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Catalina being towed by Ferry Flight, Mombasa

Catalina being towed by Ferry Flight, Mombasa

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Catalina being towed by Ferry Flight, Mombasa

Here we see a Consolidated Catalina being towed by a small boat from the Ferry Flight at Kipevu, Mombasa, in May 1946. This aircraft is probably Catalina JX433, built by Boeing Canada and was a Catalina IVb (Boeing PB2B-1), identical to the PBY-5.

Many thanks to Michael Hopkins for sending us these pictures, which came from his father's collection, and came towards the end of his RAF service, which lasted from August 1941 to November 1946.

Watch the video: Farewell Catalina PH-PBY Last Take Off On dutch Ground Ferry flight to America 29-5-2019 (June 2022).


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