sep 53 &ndash VF). Located Osan, Korea. VF (0909)

259. APO 86. 6c air &ndash Sender 180th INF - APO 86. Canc. APO 86 (MC 4 May 53 &ndash F). Located Nambakchon, Korea. F (0909)

260. APO 90. #10 cover 6c air &ndash Sender 5th AF - APO 970. Canc. APO 90 (MC 25 Nov 52 &ndash VF). Located Seoul, Korea. VF (0909)

261. APO 248. Free franked &ndash Sender 37th F.A. Bn - APO 248. Canc. APO no # (MC 12 Jun (51) &ndash F). With letter. Located Wonju, Korea. VF (0909)

262. APO 547. 6c air &ndash Sender 24th Inf Div APO 24. Canc. APO 547 (KB AUG 3, 52 &ndash F). Located Sendai, Japan. VF. (0909)

263. APO 547. # 10 official business &ndash Sender Camp Matsushima, APO 547. Canc. APO 547 (KB Jun . 52 &ndash Ave). Located Sendai, Japan. F (0909)

264. APO 707. Free franked. Sender 863 Port Co, APO 59. Canc. APO 707 (MC 9 Dec 52 &ndash VF). Located Pusan, Korea. F (0909)

265. APO 707. Free franked. Sender 863 Port Co, APO 59. Canc. APO 707 (MC 11 Feb 53 &ndash VF). Located Pusan, Korea. VF (0909)

266. APO 970. Free franked. Sender 1st Radio Sq Mobile, APO 970. Canc. APO 970 (KB 28 Aug 51 &ndash VF). Located Seoul, Korea. F (0909)

267. APO (2). 2 Covers. 1 Free franked canc. APO 96625 (KB 1970 - VF). 1 is 5c stp canc. APO 96337 (KB 1966 - F). F (1 fold) (0909)

268. APO (2). 2 Covers. 1 is 15c stp canc. APO 96218 (KB 1980 - Ave). 1 is 11c stp canc. US Navy 17115 BR (KB 1973 - F). F (1 fold) (0909)

269. APO 96257. Sender with Red Cross. Cover 10c air canc. APO 96257 (KB 1970 - F). F MB $5.00 (1301)

270. Canada Military Delegation. Special cover (map) with Vietnam Military stamp. KBC (4691)? handstamp (faint) - Quan-Buu Viet-Nam 1973 cancels. Canadian Delegation handstamp. Philatelic VF (0900)

271. APO (2). 2 Covers. 1 is 3c stp canc. APO 174 (KB 1950 - F). 1 is 2x 3c stp canc. 11 BFPO (MC 1945 - F). F/VF (1241)

272. China &ndash APO 627. Sender 172th Gen. Hosp. APO 289. 6c air MC US Army Postal Service 627 &ndash 15 OCT 194? (F). VF (0909)

273. France &ndash APO 58. # 10 cover sender HQ Neuville Cemetery Detachment. 6c air canc APO 58 (KB 1949 &ndash VF). VF MB $4.00 (0901)

274. Italy (12). All same sender 349th Inf Reg. 10 are Free franked. Canc. APO 88 (1946-47). All with letters. F/VF (0909)

275. Japan / Hawaii (4). 4 covers. 6c air. Canc. APO 201, 226, 235, 957. 1954/55. F/VF (1240)

276. Japan &ndash APO 25 (5). 5 covers. 1 Free franked + 4 x 6c air &ndash 5 # canc. APO 25 (MC/KB 1946/47/49/50). 1 with letter. F/VF (0909)

277. Japan (5). 5 covers 3c stp or 6c air canc. APO 4, 5, 6, 7, 9 &ndash 1950s. F/VF (0909)

278. Korea &ndash APO 301. Cover sender USOM TC-AV. 7c air canc APO 301 (MC 1960 &ndash VF). VF (1226)

279. Thailand &ndash JUSMAG. Cover from Malaya canc. Alor Star 18 Nov 1960 to a Capt at HQ JUSMAG &ndash Bangkok, Thailand. Bangkok receiving cancel. VF (1240)

280. 82nd Airborne. Cover sender 714th Tk Bn &ndash 82 Airborne Div &ndash Fort Bragg. 6c air canc Fort Know, KY (MC 1951 &ndash VF). F (fold) (0901)

281. Aircraft Carrier (2). 2 size #10 commercial cover. 1 is MS CC + canc USS BAIROKO (CV-115) KB 1949 (F). 1 is CC + canc USS MINDORO (CV-120) KB 1950 (VF). VF (0901)

282. Aircraft Carrier CVL (2). 2 size #10 commercial cover. Both MS CC + canc USS CABOT (CVL-28) KB 1950 (F/VF). VF (0901)

283. China &ndash USS Helena. MS CC + 6c air canc USS HELENA (CA-75) KB 1946 (F). With letter dateline &ldquoShanghai, China&rdquo. VF MB $7.00 (1002)

284. Cruiser (3). 3 size #10 commercial cover. 1 is CC + canc USS MANCHESTER (CL-83) KB 1949 (F). 1 is CC + canc USS NEWPORT NEWS (CA-148) KB 1949 (VF). 1 is MS CC + canc USS WORCESTER (CL-144) KB 1949 (VF). VF (0901)

285. Alaska (7). 7 covers 6c/8c air (3 size 10). Cancel US Navy Branch in cancel. Navy 230 BR (1), 13608 BR (3), 13609 BR (2), + 1 from Canada to Navy BR 13609. 50s/60s. F/VF (0909)

286. Alaska - USCG. Sender Cape Spencer Light Station. 6c air canc Juneau Alaska (1958 - VF). VF (0909)

287. Cuba &ndash Guantanamo Bay. Size #10 commercial cover. MS CC + canc U.S. NAVY BR. 13607 &ndash US NAVY OPERATING BASE - MC 1949 (F). VF (0901)

288. Guam &ndash Navy 13894 (2). 2 commercial covers. MS/printed CC + canc U.S. NAVY 13894 BR. - KB 1949/50 (F/VF). F/VF (0901)

289. Hawaii &ndash NAS Barber Point. Commercial cover. MS CC Special Devices Div. &ndash Navy 14. 6c air canc U.S. NAVY 13791 BR. - MC 1950 (VF). VF (0901)

290. Marshall Islands &ndash Kwajalein. Commercial cover. MS CC Navy 824. 6c air canc U.S. NAVY 10666 BR. - KB 1950 (F). VF (0901)

291. Ships (5). 5 covers 3c stps. Canc. USS Bataan, USS Curtiss, USS Keppler, USS Renshaw, USS Wyandot. All 1950. F/VF (1240)

292. Trinidad &ndash Navy 13606 (2). 2 commercial covers (1 size 10). 1 MS CC Electronic Facility Navy 117. 1 Typed CC NOB COMM, TVTS navy 117. Both canc. U.S. NAVY 13606 BR. - KB 1950 (F). F/VF (0901)

293. USS Consolation AH-15. Size #10 commercial cover. MS CC + canc. U.S.S. CONSOLATION (AH 15) - KB 1949 (VF). VF (0901)

294. USS Forrestal &ndash FLOWN. Handstamp USS Forrestal + &ldquoFLOWN VIA NAVAL JET &ndash By Skyhawk (A4D) Attack Squadron 12 &ndash 22 FEB 1959 - Signed&rdquo. 4c stp canc. U.S.S. FORRESTAL - 22 Feb 1959 (KB &ndash VF). VF MB $8.00 (0901)

295. USS Midway. Handstamp &ldquoSalutes CDR. Schirra&rdquo. 4c stp canc. USS MIDWAY (CVA-41) &ndash KB 1962 (VF). With letter. VF (1301)

296. USS Pine Island. Cover mailed from GB Canc. Field Post Office 385 &ndash date unclear (faint) to USS Pine Island (AV-12). F (fold) (1240)

297. USS Portsmouth. Canc. USS Portsmouth (CL 102) &ndash May 10, 1948 (KB VF). VF (1240)

298. USS Sam Rayburn SSBN-635. MS Polaris Sub Sam Rayburn launched. Cancel Williamsburg, VA Dec 20, 1963 (MC &ndash VF). Cover is signed by sponsors Meddie Rayburn Bartley and Mrs. W. A. Thomas. Philatelic VF MB $12.00 (0901)

299. VC-32. Size #10 commercial cover. MS CC VC-32, LP-3. 6c air canc. Norfolk, VA (MC 1950 - F). VC-32 was redesignated VS-32 less than a year after being established. VF (0901)

300. Argentina &ndash Official. Size #10+ Official &ldquoArmada Argentina&rdquo with military label &ldquoCorreo Naval &ndash B.&rdquo canc. Estafeta Central &ndash Baterias &ndash 7 DIC 1994. Handstamp &ldquoArmada Argentina &ndash Batallion Comando Y Opoyo Logistico&rdquo. Marked &ldquoConfidencial&rdquo. Enclosure Related to Disciplinary sanction Senior Staff! VF MB $8.00 (0901)

301. Canada. Forces Air letter handstamp &ldquoBase Orderly Room &ndash C.F.B. Borden&rdquo. Canadian stp canc Borden CNT. &ndash 29 XI 72 (VF). To CFB Europe CFPO 5000. VF MB $5.00 (1301)

302. Enduring Freedom. # 10 cover sender Camp Phoenix &ndash APO 09320. Free franked canc. APO AE 09320 (KB 2009 &ndash VF) located in Kabul, Afghanistan. VF (1002)

303. Enduring Freedom. # 10 cover sender Task Force Med &ndash APO 09354. Free franked canc. APO AE 09354 (KB 2007 &ndash VF) located in Bagram, Afghanistan. VF (1002)

304. Enduring Freedom. Cover sender COA - ICSD &ndash APO 09366. Free franked canc. APO AE 09366 (KB 2006 &ndash F) located in Camp Arifjan, Kuwait. VF (1002)

305. Germany. # 10 cover sender CMR 454 &ndash APO 09250. 34c stp canc. APO AE 09264 (KB 2007 &ndash VF) located in Germany. VF (1002)

306. Great Fighting Ships (50). Full set of 50 Fleetwood Cacheted covers all franked with US Naval Academy stps showing famous warships. Postmarked in different cities at important dates related to each ships between 1995 and 1997. VF MB $20.00 (0901)

307. Iraqi Freedom (2). Both # 10. 1 is Free franked sender LSA Adder canc. APO AE 09331 (KB 2003 &ndash F) located in Tallil, Iraq. 1 is official business canc. APO AE 09822 (B 2003 - F) located in Ankara, Turkey. F/VF MB $4.00 (0901)

308. Iraqi Freedom. Cover sender TF 185 AVN &ndash APO 09391. Free franked canc. APO AE 09302 (KB 2004 &ndash VF) located in Balad, Iraq. VF (1002)

309. Iraqi Freedom. # 9 cover sender Unit 5310 &ndash APO 09378. Free franked canc. APO AE 09378 (KB 2006 &ndash VF) located in Al Taji, Iraq. VF (1002)

310. Italy. Cover sender CMT 426 &ndash APO 09613. 32c stp canc. APO AE 09613 (KB 1997 &ndash Ave) located in Livorno. F (1002)

311. Ships (6). 6 covers misc stps. Canc. USS Preble, USS Carl Vinson, USS Kitty Hawk, USS Forrestal, USS Mount Vernon (cacheted commissioning), sender USNS Pvt John Towle (canc. us Navy 10..4 BR). 70&rsquos/80&rsquos. F/VF (1240)

312. Somalia. Cover sender HHC 10th Avn Bde &ndash APO 09859. 29c stp franked canc. APO AE 09896 (KB 1993 &ndash VF). 09859 located in Bali Dogle, Somalia (MAO) and 09896 in Mogadishu, Somalia. With note. VF MB $15.00 (1002)

313. United Kingdom. Cover sender PSC 45 &ndash APO 09468. 33c stp canc. APO AE 09468 (KB 2000 &ndash F) located in RAF Menwith Hill. VF (1002)

