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Tazha YT-147 - History

Tazha YT-147 - History

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(YT-147: dp. 218; 1. 100'0", b. 25'0", dr. 9'7" (f.)
s. 12 k. (tl.); cpl. 12; cl. Woban)

Tazha (YT-147) was laid at Morris Heights, N.Y., on 8 August 1940 by the Consolidated Shipbuilding Corp., launched on Lincoln's birthday 1941 and completed and placed in service on 14 June l941.

Tazha served her entire Navy career at Norfolk, Va., in the 5th Naval District. She operated as a harbor tug there from June 1941 until March 1946. On 15 May 1944, she was reclassified a large harbor tug, YTB147. In March 1946, she was placed out of service, in reserve. The tug remained inactive at Norfolk until July 1952 when she returned to active service at Norfolk. In February 1962, she changed designations once more and became a medium harbor tug, YTM-147. Following 11 more years of service in the harbor at Norfolk, Tazha was decommissioned, and her name was struck from the Navy list on 1 May 1973.

Pointer played college basketball at Rutgers, where she was a four-year starter as a point guard. At Rutgers, she was the first person in the history of the Big East Conference to record more than 1,000 points, 700 assists, 500 rebounds, and 250 steals as well as the first player to record a triple-double in the history of Rutgers women's basketball. [1]

Pointer was drafted by the Portland Fire with the 52nd overall pick in the 2001 WNBA draft, but did not make the final roster. She was later selected by the Chicago Blaze in the third round of the National Women's Basketball League draft in 2004 and played two games with them. [2] Pointer was later signed by the New York Liberty but was waived a month later.

Pointer began her coaching career at Columbia as an assistant coach in 2004. [3] She was also an assistant at Xavier for one season before joining her alma mater Rutgers as an assistant coach. She spent eight seasons with the Scarlet Knights helping them rebuild themselves into contenders before joining St. John's in 2015 as an assistant coach. Pointer left St. John's after two seasons to join Northwestern as an assistant coach. [4]

Pointer was named the head coach at UIC in 2018. [5]

National champion Postseason invitational champion
Conference regular season champion Conference regular season and conference tournament champion
Division regular season champion Division regular season and conference tournament champion
Conference tournament champion

Tasha lives in an yellow-colored house to the left of Pablo's home. It is visited the least out of the five main characters' residences. Whenever the Backyardigans are shown heading to Tasha's house for a snack, they walk behind Pablo's house to get there.

Tasha turnaround (click to animate)

Tasha is a yellow-skinned hippo with a red-pink tongue and two nostrils above her mouth. She wears a pair of red Mary-Janes and an orange dress with eight light-orange flowers printed on it in random spots.

Dom John

The Dom John path significantly affects all of your relationships at work, with the exception of Ms. Dee. When you attempt to dose John after he has dominated you in the bathroom twice and your willpower is at submissive or lower, he will flip the script on you, and end up forcing the dosed beer you offered him down your throat. From now on, you will have no possibility of dosing him, and you will lose the ability to refuse his advances. If you have not dosed Penny to be obedient or dominant, he will also proceed to dominate women around the office, influencing them to start dominating you.


Several day after letting John on the Dom path, you will notice Penny is no longer willing to help you prepare chemicals in the lab. This means you will need to spend time slots to craft them. On the next day in the morning, Penny will appear to be not in the main lab. If you decide to investigate, you will discover Penny plowed by John in the back of the lab, thus starting her corruption. Staying and watching them will significantly decrease your willpower. This event is repetitive, but next times when John is finished with her, she will offer you a pegging (regardless of your gender and state). If you don't have enough willpower, you will not be able to refuse. This event will significantly worsen your relationship with Penny, and from now on her affection will remain capped at near minimal level. You will lose the ability to romance Penny, and if you try texting her, she will text you back a picture of her with John's Johnson in her mouth. From now on, Penny will not spend lunch with Tasha instead, she will be in John's office. If you visit her there, she will make you eat her out.


Some days after Penny has been corrupted, you will be visited by an upset Tasha, crying about John. If you decide to go with her and confront him, it will turn out that it has been a ruse, and Tasha the bait. Tasha will already have been made completely submissive to John like Penny, now putting you in bonds and making you watch as she pleasures him on her knees. This begins the corruption of Tasha and unlocks appropriate events. If you refuse any demand that Tasha makes, John will punish you for it by handing you over to Annie for the night.


After you have submitted to Tasha, Diana will call you to her office, saying that your performance is lackluster and you need to increase your work efforts. This is obviously a ploy by John, yet you can't object or persuade her. This unlocks the escorting system, which exists as an additional mean of earning money. On top of that, you will be called in weekday evenings to Diana's office and subjected to 4 different types of training. Once you finish all 4, you will be able to choose freely how Diana will train you each day.


