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The Keith Papers

The Keith Papers

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6. Keith to Admiralty

Zealand. at the Nore,
May 19, 1803.

Sir, Be pleased to acquaint their Lordships that I arrived here last night, and that I have hoisted my flag on board this ship, Rear-Admiral Sir James Saumarez having removed into the Kite for the purpose of carrying their Lordships’ orders into effect and the effect and the Ethalion brig being perfectly out of view off this port. I have instucted Rear-Admiral Thornborough to put himself under my command and to intercept all ships and vessels belonging to the French and Batavian Republics under the instructions which their Lordships have been pleased to issue in that behalf. I have ordered the Clyde to cruise on the same service on the Dogger Bank, the Fortunêe on the same service off the Texel and the Penelope offCamperdown—the former for one month and the latter two forfourteen days, at the expiration of which periods they are to returnto Yarmouth for further orders. I have &c.


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Web Page: Rickard, J (24 July 2006), Keith to Admiralty

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