314. USS Anchorage (2). 2 cacheted cover for Cook&rsquos 200th Anniversary with ship&rsquos handstamp. Both franked with Capt Cook&rsquos stps canc. USS Anchorage (LSD-36) 1 JUN 1978 (VF). VF (0901)

315. USS El Paso. Rogak handpainted cacheted cover (Navy Day). 25c stp canc. USS El Paso (LKA-117) 25 OCT 1989 (VF). VF MB $5.00 (1301)

316. USS Vicksburg. #10 official cover. 29c official stp canc. USS Vicksburg &ndash 2 MAR 1993 (F). VF (1002)

317. 335th Fighter Sq. # 10 cover sender 355 FS/Ops &ndash APO 09894. Free franked canc. APO AE 09894 (KB 1993 &ndash VF). Seller says &ldquoin Al Kharji AB, Saudi Arabia&rdquo. VF (1002)

318. Desert Storm unofficial FDC (USS). Patriotic D.S. unaddressed unofficial FDC 29c Desert Storm stamp. Cancel USS Belknap (CG-26) &ndash JUL 2, 1991 (KB &ndash VF). CO CC handstamp. VF Philatelic - MB $5.00 (0901)

319. IFOR &ndash Netherlands. Op Joint Endeavor P/C to Holland. Franked with Meter &ldquoNAPO 90 &ndash Dutch Contingent UN Netherlands &ndash 08.II.97&rdquo(VF). VF MB $6.00 (1310)

320. KFOR &ndash Belgium. #10 commercial cover from Belgium (Liege &ndash 26-03-01) to Belgian Contingent KFOR using special Green label &ldquoNATO &ndash KFOR&rdquo. VF MB $4.00 (1310)

321. KFOR &ndash UK. Cover sender 1st Queens Dragoon Guards &ndash BFPO 559. 26p stp canc. Field Post Office ?? (1988 &ndash faint). To Switzerland. VF MB $4.00 (1310)

322. KFOR &ndash UK. Cover sender RDC-MAIN &ndash BFPO 561. 37p stp canc. London 28 DEC 2000. To Switzerland. Ave (water stain) MB $3.00 (1310)

323. Korea &ndash Belgium. Cover sender Belgian UN Forces in Korea &ndash YAPO 5700. Free franked canc. APO no # - 26 NOV 1951 (VF). F MB $12.00 (1310)

324. MFO Sinai &ndash Netherlands. Cover handstamp &ldquoADM Nederlands MFO-Detachment &ndash Sinai&rdquo. 70c stp canc. Veldpost 49 (Ave - partial). With letter. VF MB $8.00 (1310)

325. MFO Sinai &ndash New Zealand. # 10 MFO Cover from NZ Contingent. 2 x 40c NZ stp canc. NTH Shorefastpost (1996- F). F MB $8.00 (1310)

326. MFO Sinai &ndash Uruguay. Handstamp MFO Sinai - Uruguay. Israeli stps canc. ?? (faint 1985 ?). VF MB $8.00 (1310)

327. MFO Sinai &ndash USA. Cover sender US Sinai Field Mission &ndash FPO 09527. 13c stp canc. FPO 09527 (no date &ndash F). VF MB $10.00 (1310)

328. ONUC &ndash Congo. Cover from Indian Contingent. 2x Indian 8p stp OVPT U.N. FORCE (INDIA) CONGO canc. FPO No 66? (2.11.63 &ndash F). F (fold) MB $40.00 (1310)

329. ONUC &ndash Congo. #10 ONUC cover to Ireland. Free franked canc. Organisation des Nations Unies au Congo (26 OCT 1961 &ndash F). F MB $15.00 (1310)

330. SFOR &ndash Poland. Cover sender Nordic Support &ndash PKW SFOR 2001. Polish stp canc. Warszaw 04.09.01. VF MB $6.00 (1310)

331. SFOR &ndash UK. #10 Cover sender HQ SFOR MP COY. Handstamp Provost & Security Office. 43p stp canc. Field Post office 1029 - 5 M 98 (faint). To Switzerland. VF MB $5.00 (1310)

332. SFOR &ndash UK. #10 Cover sender HQ SFOR MP COY (Irish soldier). Bosnia Herzegovina stps canc. Ilidza 71210 &ndash 30 &ndash(3)-98 (Ave). To Switzerland. VF MB $5.00 (1310)

333. UNC - Korea. Cover sender CC Canadian Liaison Office &ndash UNC-MAC &ndash Armistice Affairs Division &ndash APO 96301 (some letters traced). US stps canc. APO 96301 - 21 Oct 1974 (F). VF MB $10.00 (1310)

334. UNDOF &ndash Golan. #10 AUSBATT Cover sender Austrian Contingent. Handstamp Golan 1986. Austrian stps canc. UNDOF &ndash AUSBATT 1500 &ndash 13.1.87 (F). VF MB $5.00 (1310)

335. UNEF &ndash Egypt. Cover from Indian Contingent. Indian 0.15 stp OVPT UNEF canc. FPO No 747 (21.XI.66 &ndash faint). VF MB $25.00 (1310)

336. UNEF 1 &ndash Egypt. #10 UNEF Cover sender Norwegian Contingent. Handstamp &ldquoPORTO OLSO BETALT OSLO&rdquo. Free franked canc. UNEF (24 FEB 1961 - F). F/VF MB $5.00 (1310)

337. UNEF 1 &ndash Egypt. UNEF air letter from Yugoslavian Contingent. Free franked Special canc. &hellip U.A.R.- Egipatska Oblasti UNEF (.. XI 1961 &ndash Ave overinked). Back cancel Beograd. VF Philatelic MB $15.00 (1310)

338. UNEF 1 &ndash Egypt. Cover from Yugoslavian Contingent. Free franked Special canc. Posta Odreda J.N.A. - U.A.R.- Egipatska Oblasti UNEF (.. VIII 1963 &ndash F). VF MB $15.00 (1310)

339. UNEF 2 &ndash Egypt. Cover from Sweden to Swedish Contingent (CC on back). Green Faltpost stp canc. Vaxjo 1 (27.9.78 - VF). VF MB $35.00 (1310)

340. UNFICYP &ndash Cyprus. Cover from Argentina to Argentinean Contingent. Meter Bahia Blanca (22.4.97 - VF). F MB $15.00 (1310)

341. UNFICYP Cyprus &ndash Sweden. Official Svenska FN-Bataljonen cover. Swedish stps canc. Svenska FN Bat Cypren &ndash 2.1.88 (F). VF - MB $5.00 (0901)

342. UNIFIL &ndash Lebanon. #10 FINBATT UNIFIL Cover from the Finnish contingent. Free franked canc. UNIFIL (16 MAR 1983 - VF). F/VF MB $7.00 (1310)

343. UNIKOM &ndash KUWAIT. #10 UNIKOM cover to Ireland. Kuwaiti stp faint canc. VF &ndash MB $8.00 (1310)

344. UNMIK &ndash Kosovo. #10 UNEF Cover sender UNMIK Pristina Kosovo. 2x Kosovo UN stps canc. Pristina 9 (29.11.00 - VF). To Switzerland. VF MB $10.00 (1310)

345. UNMIL &ndash Liberia. UNMIL Cover to Switzerland. 1,70 FS UN stp canc. Nations Unies (partial). VF MB $7.00 (1310)

346. UNMOGIP &ndash Pakistan/India. # 10 cover MS CC to Canada. 2x 10c UN stps canc. United Nations New York (29 OCT 1974 - VF). VF MB $7.00 (1310)

347. UNMOGIP &ndash Pakistan/India. # 10 official UNMOGIP cover to Switzerland. UNMOGIP handstamp. Pakistani stps canc. Rawalpindi (.. Jan 98 - faint). VF MB $7.00 (1310)

348. UNPROFOR - US. # 10 cover sender MS Camp Comanche OJF &ndash APO 09789. Free franked canc. APO AE 09789 (KB 1999 &ndash VF). Located in Tuzla AB, Bosnia. VF (1002)

349. UNPROFOR &ndash Czech. # 10 official UNPROFOR cover to Praha, Czech Rep. Czech Batt UNPROFOR handstamp. Free franked canc. UNPROFOR (08 Apr 1993 - VF). VF MB $5.00 (1310)

350. UNPROFOR &ndash France. # 10 cacheted cover. French stp Pictorial canc. Medal Parade 11 P Sarajevo &ndash BPM 655 (21.XII.1995 - VF). VF MB $4.00 (1310)

351. UNPROFOR &ndash UK. 21 SIG REGT (AS) 15 JAN 1996 handstamp + MS Op Resolute. 20p UK stp with illegible canc. VF MB $5.00 (1310)

352. UNRWA - PALESTINE. Official UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees stationary Size #10 cover. Sender DUO/G (Director of UNRWA Operations, Gaza). Sent to Ministry of Defence, Tel Aviv. Mailed intra-theater so no cancels but date stamp 24-05-1990. F (open a bit rough) &ndash MB $10.00 (0901)

353. UNTSO &ndash Golan. Cover sender Austrian Contingent. Austrian stp canc. UNDOF &ndash AUSBATT 1500 &ndash 12.5.91 (VF). VF MB $5.00 (1310)

354. UNTSO &ndash Golan. # 10 official UNSTO cover sender Swiss Senior National Military Observer. Lebanese stp canc. LibanPost &ndash 03-10-2001 (F). F MB $4.00 (1310)

355. American Fighter Aces Bulletin. Vol 17 No 1 Spring 2000. Main articles &ldquoAmerican Volunteers in the Air War over Spain&rdquo & &ldquo From Berlin to bali&rdquo. 28 pages. VF (1002)

356. Autograph &ndash Doolittle Raid &ndash Frank kappeler. 5 x 3 card autographed by Frank Kappeler. He was Navigator on Crew #11. They bailed out over China. Also flew on 26 missions in Korea War. Comes with certificate of authenticity. VF MB $15.00 (0901)

357. Autograph &ndash Doolittle Raid &ndash R.E. Cole. Lindbergh FDC autographed by R.E. Cole. He was Jimmy Doolittle&rsquos co-pilot - Crew #1. They bailed out over China. Comes with certificate of authenticity. VF MB $15.00 (0901)

358. Autograph Early Test Pilot Bob Downey. Cover Pict. canc. Kill Devil Hills 1978. Autograph Bob Downey. He was an early air racing pilot as well as a test pilot for Lockheed. Comes with certificate of authenticity. VF MB $12.00 (0901)

359. Autograph Pioneer aviator & USAF General Albert Hegenberger. Cover Pict. canc. Oakland Hawaii 1927. Autograph Albert Hegenberger. He was a pioneer aviator - first transpacific flight to Hawaii in 1927 as well as a USAF Major General. VF MB $18.00 (0901)

360. Autograph Airship Designer Jerome Hunsaker. Cacheted cover Pict. airship. Autograph Albert Hegenberger. He designed the airships USS Shenandoah, USS Macon and USS Akron. Comes with certificate of authenticity. VF MB $20.00 (0901)

361. Autograph Medal of Honor Recipient Harvey Barnum. America 25c FDC - Autograph Harvey Barnum. He was an USMC officer who served in Vietnam. He is a Medal of Honor Recipient (2nd Bat, 9th Mar, 3rd Mar Div), Bronze Star, Gold Star, Purple heart. Comes with certificate of authenticity. VF MB $10.00 (0901)

362. Book &ldquoHigh level precision bombing&rdquo 1944. Air Force manual No 7 (restricted). 48 pages &ndash Published 1944. F/VF MB $25.00 (0901)

363. Book &ldquoWar in Korea and the complete history of WWII&rdquo. Armed Services Memorial Edition &ndash 1955 by F.T. Miller. 999 pages with photographs and maps. F/VF MB $30.00 (0901)

364. Cartoon Book &ldquoMOX NIX &ndash Cartoons about your Tour in Europe&rdquo by Jack Niles. Published by 601st AC & W SQ &ndash APO 171 &ndash US ARMY - 1952. 80 pages. VF MB $10.00 (0901)

365. Change of Command. Change of Command booklet &ndash Fighter Squadron Composite 13 (VFC-13) - 1989. 6 pages. VF MB $8.00 (0901)

366. HMS ARK ROYAL Presentation Folder. Large folder with HMS Ark Royal pamphlet, P/C, large size Pictures of ship + Captain. + Pamphlets of 4 Helicopter wing. In OHMS envelope. VF MB $15.00 (0901)

367. NATO Commemorative 50th Anniv booklet &ndash US Edition. 21 pages (magazine size) with lots of pictures reviewing the past 50 years. Edited by the US Information Agency. Page 1 has the US NATO 5th Anniv 3c stamp + US NATO 10th Anniv 4c stamp Cancel KB + DR APO AE 09724 &ndash 4 APR 1999 (the actual date of the 50th anniv). VF MB $10.00 (0901)

368. RFA ARGUS. Info sheet + large color Pictures of ship + Captain. VF MB $5.00 (0901)

369. USS AFFRAY &ndash Change of Command. Change of command (8 pages) + info sheet U.S.S. Affray (MSO-511) + P/C &ldquoOfficial USN Photo&rdquo. VF MB $6.00 (0901)

370. USS ILLUSIVE &ndash Welcome aboard. U.S.S. Illusive (MSO-448) - 4 pages pamphlet + 3 covers (1976/79/87). F/VF MB $8.00 (0901)

371. USS IMPLICIT &ndash Welcome aboard. U.S.S. Implicit (MSO-455) - 12 pages pamphlet + 3 covers (1976/80/89). F/VF MB $8.00 (0901)

372. USS INFLICT &ndash Welcome aboard. U.S.S. Inflict (MSO-456) - 8 pages pamphlet + 1 cover. F/VF MB $5.00 (0901)

373. USS LEADER &ndash Welcome aboard. U.S.S. Leader (MSO-490) - 8 pages pamphlet + 2 covers (19??/80). F/VF MB $6.00 (0901)

374. USS MOUNT VERNON &ndash Souvenir Folder. Circa 1918 &ndash include 10 pictures (P/C size). F MB $6.00 (0901)

375. U.S.S. NEVADA - Christening Program. U.S.S. Nevada (SSBN-733) 16 full size high quality pages (color). VF MB $10.00 (0901)

376. U.S.S. PENSACOLA &ndash Commissioning booklet 1971. U.S.S. Pensacola (LSD-38) 28 pages. VF MB $15.00 (0901)

377. USS PLUCK &ndash Welcome aboard. U.S.S. Pluck (MSO-464) - 8 pages pamphlet + 1 cover (1979). F/VF MB $5.00 (0901)

378. USS PORTLAND &ndash Picture. U.S.S. Portland (LSD-37) &ndash Large B/W picture. VF MB $4.00 (0901)

379. US NAVY recruiting P/C (2). 2 x &ldquoNavy &ndash Let the Journey Begin&rdquo. 1 is USS George Washington, other USS Carney. VF (0901)

380. USS &ndash picture lot (7). 7 B/W pictures (P/C size). Most early Incl USS Florida BB-30, USS Kittery, USS Aniston, a couple of MSO. The rest not identified. F/VF MB $5.00 (0901)


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USS Helena (CA-75) (originally Des Moines) - History

Mogera-class heavy cruiser, MK#1002

Displacement: 14,020 tonnes

Power: 150,000shp, 10 Kamping A boilers

Propulsion: 4 geared steam turbines, 4 shafts

Armament: 5x2 8-inch 2nd Year Type DP naval guns, 4x2 4.4-inch Type 99 DP guns, 9x2 1-inch Type 91 AA guns, 4x3 second-type oxygen torpedoes, 12 reloads

Armour: belt 100-130mm, deck 40-50mm, turret 20mm

Aircraft: 3 Mitsuoka E14M Atsūn(厚雲) floatplanes

Teeeechnically tomorrow, I guess

I’m thinking that this imaginary toy warship was an extension of America’s power around the end of the 19th Century, give or take ten or fifteen years. The rear mast features a wooden tank that holds the crew’s rum rations for the voyage! This is a cropped 8 x 10 inch sketchbook page. The width is still 10 inches.

Well, I ended up inking this pencil sketch, mainly with a .003 Hybrid Technica Pentel marker. Then I used some Rembrandt Colored Pencils to finish the job. Originally I tried using watercolors in the dark gun ports, but made a botch of it. So I made a patch for that area, the bird and the flag. Those areas were morbidly dark and I saved the piece by making the corrections. I hope to post something about how I do this in the near future.

Mogera undergoing trials, 2nd year

The first of a class of INN cruisers completed after the Datura Empire formally anathematised the Columbia Naval Agreement, the Mogera and her sister ships (Jidora, Mosura, and Komonga) were the heaviest (some would say top-heaviest) cruisers in the world when launched, thanks to being refitted from 6-inch to 8-inch guns during construction, as the navy no longer had to follow the agreement's restrictions.

multi-view render probably tomorrow, this took nearly 2 hours

Prinz Eugen was an Admiral Hipper-class heavy cruiser, the third of a class of five vessels. She served with Nazi Germany's Kriegsmarine during World War II. The ship was laid down in April 1936, launched in August 1938, and entered service after the outbreak of war, in August 1940. She was named after Prince Eugene of Savoy, an 18th-century Austrian general. She was armed with a main battery of eight 20.3 cm (8.0 in) guns and, although nominally under the 10,000-long-ton (10,000 t) limit set by the Anglo-German Naval Agreement, actually displaced over 16,000 long tons.

Prinz Eugen saw action during Operation Rheinübung, an attempted breakout into the Atlantic Ocean with the battleship Bismarck in May 1941. The two ships destroyed the British battlecruiser Hood and moderately damaged the battleship Prince of Wales in the Battle of the Denmark Strait. Prinz Eugen was detached from Bismarck during the operation to raid Allied merchant shipping, but this was cut short due to engine troubles. After putting into occupied France and undergoing repairs, the ship participated in Operation Cerberus, a daring daylight dash through the English Channel back to Germany. In February 1942, Prinz Eugen was deployed to Norway, although her time stationed there was curtailed when she was torpedoed by the British submarine Trident days after arriving in Norwegian waters. The torpedo severely damaged the ship's stern, which necessitated repairs in Germany.

Upon returning to active service, the ship spent several months training officer cadets in the Baltic before serving as artillery support for the retreating German Army on the Eastern Front. After the German collapse in May 1945, she was surrendered to the British Royal Navy before being transferred to the US Navy as a war prize. After examining the ship in the United States, the US Navy assigned the cruiser to the Operation Crossroads nuclear tests at Bikini Atoll. Having survived the atomic blasts, Prinz Eugen was towed to Kwajalein Atoll, where she ultimately capsized and sank in December 1946. The wreck remains partially visible above the water approximately two miles northwest of Bucholz Army Airfield, on the edge of Enubuj. One of her screw propellers was salvaged and is on display at the Laboe Naval Memorial in Germany.

Still need to adjust some things.. I keep thinking the secondary gun directors look a bit off. I may try lowering them by a couple plates and narrowing them by one stud. See if that makes them fit a bit better.

Limiting myself to 1 WIP per build, I just wanted to render this since the torpedo room will be mostly hidden and I built an interior dammit.

Ordered by the US Navy on 14 June, 1943, USS Salem (CA 139) was laid down on 4 July, 1945 at the Bethlehem Steel Company's Quincy Yard in Quincy, MA and launched on 25 March, 1947. She was commissioned at the Boston Navy Yard on 14 May, 1949.

USS Salem served a distinguished 10 year career as flagship of the US Sixth Fleet in the Mediterranean and the Second Fleet in the Atlantic. During her career she served as host to such notables as the US Ambassador to Spain, John D. Lodge the Honorable Thomas S. Gates, Undersecretary of the Navy Admiral Arleigh A. Burke, USN, Chief of Naval Operations the Shah of Iran the President of Lebanon and the King and Queen of Greece.

Although Salem never fired her mighty guns in anger, her very presence served as a stimulus for peace during those troubled times that came to be called the Cold War. She served as a Lady of Diplomacy, rather than as a means of exerting brute force.

Imagine a small city placed in "mothballs", stored for 35 years, and then reopened and restored to it's former glory.

When USS Salem was decommissioned on 30 January, 1959 and joined the Atlantic Reserve Fleet at the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard, Dwight D. Eisenhower was president of the United States and everyone was watching I Love Lucy on their new television.

In October of 1994, Salem once again made her way north to her birthplace in Quincy, where she is now the centerpiece of the United States Naval and Shipbuilding Museum. Bill Clinton was president of the United States, people were watching Murphy Brown and Beverly Hills: 90210 on their big-screen TV's and "surfing the net". Now "crewed" by a staff of museum professionals and enthusiastic volunteers, she is being restored to her full glory.

On 14 May, 1995 - 46 years to the day since her original commissioning - Salem was re-commissioned - this time as a member of the Historic Naval Ships Association. She now serves her country once again with her new mission of teaching people of all generations our nation's rich history of shipbuilding and naval duty.

Thanks to a timely donation by the incorrigible Jasper, Enterprise has a much cleaner look without the lime green panel from the junkyard and the other primer grey and full of Bondo. Thanks! The engine nacelles are nearly polished off, and look fairly close to scale. A little more to go on the Saucer portion, and she'll be space-worthy!

Prinz Eugen prepping for combat.

Figma version of Prinz Eugen featured.

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Namesake:City of Helena, Montana

Laid down:9 September 1943

Sponsored by:Mrs. John T. Haytin

Commissioned:4 September 1945

Decommissioned:29 June 1963

Fate:Sold 13 November 1974 for scrapping

Class and type:Baltimore-class cruiser

Speed:33 knots (38.0 mph 61.1 km/h)

USS Helena (CA-75), a Baltimore-class heavy cruiser, was the third ship of the United States Navy to be named for the city of Helena, Montana. She was named Helena while under construction after the cancellation of the light cruiser CL-113.

Construction and commissioning

Helena was launched at the Bethlehem Steel Company in Quincy, Massachusetts, on 28 April 1945, sponsored by Mrs. John T. Haytin, wife of the mayor of Helena. She was commissioned on 4 September 1945 with Captain Arthur Howard McCollum in command.

Helena completed her outfitting in the Boston, Massachusetts, area and departed on 24 October 1945, arriving New York City the next day to take part in the tremendous celebration of the U.S. Navy's role in World War II victory that marked Navy Day, 27 October 1945. After two shakedown and training periods at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, Helena returned to Boston in February 1946 to prepare for her first deployment, a round-the-world cruise. Helena departed Boston on 12 February 1946 for England, where Admiral H. Kent Hewitt boarded and broke his flag as Commander Naval Forces, Europe, and Commander, 12th Fleet. During the next three months, Helena conducted training exercises in Northern European waters and paid good-will visits to major ports in England and Scotland.

Relieved as flagship on 1 May 1946, Helena departed for East Asia via the Suez Canal, calling at major Mediterranean ports Colombo, Ceylon and Singapore before arriving at Tsingtao, China, on 18 June 1946. During her tour in East Asia, Helena took part in a wide variety of training exercises and fleet maneuvers until she finally departed Shanghai, China, on 22 March 1947 for the United States after more than a year in foreign waters.

After training operations in California waters Helena departed once more for the East Asia on 3 April 1948, arriving at Shanghai 24 days later. Throughout the summer and fall of 1948, she operated primarily in Chinese waters, returning to Long Beach, California, in December 1948.

Helena spent much of the spring of 1949 in training a new crew and in May 1949 cruised to train Naval Reservists, returning to Long Beach for a conversion necessary to equip her to carry a helicopter. During July and August 1949, Helena took part in a six-week at-sea training cruise for men of the Naval Reserve Officers' Training Corps to the Galapagos Islands and Panama. She then took part in Operation Miki, a joint United States Army-U.S. Navy amphibious training exercise in the Hawaiian Islands conducted in November 1949.

Helena then proceeded via Yokosuka, Japan, and Hong Kong to the Philippines, where she conducted training exercises. She returned to Japan in January 1950, and soon after experienced the highlights of her service as flagship of the United States Seventh Fleet when the Joint Chiefs of Staff, then touring East Asia, embarked on 2 February 1950. During the remainder of her East Asian tour she carried out a schedule of large-scale fleet exercises off Okinawa and visits to Japanese ports. She departed for the United States on 21 May 1950.

Helena's schedule called for a summer spent in Long Beach, followed by overhaul at San Francisco. Suddenly came word of the communist aggression in Korea. Hurriedly she prepared for sea and, on 6 July 1950, sped westward. Stopping at Pearl Harbor only to take on ammunition, she plowed across the Pacific and into action on the east coast of Korea. On 7 August, she first unleashed her guns on an enemy target—the railroad marshalling yards, trains, and power plant near Tanchon.

Serving as flagship of the Bombardment Task Group, Helena pounded enemy positions, aiding immeasurably in keeping the invaders off balance and preventing them from mounting a formidable drive, as United Nations forces prepared to take the offensive. Operations such as hers provided the diversion necessary to cover the powerful amphibious assault into Inchon, 15 September 1950, Later, Helena provided gunfire support for Korean troops pushing the invaders north along the east coast, and it was Helena's, concentrated firepower that aided in creating a diversion at Samchok, and in the recapture of Pohang.

Valuable as she was in Korean waters, Helena could no longer put off overhaul, and in November 1950 she arrived at Long Beach to prepare for the now twice-postponed yard period.

After her overhaul, she reported for duty at Sasebo 18 April 1951, and was assigned to Task Force 77, the fast carrier group making daily air strikes against the enemy. While operating as heavy support for the carriers, Helena was often detached to pound shore targets. During June 1951, she was occupied almost continually in interdiction fire at targets along the east coast of Korea, subsequently she returned to the Task Force, At twilight on a day late in July, Helena was straddled and then hit by shore gunfire. Damage was light, and, swiftly twisting around the harbor in the maneuver which came to be called "the war dance", Helena delivered rapid continuous fire that destroyed seven enemy gun positions and an ammunition dump. After a short respite at Yokosuka, she returned again to the Task Force, but was soon detached for special duty supporting a massive air strike on supply depots and rail road marshalling yards at Rashin, acting as radar picket.

Helena's accurate gunnery was next sought by the Eighth Army, for whom she fired at 13 targets along the bombline in aid of advancing infantry. Her support to ground forces continued with missions fired for United States Marines and Republic of Korea Army units. On 20 September 1951 she returned to Yokosuka. Here, at a ceremony on her decks, President Syngman Rhee of Korea presented to Task Force 95 the first Korean Presidential Unit Citation awarded to a naval unit. Helena received the award for her operations in the fall of 1950.

After rejoining the Task Force, Helena was ordered to duty as fire support vessel in the Hungnam-Hamhung area. With her helicopter providing its usual efficient spotting, she fired with great success on rail and highway bridges, marshalling yards and gun positions for the next 2 weeks.

Helena returned to Long Beach 8 December 1951 and her entire battery of nine 8-inch (200 mm) guns was replaced. In February, she commenced training for return to the Far East. One of the highlights of this training period came from 14 February to 23 February 1952 when she took part in "Lex Baker One", the largest scale training exercise held since the outbreak of the Korean War. Over 70 ships and 15,000 sailors and Marines took active part in this operation.

Helena arrived once again at Yokosuka 8 June 1952 and the next day was underway to rendezvous with Task Force 77 off the coast of Korea. For 5 months her mission again was to burn buildings, destroy gun positions, and smash transportation facilities all were left in her wake after shore bombardments. She also performed air rescue of pilots, two of whom were deep in enemy territory.

On 24 November 1952, Helena was relieved of her normal duties at Yokosuka and 5 days later sailed on a special mission. She called first at Iwo Jima where on 1 December Admiral Arthur W. Radford, Commander In Chief Pacific Fleet, boarded the ship by helicopter to visit briefly. Two days later she proceeded to Guam, where President-Elect Dwight D. Eisenhower, with several of his prospective cabinet members, and Admiral Radford embarked for passage to Pearl Harbor. Top-level policy conferences were held on board. Helena's distinguished passengers disembarked at Pearl Harbor 11 December 1952, and she returned to Long Beach 16 December.

Helena departed for the Far East on 4 August 1953 to join Task Force 77 on security patrol in the Sea of Japan and after another voyage to the United States for upkeep and training, rejoined the 7th Fleet at Yokosuka as flagship on 11 October 1954. Helena spent much of her time in waters off Taiwan. The highlights of Helena's service during this tour of duty came in February 1955 during the evacuation of the Tachen Islands. These off-shore islands posed a possible point of contention between the Nationalist and Communist Chinese and it was determined to neutralize them by means of evacuation. On 6 February came the "execute" from President Eisenhower, and the fleet, led by Helena, got underway. By 1500 on 9 February 1955, with Helena on watchful patrol, all civilians had been removed to safety from the islands—a total of 18,000 people. Early on 12 February the remaining 20,000 Nationalist troops were removed and, as Helena steamed on rear guard patrol, the Task Force sailed south.

After 6 months' training in home waters, Helena again sailed for Yokosuka, arriving 25 January 1956. During the 6 months of this tour of duty, she once more operated primarily in the Taiwan area and briefly in Philippine waters on exercises. She returned to Long Beach 8 July.

Exercises, which included firing of the Regulus I missile from Helena's launching gear, continued for 9 months, and then she headed for another Far East tour 10 April 1957. During the ensuing tour of duty, she played her flagship role fully, combining sea power and diplomacy.

Helena returned to Long Beach 19 October. Following a major overhaul completed 31 March 1958 and intensive training, including missile launching, she again sailed west.

Helena's 1958 cruise in the Far East began 3 August. Her first port of call was Keelung, Taiwan, arriving 21 August. On the next day, students and faculty of the Taiwan National Defense College were received on board for a tour of the ship. Her schedule next called for a visit to Manila, but the crisis brought on by the Chinese Communist shelling of the off-shore islands of Quemoy and Matsu governed by the Nationalists interrupted normal operations.

During the next weeks, Helena patrolled the troubled area. On 7 September she steamed to within 10 miles (16 km) of the Chinese mainland, covering Chinese Nationalist supply ships replenishing Quemoy Island. While on this duty, she was illustrating once more the fact that the mere presence of the overwhelming naval strength of the United States is one of the most formidable protections the free world has in deterring such aggression.

On 9 October 1958, while off the Philippines, word flashed to Helena to proceed to the aid of a stricken merchant vessel of Norwegian registry, the Hoi Wong, which had run aground on Bombay Reef in the Paracel Islands. Helena reached the scene at 1000, 10 October 1958. Her helicopters rescued men, women and children, whom she transported to Hong Kong. Her men had skillfully and courageously carried out a difficult humanitarian mission, another contribution to strengthening American relationships with Asian nations. Helena resumed patrol and readiness operations until her return to Long Beach 17 February 1959.

On 5 January 1960 Helena departed for the Western Pacific in company with Yorktown and her escort of Destroyer Squadron 23. Visits to Korea and to Taiwan prefaced her participation in Operation Blue Star, one of the largest peacetime amphibious exercises in our history.

After a period in Japan, Helena sailed with Ranger and Saint Paul to Guam. On 24 April 1960, Helena, in company with destroyers Taylor and Jenkins, set sail for Australia. She then returned to Long Beach and from June until November underwent extensive overhaul. In mid-January 1961 she became the permanent flagship of Commander, 1st Fleet.

On 17 May 1961, led by the Helena, 12 1st Fleet ships put on a firepower demonstration for more than 700 members of the American Ordnance Association. In June, Helena, with eight guests of the Secretary of the Navy on board, cruised to Portland, Oregon, for the Rose Festival.

During the next months, Helena joined in Exercise Tail Wind, rendezvousing with the cruiser Los Angeles, the guided missile frigate Coontz and their destroyer escort to form the largest "Fleet Sail" in 4 years. Helena visited major ports of the Far East, rode out Typhoon Olga off Hong Kong, then returned to San Diego 6 October, soon to participate in Exercise Covered Wagon. During the remainder of the year, Helena participated in a major fleet demonstration observed by the Chief of Naval Operations, Admiral George W. Anderson. Her last operation of the year was Exercise "Black Bear."

During 1961 and 1962, Helena, operated in United States West Coast and western Pacific waters, taking part in several amphibious operations with ships of the 1st Fleet and elements of the 1st Marine Division and 3rd Marine Air Wing. Helena embarked foreign and staff officers from the Naval War College March 1962, and two groups of Navy League members engaged in orientation cruises in June and August.

As 1962 ended, Helena was scheduled for inactivation at Long Beach Naval Shipyard. On 18 March 1963, Commander 1st Fleet shifted his flag to Saint Paul.

Decommissioning and disposal

Helena was placed out of commission in Reserve 29 June 1963, after serving (just two months shy of) 18 continuous years of service. Helena was transferred on 30 June 1963 to San Diego Group Pacific Reserve Fleet. Stricken on 1 January 1974, and sold to Levin Metals Co., San Jose, Calif., on 13 November 1974, and scrapped in Richmond, Calif the following year.

For her service in the Korean War, Helena was presented the Presidential Unit Citation of the Republic of Korea and the Korean Service Medal with four stars.

Helena's ship's bell, her anchor chain, and one of her propellers are located in downtown Helena, Montana, on the grounds of the Walking Mall, outside the Lewis & Clark County Library.

Boilers from the Helena continue to be used in the ArcJet Complex at NASA Ames Research Center to operate a large steam injection vacuum pump system.[1]

This image depicts children in a crate hoisted on board HMAS AUSTRALIA II. The event was the annual children's Christmas party and was hosted on 6 December 1930. The girl wearing glasses on the left is Miss Rosemary Game, daughter of Sir Philip (Governor of New South Wales) and Lady Gwendolen Game. The boy next to her is possibly her brother Philip Game and the boy far right is possibly her other brother, David Game. The girl with pigtails and wearing a hat is possibly Miss Rosemary Budge, daughter of Sir Harry Budge, Secretary to the Governor, Sir Philip Game.

This photo is part of the Australian National Maritime Museum’s Samuel J. Hood Studio collection. Sam Hood (1872-1953) was a Sydney photographer with a passion for ships. His 60-year career spanned the romantic age of sail and two world wars. The photos in the collection were taken mainly in Sydney and Newcastle during the first half of the 20th century.

The ANMM undertakes research and accepts public comments that enhance the information we hold about images in our collection. This record has been updated accordingly.

Photographer: Samuel J. Hood Studio Collection

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Namesake:City of Astoria, Oregon

12 July 1929 (date assigned to ship yard)

2 June 1930 (beginning of construction period)

Builder:Puget Sound Navy Yard, Bremerton, Washington

Cost:$11,951,000 (limit of price)

Laid down:1 September 1930

Sponsored by:Miss Leila C. McKay

Commissioned:28 April 1934

Reclassified:CA-34, 1 July 1931

awards:Bronze-service-star-3d.png 3 × battle stars

Fate:Sunk during the Battle of Savo Island 9 August 1942

General characteristics (as built)[2]

Class and type:New Orleans-class cruiser

Displacement:9,950 long tons (10,110 t) (standard)

8 × Babcock & Wilcox boilers

4 × Westinghouse geared turbines

Speed:32.7 kn (37.6 mph 60.6 km/h)

Capacity:Fuel oil: 1,650 tons

Complement:104 officers 795 enlisted

9 × 8 in (200 mm)/55 caliber guns (3x3)

8 × 5 in (130 mm)/25 caliber anti-aircraft guns

2 × 3-pounder 47 mm (1.9 in) saluting guns

8 × caliber 0.50 in (13 mm) machine guns

Turrets: 1 1⁄2–8 in (38–203 mm)

Conning Tower: 5 in (130 mm)

Aircraft carried:4 × floatplanes

Aviation facilities:2 × Amidship catapults

General characteristics (1942)[3]

9 × 8 in (200 mm)/55 caliber guns (3x3)

8 × 5 in (130 mm)/25 caliber anti-aircraft guns

2 × 3-pounder 47 mm (1.9 in) saluting guns

12 × single 20 mm (0.79 in) Oerlikon anti-aircraft cannons

4 × quad 1.1 in (28 mm)/75 caliber anti-aircraft guns

The second USS Astoria (CL/CA-34) was the lead ship of the Astoria-class of heavy cruisers (later renamed the New Orleans-class) of the United States Navy that participated in both the Battle of the Coral Sea and the Battle of Midway, but was then sunk in August 1942, at the Battle of Savo Island. Astoria was the first ship of the Astoria-class of cruisers to be laid down, but received a hull number higher than New Orleans because she was launched second.

Immediately after the months-long Guadalcanal Campaign ended in February 1943, the remaining ships of the class would go through major overhauls to lessen top-heaviness due to new electrical and radar systems and advanced anti-aircraft weaponry. In doing so the ships took on a new appearance, most notably in the bridge, becoming known as the New Orleans-class.[4]

Construction and commissioning

Astoria was laid down on 1 September 1930, at the Puget Sound Navy Yard. Such ships, with a limit of 10,000 tons standard displacement and 8-inch calibre main guns may be referred to as "treaty cruisers." Originally classified a light cruiser, because of her thin armor, she was reclassified, after being laid down, a heavy cruiser, because of her 8-inch guns. The term "heavy cruiser" was not defined until the London Naval Treaty in 1930. Launched on 16 December 1933, sponsored by Miss Leila C. McKay (a descendant of Alexander McKay, a member of the John Jacob Astor expedition that founded Astoria, Oregon), and commissioned on 28 April 1934, Captain Edmund S. Root in command.

During the summer of 1934, Astoria conducted a lengthy shake-down cruise in the course of which she voyaged extensively in the Pacific. In addition to the Hawaiian Islands, the heavy cruiser also visited Samoa, Fiji, Sydney Australia, and Nouméa on the island of New Caledonia. She returned to San Francisco on 26 September 1934.

Between the fall of 1934 and February 1937, she operated as a unit of Cruiser Division 7 (CruDiv 7), Scouting Force, based at San Pedro, California. In February 1937, the warship was reassigned to CruDiv 6, though she continued to serve as an element of Scouting Force based at San Pedro. In both assignments, she carried out normal peacetime maneuvers, the culmination of which came in the annual fleet problem that brought the entire United States Fleet together in a single, vast exercise.

Special duty: Hiroshi Saito's ashes

At the beginning of 1939, Fleet Problem XX concentrated the fleet in the West Indies, and at its conclusion Astoria, Richmond Kelly Turner commanding, made a hasty departure from Culebra Island on 3 March 1939 and headed for Chesapeake Bay. After taking on a capacity load of stores and fuel at Norfolk, Virginia, the heavy cruiser proceeded north to Annapolis, Maryland, where she embarked the remains of the former Japanese Ambassador to the United States, the late Hiroshi Saito, for the voyage to Japan, a gesture that expressed America's gratitude to the Japanese for returning the body of the late United States Ambassador to Japan, Edgar Bancroft, in the cruiser Tama in 1926. Astoria sailed from Annapolis on 18 March 1939, accompanied by Naokichi Kitazawa, Second Secretary of the Japanese Embassy in Washington.

Arriving in the Panama Canal Zone soon thereafter, where "various high officials and a delegation from the Japanese colony in Panama paid their respects to Saito's ashes," Astoria got underway for Hawaii on 24 March. She moored at Honolulu on 4 April, the same day that Madame Saito and her two daughters arrived on board the passenger liner Tatsuta Maru. Two days later, the heavy cruiser proceeded westward across the Pacific.

Accompanied by the destroyers Hibiki, Sagiri, Akatsuki, Astoria steamed slowly into Yokohama harbor on 17 April, United States ensign at half-staff and the Japanese flag at the fore. The warship fired a 21-gun salute which was returned by the light cruiser Kiso. American sailors carried the ceremonial urn ashore that afternoon, and funeral ceremonies took place the following morning.

After the solemn state funeral, the Japanese showered lavish hospitality on the visiting cruiser and her men. Captain Turner, for his part, pleased Ambassador to Japan Joseph C. Grew by his diplomatic role in the proceedings the naval attaché in Tokyo, Captain Harold Medberry Bemis, later recorded that the choice of Turner for that delicate mission was "particularly fortunate. " In grateful appreciation of American sympathy and courtesy a pagoda was later presented by Hirosi Saito's wife and child. That pagoda is located in front of Luce Hall at the United States Naval Academy.

Astoria sailed for Shanghai, China on 26 April, and reached her destination on the morning of the 29th. She remained at Shanghai until 1 May. After receiving Admiral Harry E. Yarnell, Commander in Chief, Asiatic Fleet, on board for a courtesy call that morning, Astoria put to sea for Hong Kong in the afternoon. Following the visit to Hong Kong, Astoria stopped briefly in the Philippines before continuing on to Guam. When she arrived at Guam early on the morning of 21 May, the heavy cruiser was called upon to assist Penguin and Robert L. Barnes in their successful effort to refloat the grounded Army transport U. S. Grant. Soon thereafter, Astoria joined the search for the noted author and adventurer Richard Halliburton, and the companions with whom he had attempted the voyage from Hong Kong to San Francisco in his Chinese junk, Sea Dragon. The cruiser combed more than 162,000 sq mi (420,000 km2) of the Pacific, without success, before she discontinued the search on 29 May.

Reassigned to Pearl Harbor

Main article: Pearl Harbor

Assigned to the Hawaiian Detachment in October 1939, Astoria changed home ports from San Pedro to Pearl Harbor. The following spring, she participated in Fleet Problem XXI, the last of those major annual exercises that brought the entire United States Fleet together to be conducted before World War II engulfed the United States. The maneuvers took place in Hawaiian waters, and, instead of returning to the west coast at their conclusion, the bulk of the fleet joined Astoria and the Hawaiian Detachment in making Pearl Harbor its base of operations.

On 2 April 1941, Astoria departed Pearl Harbor for the west coast of the United States. She reached Long Beach, California on 8 April and entered the Mare Island Navy Yard on the 13th. During her refit, she received quadruple-mount 1.1 in (28 mm)/75 cal anti-aircraft guns and a pedestal fitted at her foremast in anticipation of the imminent installation of the new air-search radar. Emerging from the yard on 11 July 1941, the heavy cruiser sailed for Long Beach on the 16th. Later shifting to San Pedro, Astoria sailed for Pearl Harbor on 24 July 1941.

Following her return to Hawaii on 31 July, Astoria operated between Oahu and Midway through early September. That autumn, the specter of German raiders on the prowl in the Pacific prompted the Navy to convoy its ships bound for Guam and the Philippines. Astoria escorted Henderson to Manila and thence to Guam, before returning to Pearl Harbor on 29 October. Local patrols and training, alternated with upkeep in port, occupied Astoria during the final five weeks of peace.

After rising tensions in the Pacific intensified his concern over the defenses of his outlying bases at the beginning of December 1941, Admiral Husband E. Kimmel, Commander in Chief, Pacific Fleet/United States Fleet, ordered reinforcements, in the form of Marine Corps planes, to be ferried to Wake Island and Midway. Astoria put to sea on 5 December in the screen of Rear Admiral John H. Newton's Task Force 12 (TF 12) built around Lexington. Once the task force reached open sea, Lexington's air group and the 18 Vought SB2U-3 Vindicators from Marine Scout Bombing Squadron 231 (VMSB-231) bound for Midway landed on the carrier's flight deck.

When the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor on the morning of 7 December, Astoria was some 700 mi (1,100 km) west of Hawaii steaming toward Midway with TF 12. At 0900 the following day, the heavy cruiser Indianapolis, flagship of Vice Admiral Wilson Brown, Commander, Scouting Force, joined up with TF 12, and Brown assumed command. Its ferry mission canceled, TF 12 spent the next few days searching an area to the southwest of Oahu, "with instructions to intercept and destroy any enemy ship in the vicinity of Pearl Harbor. "

The cruiser reentered Pearl Harbor with the Lexington force on 13 December, but she returned to sea on the 16th to rendezvous with and screen a convoy, the oiler Neches and the seaplane tender Tangier — the abortive Wake Island relief expedition. When that island fell to the Japanese on 23 December, however, the force was recalled. Astoria remained at sea until the afternoon of 29 December, when she arrived back at Oahu. When Astoria was moored in Pearl Harbor, she had about 40 sailors from the battleship California transferred to her ranks. They were survivors of 7 December, when California was sunk at Berth F4 on Battleship Row.

Astoria departed Pearl Harbor again on the morning of 31 December with TF 11, formed around Saratoga, and remained at sea into the second week of January 1942. On 11 January, the Japanese submarine I-6 torpedoed the carrier, forcing her retirement to Pearl Harbor. Astoria and her colleagues in the task force saw the crippled carrier safely into port on the morning of 13 January 1942.

After a brief respite at Pearl Harbor, Astoria returned to sea on 19 January with TF 11 – the carrier Lexington, escorted by heavy cruisers Chicago and Minneapolis, and nine destroyers – to "conduct an offensive patrol northeast of the Kingman Reef-Christmas Island line." On the afternoon of the 21st, however, TF 11 received orders to rendezvous with Neches, and then to conduct an air raid on Wake Island, followed by a surface bombardment "if practicable." Dispatches intercepted on the 23rd, however, revealed that Neches had fallen victim to a Japanese submarine, identified later as I-17. Without the oiler's precious cargo of fuel, TF 11 could not execute the planned strike. Ordered back to Oahu, the task force reentered Pearl Harbor on the morning of 24 January.

Southwestern Pacific cruise: TF 17 (USS Yorktown)

On 16 February, Astoria put back to sea for what proved to be an extended cruise in the southwestern Pacific with TF 17, built around the carrier Yorktown and comprising the heavy cruiser Louisville, destroyers Sims, Anderson, Hammann and Walke, and the oiler Guadalupe, all under the command of Rear Admiral Frank Jack Fletcher. Initially, TF 17's orders called for operations in the vicinity of Canton Island. However, after the Japanese discovered TF 11 on its way to attack their important new base at Rabaul and sent a determined raid which hit the Lexington task force off Bougainville on 20 February, Vice Admiral Brown asked for a second carrier to strengthen his force for another crack at Rabaul. Accordingly, TF 17 received orders to aid Brown in that attempt, and Astoria steamed with Yorktown to a rendezvous with TF 11 that took place southwest of the New Hebrides on 6 March.

The combined force, under Brown, stood toward Rabaul until the Japanese landings at Lae and Salamaua, New Guinea prompted a change of plans. Late on 8 March, Brown and his staff decided to shift objectives and attack the two new enemy beachheads by launching planes from the Gulf of Papua in the south and sending them across the width of New Guinea to the targets on the northern coast. Astoria, meanwhile, joined a surface force made up of heavy cruisers Chicago, Louisville, and HMAS Australia, and destroyers Anderson, Hammann, Hughes, and Sims under the command of Rear Admiral John G. Crace, that Brown detached to operate in the waters off Rossel Island in the Louisiade Archipelago. The heavy cruiser and the other warships of that force carried out a threefold mission. They secured the carriers' right flank during their operations in the Gulf of Papua they shielded Port Moresby from any new enemy thrust and they covered the arrival of Army troops at Nouméa.

The raids on Lae and Salamaua, conducted by 104 planes from Yorktown and Lexington on 10 March 1942 proved devastating to the Japanese, causing heavy damage to their already depleted amphibious forces by sinking three transports and a minesweeper, as well as damaging a light cruiser, a large minelayer, three destroyers and a seaplane carrier. More importantly, the attack delayed the Japanese timetable for conquest in the Solomons and prompted them to send aircraft carriers to cover the operation. The delay, which also allowed the United States Navy time to marshal its forces, coupled with the dispatch of Japanese carriers led to the confrontation in the Coral Sea.

Astoria rejoined TF 17 on 14 March and patrolled the Coral Sea for the rest of March. At sea continuously since 16 February, Astoria began to run low on provisions, so Rear Admiral Fletcher detached her to replenish from Bridge at Nouméa along with Portland, Hughes and Walke. Arriving on 1 April, the cruiser remained there only briefly, returning to sea the following day. The warship marched and counter-marched across the Coral Sea for two weeks before TF 17 headed for Tongatapu, where she and the Yorktown force spent the week of 20–27 April.

About this time, intelligence reports convinced Admiral Chester Nimitz that the enemy sought to take Port Moresby, on the southeastern coast of New Guinea, and he resolved to thwart those designs. He sent TF 11, built around a refurbished Lexington and led by a new commander, Rear Admiral Aubrey W. Fitch, to join Fletcher's TF 17 in the Coral Sea. Astoria returned to sea with TF 17 on 27 April to rendezvous with TF 11. The two carrier task forces met in the eastern Coral Sea early on the morning of 1 May.

Late in the afternoon of 3 May, Rear Admiral Fletcher received word of the Japanese occupation of Tulagi in the Solomons. Astoria screened Yorktown the following day as the carrier launched three raids on the enemy ships off Tulagi. Admiral Fletcher first considered sending Astoria and Chester to finish off the crippled ships at Tulagi with surface gunnery, but demurred and kept his force concentrated in anticipation of further action.

Next came a two-day lull on 5–6 May, during which TF 17 fueled in preparation for the impending battle. Astoria screened Yorktown on the 7th as her planes joined those from Lexington in searches and strikes that located and sank the Japanese carrier Shōhō. Japanese planes, however, located and sank the oiler Neosho and her escort, Sims.

Fletcher's carriers launched aircraft again early on the morning of 8 May, while Astoria and the other units of the screen prepared their antiaircraft batteries to meet the retaliation expected from Japanese carriers Zuikaku and Shōkaku. Enemy planes found TF 17 just before 1100 that morning and quickly charged to the attack. Almost simultaneously, planes from Yorktown and Lexington deployed to attack the enemy task force.

The Japanese aviators concentrated almost exclusively on the American carriers as the two drew apart with their respective screening ships, ultimately putting some 6 to 8 mi (9.7 to 12.9 km) of ocean between them by the end of the battle. Torpedo bombers opened the first phase of the attack, while torpedo and dive bombers coordinated attacks in the second phase.

The battle action on 8 May, as Astoria's executive officer, Commander Chauncey R. Crutcher, recounted, "was short and was accompanied by intense anti-aircraft fire against a determined enemy. " Astoria assisted in putting up a protective barrage over Lexington at the outset, and after the task forces separated, she shifted to the anti-aircraft umbrella over Yorktown. Her gunners claimed to have splashed at least four enemy planes in the attack that "seemed to end as suddenly as it had started."

At about 1245, Lexington — heavily damaged though apparently in satisfactory condition afloat and underway – suffered severe internal explosions that rang her death knell. Fires raged out of control and, by 1630, her engines stopped. Ninety minutes later, Captain Frederick C. Sherman ordered the ship abandoned. Once rescue operations were completed, and Lexington's end was hastened by torpedoes from Phelps, TF 17 began a slow retirement from the Coral Sea, having suffered heavy losses but also having inflicted a decisive strategic defeat on the Japanese by barring the Port Moresby invasion.

Astoria set course for Nouméa along with Minneapolis, New Orleans, Anderson, Hammann, Morris, and Russell. That force reached its destination on 12 May but remained only overnight. On the 13th, she and the other warships got underway for Pearl Harbor, via Tongatapu, and arrived at Oahu on 27 May.

The heavy cruiser remained in Pearl Harbor only until the 30th. On that day, she returned to sea with the hastily repaired Yorktown to prepare to meet yet another major thrust by the Japanese fleet – this one aimed at Midway. Air searches from that island spotted the enemy's Midway Occupation Force — made up of transports, minesweepers, and two seaplane carriers – early on 3 June, but the enemy carrier force eluded detection until early in the morning of the 4th. The heavy cruiser screened Yorktown as the carrier began launching strike aircraft at about 0840. While the planes droned off to make their contribution to the destruction of the Japanese carrier force, Astoria and her colleagues prepared for the inevitable Japanese reply.

The counterstroke, however, did not come until a few minutes before noon as Yorktown's victorious aviators began to return to their ship. 18 Aichi D3A1 "Val" dive bombers came in to attack the carrier. Grumman F4F-4 Wildcat fighters from Fighting Squadron 3 (VF-3) accounted for 10 of the intruders, but the remaining eight managed to penetrate the combat air patrol (CAP). Astoria teamed up with Portland and the screening destroyers to splash another two of the attackers. The remaining six, however, succeeded in attacking Yorktown, and three of those scored hits. One of the three hit the carrier's stack, causing fires in her uptakes that literally smoked Rear Admiral Fletcher and his staff out of flag plot. At about 1310, he shifted his flag to Astoria.

Yorktown's damage control parties worked feverishly, and by 1340 she was again underway under her own power, albeit at only 18 to 20 kn (21 to 23 mph 33 to 37 km/h). At about 1430, the second attack – composed of 10 Nakajima B5N2 "Kate" torpedo bombers escorted by six Mitsubishi A6M Zero fighters – came in and eluded the weak CAP. Astoria and the other ships of the screen attempted to discourage attacks from four different directions by bringing every gun to bear and firing them into the sea to throw curtains of water into the path of the attackers. Nevertheless, four of the "Kates" made good their attack and released their torpedoes within 500 yd (460 m). Yorktown dodged two, but the other two scored hits which stopped the ship again. By 1500, the order to abandon ship went out. Astoria called away lifeboats to assist in the rescue of Yorktown's survivors. That night, the heavy cruiser retired east ward with the rest of the task force to await dawn, while a single destroyer, Hughes, stood by the stricken carrier.

The following day broke with Yorktown still afloat, and efforts began to salvage the battered warship. Though the Japanese had abandoned the Midway attack and had begun retiring toward Japan, submarine I-168 had been given orders to sink Yorktown. After a 24-hour search, the enemy submarine found her quarry on the 6th and attacked with a spread of four torpedoes. One torpedo missed completely, two passed under destroyer Hammann alongside the carrier and detonated in Yorktown's hull, while the fourth broke Hammann's back. The destroyer sank in less than four minutes. The carrier remained afloat until early on the morning of the 7th. At about dawn, she finally rolled over and sank.

Astoria remained as flagship for TF 17, as it operated north of Midway, until shortly after midday on 8 June when TF 11 arrived on the scene, and Rear Admiral Fletcher transferred his flag to Saratoga, On 11 June, Admiral Nimitz – satisfied that the major Japanese thrust had been thwarted – ordered his carrier task forces back to Hawaii, and Astoria reentered Pearl Harbor with them on 13 June. During the early summer of 1942, she completed repairs and alterations at the Pearl Harbor Navy Yard and carried out training in the Hawaiian operating area.

The Solomons (Battle of Savo Island)

USS Astoria on 8 August 1942.

By the beginning of August, Astoria had been reassigned to Task Group 62.3 (TG 62.3), Fire Support Group L, to cover the Guadalcanal-Tulagi landings. Early on the morning of 7 August, the heavy cruiser entered the waters between Guadalcanal and Florida Islands in the southern Solomons. Throughout the day, she supported the Marines as they landed on Guadalcanal and several smaller islands nearby. The Japanese launched air counterattacks on the 7th–8th, and Astoria helped to defend the transports from those attacks.

On the night of 8/9 August, a Japanese force of seven cruisers and a destroyer under Vice Admiral Gunichi Mikawa sneaked by Savo Island and attacked the American ships. At the time, Astoria had been patrolling to the east of Savo Island in column behind Vincennes and Quincy. The Japanese came through the channel to the west of Savo Island and opened fire on Chicago – HMAS Canberra force first at about 0140 on the morning of the 9th, hitting both cruisers with torpedoes and shells. They then divided – inadvertently – into two separate groups and turned generally northeast, passing on either side of Astoria and her two consorts. The enemy cruisers began firing on that force at about 0150, and the heavy cruiser began return fire immediately. She ceased fire briefly because her commanding officer temporarily mistook the Japanese force for friendly ships but soon resumed shooting. Astoria took no hits in the first four Japanese salvoes, but the fifth ripped into her superstructure, turning her into an inferno amidships. In quick succession, enemy shells put her No. 1 turret out of action and started a serious fire in the plane hangar that burned brightly and provided the enemy with a self-illuminated target.

From that moment on, deadly accurate Japanese gunfire pounded her unmercifully, and she began to lose speed. Turning to the right to avoid Quincy's fire at about 0201, Astoria reeled as a succession of enemy shells struck her aft of the foremast. Soon thereafter, Quincy veered across Astoria's bow, blazing fiercely from bow to stern. Astoria put her rudder over hard left and avoided a collision while her battered sister ship passed aft, to starboard. As the warship turned, Kinugasa's searchlight illuminated her, and men on deck passed the order to No. 2 turret to shoot out the offending light. When the turret responded with Astoria's 12th and final salvo, the shells missed Kinugasa but struck the No. 1 turret of Chōkai.

Astoria lost steering control on the bridge at about 0225, shifted control to central station, and began steering a zig-zag course south. Before she made much progress, though, the heavy cruiser lost all power. Fortunately, the Japanese chose that exact instant to withdraw. By 0300, nearly 400 men, including about 70 wounded and many dead, were assembled on the forecastle deck.

Suffering from the effects of at least 65 hits, Astoria fought for her life. A bucket brigade battled the blaze on the gun deck and the starboard passage forward from that deck, and the wounded were moved to the captain's cabin, where doctors and corpsmen proceeded with their care. Eventually, however, the deck beneath grew hot and forced the wounded back to the forecastle. The bucket brigade made steady headway, driving the fire aft on the starboard side of the gun deck, while a gasoline handy-billy rigged over the side pumped a small stream into the wardroom passage below.

Bagley came alongside Astoria's starboard bow and, by 0445, took all of the wounded off the heavy cruiser's forecastle. At that point, a small light flashed from Astoria's stern, indicating survivors on that part of the ship. Signaling the men on the heavy cruiser's stern that they had been seen, Bagley got underway and rescued men on rafts – some Vincennes survivors – and men who had been driven overboard by the fires blazing aboard Astoria.

With daylight, Bagley returned to the heavy cruiser and came alongside her starboard quarter. Since it appeared that the ship could be saved, a salvage crew of about 325 able-bodied men went back aboard Astoria. Another bucket brigade attacked the fires while the ship's first lieutenant investigated all accessible lower decks. A party of men collected the dead and prepared them for burial. Hopkins came up to assist in the salvage effort at about 0700. After securing a towline, Hopkins proceeded ahead, swinging Astoria around in an effort to tow her to the shallow water off Guadalcanal. A second gasoline-powered handy-billy, transferred from Hopkins, promptly joined the struggle against the fires. Wilson soon arrived on the scene, coming alongside the cruiser at about 0900 to pump water into the fire forward. Called away at 1000, Hopkins and Wilson departed, but the heavy cruiser received word that Buchanan was on the way to assist in battling the fires and that Alchiba was coming to tow the ship.

Nevertheless, the fire below decks increased steadily in intensity, and those topside could hear explosions. Her list increased, first to 10° and then 15°. Her stern lowered in the dark waters, and her bow was distinctively rising. All attempts to shore the shell holes – by then below the waterline due to the increasing list – proved ineffective, and the list increased still more. Buchanan arrived at 11:30, but could not approach due to the heavy port list. Directed to stand off the starboard quarter, she stood by while all hands assembled on the stern, which was now wet with seawater. With the port waterway awash at noon, Commodore William G. Greenman gave the order to abandon ship.

Astoria turned over on her port beam, rolled slowly, and settled by the stern, disappearing completely by 12:16. Buchanan lowered two motor whaleboats and, although interrupted by a fruitless hunt for a submarine, came back and assisted the men in the water. Alchiba, which arrived on the scene just before Astoria sank, rescued 32 men. Not one man from the salvage crew lost his life. Officially, 219 men were reported missing or killed.[5]

The wreck of USS Astoria was discovered in early 2015 during a sonar mapping project of Iron Bottom Sound led by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen. The wreck lies upright in[6] roughly 860 meters (2,820 ft) of water with its bow missing and "A" turret pointing aft.[7]

Croiseurs légers

    : (scout cruiser - 1908)
    • CL-1 Chester
    • CL-2 Birmingham
    • CL-3 Salem
    • CL-4 Omaha
    • CL-5 Milwaukee
    • CL-6 Cincinnati
    • CL-7 Raleigh
    • CL-8 Detroit
    • CL-9 Richmond
    • CL-10 Concord
    • CL-11 Trenton
    • CL-12 Marblehead
    • CL-13 Memphis
    • CL-40 Brooklyn
    • CL-41 Philadelphia
    • CL-42 Savannah
    • CL-43 Nashville
    • CL-46 Phoenix
    • CL-47 Boise
    • CL-48 Honolulu
    • CL-49 Saint Louis
    • CL-50 Helena
    • CL-51 Atlanta
    • CL-52 Juneau
    • CL-53/CLAA-53 San Diego
    • CL-54/CLAA-54 San Juan
    • CL-95/CLAA-95 Oakland
    • CL-96/CLAA-96 Reno
    • CL-97/CLAA-97 Flint
    • CL-98/CLAA-98 Tucson
    • CL-55 Cleveland
    • CL-56 Columbia
    • CL-57 Montpelier
    • CL-58 Denver
    • CL-59 Amsterdam complété comme porte-avions CVL-22 Independence
    • CL-60 Santa Fe
    • CL-61 Tallahassee complété comme porte-avions CVL-23 Princeton
    • CL-62 Birmingham
    • CL-63 Mobile
    • CL-64 Vincennes
    • CL-65 Pasadena
    • CL-66/CLG-7/CG-7 Springfield
    • CL-67/CLG-8 Topeka
    • CL-76 New Haven complété comme porte-avions CVL-24 Belleau Wood
    • CL-77 Huntington complété comme porte-avions CVL-25 Cowpens
    • CL-78 Dayton complété comme porte-avions CVL-26 Monterey
    • Cl-79 Wilmington complété comme porte-avions CVL-28 Cabot
    • CL-80 Biloxi
    • CL-81 Houston
    • CL-82/CLG-6/CG-6 Providence
    • CL-83 Manchester
    • CL-84 Buffalo *
    • CL-85 Fargo complété comme porte-avions CVL-27 Langley
    • CL-86 Vicksburg
    • CL-87 Duluth
    • CL-88 Newark *
    • CL-89 Miami
    • CL-90 Astoria
    • CL-91/CLG-5/CG-5 Oklahoma City
    • CL-92/CLG-4/CG-4 Little Rock
    • CL-93/CLG-93/CG-3 Galveston
    • CL-94 Youngstown *
    • CL-99 Buffalo complété comme porte-avions CVL-29 Bataan
    • CL-100 Newark complété comme porte-avions CVL-30 San Jacinto
    • CL-101 Amsterdam
    • CL-102 Portsmouth
    • CL-103 Wilkes-Barre
    • CL-104 Atlanta
    • CL-105 Dayton
    • CL-106 Fargo
    • CL-107 Huntington
    • CL-108 Newark *
    • CL-109 New Haven *
    • CL-110 Buffalo *
    • CL-111 Wilmington *
    • CL-112 Vallejo *
    • CL-113 Helena*
    • CL-114 Roanoke*
    • CL-115 (annulé) *
    • CL-116 Tallahassee *
    • CL-117 Cheyenne *
    • CL-118 Chattanooga *
    • CL-119/CLAA-119 Juneau
    • CL-120/CLAA-120 Spokane
    • CL-121/CLAA-121 Fresno
    • CL-144 Worcester
    • CL-145 Roanoke
    • CL-146 Vallejo *
    • CL-147 Gary *

    USS Des Moines

    Three ships of the United States Navy have been named USS Des Moines, after the city of Des Moines, Iowa.

    • The USS Des Moines (C-15) was a Denver-classcruiser in service from 1904 to 1921.
    • The USS Des Moines (CA-75), a Baltimore-classheavy cruiser, was renamed USS Helena on 6 November 1944.
    • The USS Des Moines (CA-134), the lead ship of her class, was a heavy cruiser in service from 1948 to 1961 and scrapped between 2006 and 2007.

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    Asbestos Exposure on Cruisers

    After Battleships were mostly retired from service, Cruisers took their place as the U.S. Navy’s largest and most powerful direct-combat surface ships. Cruisers are mid-sized warships with several different makes, each specializing in a particular function. With models including Command Cruisers, Battle Cruisers, Guided Missile Cruisers, and even Aircraft Cruisers, they were versatile ships, and an important part of the fleet throughout the 20th century. Though still used, very few remain in service today.

    Most Cruisers were built and operated during the height of asbestos use amongst Navy vessels, leaving many veterans who served aboard these ships at risk of contracting mesothelioma. Asbestos was utilized in much of the on board equipment, including boilers, pumps, valves, and turbines. Even the respective ammunition ships have been exposed to asbestos as well.

    Belluck & Fox LLP is a nationally recognized law firm based in New York that represents veterans and merchant mariners with asbestos and mesothelioma claims. Belluck & Fox, LLP has won more than $500 million in compensation for its clients and their families. We can help you.

    For a free case evaluation, contact the firm at 877-637-6843 or through the online contact form.

    [DIPLOMACY] United States Military Catalog, 1961

    Here you will find the assets of the United States Armed Forces. Note that just because something is listed here, it doesn't necessarily mean that it is available for sale at the current time. Use common sense on what is for sale and what isn't.

    This compilation of materiel is courtesy of Ladiesman, who has done 99% of the work.

    Commander in Chief: John Fitzgerald Kennedy

    Secretary of Defense: Robert McNamara

    Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff: Lyman Lemnitzer

    Established: 9/18/1947

    Employees: 2,472,905 Active Duty Military,

    Military Age: 17-39

    Conscription: Yes

    NameQuantityUnit Cost
    M1903 Springfield1,000,000$35.00
    M1 Garand5,468,772$40.00
    M14 rifle1,300,000$80.00
    Winchester Model 70100,000
    S&W Model 105,000$10.00
    S&W Model 124,000$10.00
    S&W Model 1510,000$10.00
    High Standard HDM50,000$10.00
    Colt Police Positive Special100,000$10.00
    Colt Model 1903500,000$10.00
    M1911 pistol3,000,000$20.00
    M3 submachine gun300,000$30.00

    Commander: POTUS

    Established: 6/14/1775

    Motto: "This We'll Defend"

    Strength: 858,622 Active Duty.

    M46 PattonMedium Tank1160800 + 360 M46A1 Withdrawn From US Service
    M47 PattonMain Battle Tank8576Large numbers in Foreign service Withdrawn From US Service
    M48 PattonMain Battle Tank12000 (estimate)Being replaced gradually by M60
    M60 PattonMain Battle Tank500Entering full-scale Production this Year
    M103 Heavy TankHeavy Tank300Being turned over to Marine Corps
    M24 ChaffeLight Tank4731Large numbers in Foreign service Withdrawn From US Service
    M41 Walker BulldogLight Tank5467Primary US Light Tank
    M75 APCAPC1729Large numbers in Foreign service Withdrawn From US Service
    M59 APCAPC6300Being replaced gradually by M113
    M113 APCAPC600Entering full-scale Production this Year
    M74 Armored Recovery VehicleArmored Recovery Vehicle1000starting to be replaced gradually by M88
    M88 Armored Recovery VehicleArmored Recovery Vehicle0Entering trial production this year
    M8 TractorArtillery Tractor480"Its a tractor, do I need to explain more?"
    M7 Snow TractorRescue Tractor280"Its a tractor that can operate in the Arctic, do I need to explain more?"
    Willys M38Jeep45473Primary army transport Jeep
    M151 ¼-ton 4×4 utility truckJeep2593New Jeep designed to replace remaining ww2 models and entered production last year
    M8 GreyhoundArmored Car8523"A large number of fleet unusable due to age or being sold off, currently in the process of being replaced"
    Dodge M37Truck115838Primary US army transport truck
    M54 5-ton 6x6 truckHeavy Truck45000In current production
    M125 10-ton 6x6 trucksSuper Heavy truck552Heaviest US army transport truck
    M123 10-ton 6x6 trucksArtilarry Transport Truck3580Heavy truck for towed field artillery pieces.
    M116 Pack Howitzer75mm8400"Large number of fleet unusable due to age or being sold off
    Howitzer Motor Carriage M875mm1778"Self Propelled 75mm main gun, outdated at this point"
    M101 Howitzer105mm10200Large number of fleet unusable due to age or being sold off, currently in the process of being replaced
    M52 SP Howitzer105mm584Modern Self Propelled 105m howitzer
    M53 SP Howitzer155mm550Modern Self Propelled 155m howitzer
    M55 SP Howitzer203mm550Modern Self Propelled 203m howitzer
    M65 atomic cannon280mm20"Towed piece designed to fire atomic warheads, considered obsolete at this point."
    NameCountry of OriginProducedNotes
    M42 DusterUnited States3700Self Propelled Antiaircraft gun
    M51 SkysweeperUnited States340Fixed advanced radar-controlled antiaircraft cannon
    NameCountry of OriginProducedNotes
    Nike HerculesUnited StatesLarge NumbersSemi-fixed long ranged surface to missile
    MIM-23 HawkUnited States0New Medium range surface to air missile entering production this year
    CIM-10 BomarcUnited States570Fixed, extreme range surface to air missile for continental defense
    Bell H-13 SiouxObservation2407"Light observation helicopter, replacement in development"
    Hiller OH-23 RavenObservation2000"Light observation helicopter, replacement in development"
    Sikorsky H-19 ChickasawCargo/Transport1728"First utility helicopter, being phased out in favor of the UH-1"
    Piasecki H-21Cargo/Transport707Being Phased out in favor of UH-1
    Sikorsky CH-37 MojaveAssault Transport153"Large heavy-lift helicopter used by the Army designated "Mojave" and Marines nicknamed "Deuce" "
    Sikorsky H-34Utility Aircraft1232"Current mainline utility heilcopter
    Bell UH-1 IroquoisCargo/Transport1500Started Production in 1959, currently being the main US army utility helicopter. Nicknamed the " Huey" because the original Army designation was HU-1"
    Boeing CH-47 ChinookHeavy Cargo Transport0Entering Production Next Year
    AC-1 CaribouCargo303American Variant of some Canadian transport aircraft
    Grumman OV-1 MohawkObersevation and light attack30"Entered production last year

    Commander: POTUS

    Established: 9/18/1947

    Motto: "Aim High . Fly-Fight-Win"

    Strength: 821,151 Active Personnel

    SM-65 AtlasICBMD, E, F65First US ICBM in production
    HGM-25A Titan IICBMN/A1One completed and in service by 61. 64, to be ready by 62'
    MGM-13 MaceCruise MissileN/A200To be replaced by Pershing Missile System
    PGM-11 RedstoneSRBM1,2128To be replaced by Pershing Missile System
    Pershing 1SRBMN/A0New short-range ballistic missile entering production this year
    PGM-17 ThorIRBMN/A225 roughlyIntermediate range ballistic missile
    PGM-19 JupiterMRBMN/A100Medium range ballistic missile
    MGM-5 CorporalTSRBMN/A212Very Short Ranged tactical Missile
    MGM-18 LacrosseTSRBMN/A1200Very Short Ranged tactical Missile
    MGM-29 SergeantTSRBMN/A500Very Short Ranged tactical Missile
    AGM-28 Hound DogAir Launched Cruise MissileN/A230B-52 launched supersonic atomic cruise missile
    NameDate of IntroductionQuantityRoleNotes
    F-80 Shooting Star1945600 storedFighterFirst US jet fighter, currently in reserve status
    F-86F Saber19492239FighterFirst US Swept Wing fighter, currently in reserve status
    F-84G Thunderchief19491532 storedFighter-BomberFirst US fighter-bomber, currently in reserve status
    F-89 Scorpion19501050InterceptorOlder US interceptor in limited air national guard use.
    F-86D Sabre19512747InterceptorOlder US interceptor in limited air national guard use.
    F-100 A Super Sabre1954487FighterOrginal Fighter variant of the F-100
    F-100 D Super Sabre19551274Fighter-BomberFighter-bomber variant of the f-100
    F-102 Delta Dagger19561000InterceptorSecond Line interceptor being replaced by f-106
    f-101 Voodoo1957807InterceptorStop-gap between f-102 and f-106 capable and new aircraft but lacking a role with the f-106's introduction
    F-104A Starfighter1958360InterceptorMach 2 capable aircraft mainly used for export with many more being produced for other nations
    F-105 Thunderchief1958412Fighter-BomberCurrent Mainline Us fighter-bomber currently in production long-term replacement in the form of the TFX in development
    F-106 Deltadart1959230InterceptorPrimary airforce interceptor, but during tests shows marked inferiority to the Navy's Phantom, which may soon replace the f-106
    F-110A Spectre196X0FighterProposed designation of an airforce variant of the Phantom as a supplement to the f-106 and F-101 fighters.
    NameDate of IntroductionQuantityRoleNotes
    B-50 Superfortress1948370Strategic bomberLast iteration of the B-29 currently in air force reserve
    B-47 Stratojet19512032Strategic bomberSecondary US strategic bomber, though is being replaced by the B-52
    B-57 Canberra1954403Tactical BomberUS reserve tactical bomber, current role is being filled by f-105 and f-100D
    B-52 Stratofortress1955603Strategic bomberPrimary US Strategic bomber and main air force nuclear deterrent.
    B-66 Destroyer1956294Tactical BomberUS reserve tactical bomber, current role is being filled by f-105 and f-100D
    B-58 Hustler196023Supersonic strategic bomberSupersonic Strategic Bomber designed to engage deep targets within the USSR.
    NameDate of IntroductionQuantityRoleNotes
    T-28 Trojan19491948Propeller TrainerPossible use as COIN aircraft to be investgated further
    T-34 Mentor19532,300+Basic Propeller TrainerPossible use as COIN aircraft to be investgated further
    Lockheed T-3319546557Jet TrainerBeing phased out due to T-37 and T-38 replacing it
    T-37 Tweet1957454Basic Jet TrainerCurrently in production
    T-38 Talon19610Supersonic TrainerNext generation trainer entering production this year
    NameDate of IntroductionQuantityRoleNotes
    C-119 Flying Boxcar19491183Cargo tactical67 troops or 27,500 lb (12,500 kg) cargo
    C-97 Stratofreighter194777Cargo Medium134 troops or 35,000 pounds (15,875 kg) cargo
    C-130 Hercules1956540Cargo Tactical92 troops or 64 airborne troops or 40,500 pounds (18,370 kg) cargo
    C-124 Globemaster II1950448Cargo Medium200 troops or 68,500 lb cargo (31,100 kg)
    C-133 Cargomaster195750Cargo Strategic110,000 lb (50,000 kg) Cargo
    C-140 Jetstar195889VIP Transport10 passengers
    C-137 "Stratoliner"195826VIP Transport126 passengers
    NameDate of IntroductionQuantityRoleNotes
    KC-97 Stratofreighter1951811Prop TankerBeing slowly phased out in favor of KC-135
    KC-135 Stratotanker1957512Jet TankerPrimary US Air force tanker
    NameDate of IntroductionQuantityRoleNotes
    EC-121 Warning Star1954232AWACSPrimary USAF AWACS Aircraft
    EB-66 Destroyer196126Electronic WarfareFirst dedicated USAF EW aircraft entering service this year
    U-2 Dragon Fly1957103Reconnaissance AircraftHigh altiude recon aircraft considered undetectable, but in light of Gary Power's recent experince we must re-evalute this stance.
    Ryan Model 147196X0Reconnaissance droneNew highly advanced unmanned recon aircraft

    Commander: POTUS

    Established: 10/13/1775

    Motto: "Semper Fortis" (English: "Always Courageous")

    Photos Navies Of All Nations


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    After the war, the photographer fell into disgrace, and despite the fact that after Stalin’s death, he again gained access to newspaper pages, up to 1970, he was unable to organize his own photo exhibition in the USSR due to harassment by the USSR leadership."


    Super Moderator

    The ship thereafter joined the naval operations off the Dardanelles, where she participated in a series of attacks on the Ottoman fortifications guarding the straits. These culminated in a major assault on 18 March 1915 during the attack, she was hit approximately eight times by shellfire but was not seriously damaged. While turning to withdraw, she struck a mine and sank within two minutes only 75 men were rescued from a complement of 718

    Battleships Danton and Mirabeau 1915

    During her career Danton was sent to Great Britain to honour the coronation of George V, and later served in World War I as an escort for supply ships and troop transports, guarding them from elements of the German Navy. While en route to aid a blockade, she was torpedoed and sunk on 19 March 1917 by a German U-boat, leaving 296 men dead

    Mirabeau spent the war in the Mediterranean Sea and spent most of her time blockading the Straits of Otranto and the Dardanelles to prevent German, Austro-Hungarian and Ottoman warships from breaking out into the Mediterranean. She also participated in the attempt to ensure Greek acquiescence to Allied operations in Macedonia in late 1916. Mirabeau briefly participated in the occupation of Constantinople after the end of the war in late 1918 and was deployed in the Black Sea in early 1919 during the Allied intervention in the Russian Civil War. She ran aground in February 1919 off the coast of the Crimea and could not be refloated until some of her guns, armor and boilers were removed. After returning to France later that year, the ship was stricken from the Navy List. Mirabeau was given to a salvage company as payment for salvaging another battleship and broken up in 1922.

    Cruiser Lamotte-Piquet at Brest, May 3, 1927


    Mi Major General

    The Colombian Navy deploys its submarine ARC Pijao in the DESI 2021 naval exercises

    in the Picture the Periscope of the ARC Pijao Submarine catches the ARC Almirante Tono Corvette in the waters of the colombian Caribbean Sea


    Mi Major General

    The Colombian Navy test the DART-RF

    Within the framework of exercises carried out in the Caribbean Sea, the Colombian Navy (ARC) has carried out tests of its Oto Melara (Leonardo) 76/62 mm Dart-Strales system, deployed in its Light Frigates of the FS1500 class Almirante Padilla. The tests were carried out on the high seas, aboard the frigate ARC Independiente, using the 76/62 mm Dart-Strales system (3AP fuses), with which three shots were fired (spaced apart), on moving targets. with which an attack by an anti-ship missile (Smart attack) was simulated and in order to determine the degree of preparation of the crew to face hostile situations and imminent danger, as well as the effectiveness of the system.


    Mi Field Marshall

    "Close call for U. S. Carriers" 7 Nov, 1944
    Pacific Fleet : Two escort carriers ( CVE's ) in the battle of the Philippine Sea maneuver themselves out of trouble. The flight deck crew in foreground is rushing to launch fighters as the CVE in the background zig-sags it way through salvos from a Japanese cruiser. US Navy Photo. Credit Line ( ACME Photo ) Photo by Acme Newspictures Inc, New York City

    Here is an aerial view of the Philippine harbor of Manila as it appears today,7 August 1945. Once heavily damaged, the piers have been repaired and are now used to receive supplies for the coming invasion of Japan. Serving the same purpose England did in the European war, Manila has become the Pacific's biggest, most vital base. Photo by Andrew Lopez, ACME Photographer for the War Picture Pool

    RPPC(Real Photo Post Card) showing USS Cleveland in Dry Dock, April 1914. The Cleveland was a Denver class protected cruiser built by Bath Iron Works and commissioned 2 Nov, 1903 and struck 12 Dec, 1929 and sold for scrap 7 Mar, 1930. photo was taken while the Cleveland was located at Mare Island Navy Yard

    Image of USS Iowa during Modernization at Ingalls, Pascagoula MS, in late 1983, at far left is the USS Hayler, DD-997 undergoing RAV upgrades. Outboard of the Hayler is USS John Hancock DD-981 in for overhaul. photo credit to Imagery Management Operations Center (DIMOC)

    U.S. Sailors and civilians stand on the armored cruiser USS North Carolina (ACR-12) at the U.S. Navy yard in Norfolk, Va., December 9, 1908 as she prepares to leave the Dry Dock #3

    RPPC of the USS Pennsylvania dating sometime in the early 1930's. it was taken after her 1929 - 1931 refit, repairs and improvements at the Philadelphia Navy Yard.

    USS Des Moines 1950
    U.S. Navy heavy cruiser USS Des Moines (CA-134), at a Brooklyn Navy Yard pier in New York. Kodachrome slide from unknown photographer.


    Mi Field Marshall

    US Naval Station Subic Bay, Republic of the Philippines. Destroyers and tender Oct 1974. from left to right is USS Dixie AD-14, USS Robison DDG-12, USS Waddell DDG-24, USS Davidson FF-1045 and USS Hepburn FF-1055. In the distance is the USS Constellation CVA-64 and just aft looks like a Guided Missile Cruiser of some type. Offical Photograph US Navy, taken by PH2 Sena

    Photo of USS Everett F Larson DD-830/DDR-830, a Gearing class Destroyer taken from the port bridge wing of unknown destroyer. The Lawson was built as a destroyer in 1945, reclassified as DDR-830 in March of 1949 and reclassified again DD-830 after FRAM upgrades in 1963. Photo undated ( before FRAM upgrade in Jan of 1963 ) and unaccredited. Official US Navy Photograph

    "An excellent photograph showing the manner in which airships are catapulted from Uncles Sam's warships." Whats appears to be a Curtiss N-9 Float plane leaves the catapult rail on a navy war ship. Universal Newsreel Photo 3 Dec, 1929

    This photo was credited as taken by Charles Curtis of the World Tribune, of a unnamed Connecticut class battleship on the west side of Manhattan on the Hudson River, but appears to match the USS New Hampshire, a 16,000-ton Connecticut class battleship built at Camden, New Jersey, was commissioned in March 1908.

    Official USN photo # 5876 (43) , taken 20 Aug of 1943, showing USS South Dakota at Norfolk Navy Yard. This was taken after a second refit and update that Included replacing the SC-2 Search Radar antenna with a larger SK antenna ( for better range and accuracy ) on her foremast.

    Aerial view of USS ARIZONA on the east river in New York city near the Brooklyn bridge after departing New York Naval Yard on her way to sea trials in 1916. note the pine trees mounted on top of each mast

    A Bow on view of the USS Rhode Island BB-17 dated 8 July 1909, taken at Navy Yard New York.
    National Archives, from the American Unofficial collection of World War I Photographs, 1917 - 1918

    Watch the video: 1953 USS Helena CA-75. SS Guadalupe AO-32. USS Consolation AH-15 (July 2022).


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