After your training with Diana has run it's course, John will transform you into a female bimbo (regardless of your previous state). This is an irreversible change and it concludes the current Dom John path. From now on, you can call John to visit you at your place. The events with other girls will continue to happen periodically.


In Animal Forest e+, her house is the same as Buck's, with the difference that she has a Cowhide Rug as carpet and Arched Window wallpaper. She also has K.K. Steppe in her Phonograph. There is mostly Classic, Ranch and Exotic furniture in Tasha's house, including an Classic Clock, a Exotic Screen, a Ranch Armchair, and other various items including a Leather Jerk Skin, a Heater, and a vase.

In New Leaf, her house now resembles a hair styling salon, having furniture items like the Salon Cart and Basket Chair in her house. If Tasha has a stereo in her house, K.K. Disco will play.

Animal Forest e+
New Leaf (interior) New Leaf (exterior)
New Horizons (interior) New Horizons (exterior)

Net Worth & Salary of Tasha Cobbs in 2021

Tasha Cobbs Leonard is a popular American Gospel musician who has a projected net worth of $5 Million as of June 2021. She has made a majority of her income from her profession as a Gospel Singer.

Since 2006, she has been leading ministers and worship services in Atlanta at Dream Center Church. She runs the Worship and the Arts Department. On March 4, 2018, Priest John Gray III declared that Tasha Cobbs would move to Greenville, South Carolina, to become a worship leader at Relentless Church. This Church began its operation on 6 May 2018.

Tasha created her first EP, Grace, on February 5, 2013. It got immensely popular among the public and reached on 61st position on the Billboard 200. It also occupied second place on the Top Gospel Albums chart. The EP consistently performed well and stood at the No. 1 position on the Top Gospel Albums chart. In addition to it, her two tracks, “Break Every Chain” and “For Your Glory,” occupied 1st place on the Hot Gospel Songs charts.

Tasha Cobbs is one of the highly successful Grammy award-winning urban contemporary gospel singers and songwriters in the US. Her incredible EP and singles have dominated the Billboard Charts and have entertained people all across the world.

Development and release


Tasha's Cauldron of Everything drew on the works of several designers, with Jeremy Crawford as lead designer, and Dan Dillon, Ben Petrisor, F. Wesley Schneider and Elisa Teague credited for design. Credits for additional design goes to Bill Benham, Adam Lee, Ari Levitch, Christopher Perkins, Taymoor Rehman, Kate Welch, and Ray Winninger.

Much of the book's content previously appeared in preview form in the Unearthed Arcana article series during the previous year. Designers incorporated feedback from the public, who rated some of the subclasses the most highly of any such content to date. Β]

The new Customizing Your Origin rules were inspired by feedback from a growing number of players who were uncomfortable with D&D's rules on player character race. Jeremy Crawford believed the new more flexible rules would open up new character combinations which were previously sub-optimal. Β]


It was released on 17 November 2020, Γ] with its first printing is dated November 2020. It was released as a 192-page hardcover sourcebook for a recommended retail price of US $49.95 or $65.95 Canadian. The standard version has an ISBN of 978-0-7869-6702-5 and product code C78780000, while the special edition has an ISBN of 978-0-7869-6707-0 and product code C78940000.

Tasha is naturally kind of heart, however due to her upbringing she was raised to believe that this was a weakness. She has a short fuse and a temper, much like her older sister. She can be very manipulative when she wants to be, and plays the innocent when in fact, she is very aware of court happenings and very educated on how to play the game of thrones. Tasha is also aware of how to use her body to get what she wants, having been taught this skill by her older sister, however she is rather uncomfortable with the thought of it and would only use the tactic as a last resort. She also has a lovely singing voice, inherited from her mother, which earns her the nickname "songbird" from some such as Tyrion.

Family [ edit | edit source ]

Tywin Lannister (b. 242AC) [ edit | edit source ]

Tasha's father. Tywin does not particularly care for his youngest child, seeing her youth and beauty as meaning she can easily be used as a bargaining chip through marriage. Tywin isn't affected by bad things that befall Tasha as he believes she brings them upon herself due to her temper and disobedience. He does not truly love his daughter, which disappoints Tasha as she has always tried to make him proud and craves his affection.

Jaime Lannister (b. 266AC) [ edit | edit source ]

Jaime is quite kind towards his younger sister. He has a level of respect for her, however because of the eighteen-year age difference between them, they are not overly close.

Cersei Lannister (b. 266AC) [ edit | edit source ]

Cersei is accepting of her younger sister, however in truth she is somewhat envious of Tasha - this is because Tasha marries a man she loves, a choice that Cersei never got. Cersei becomes impassive and cold towards her younger sister.

Tyrion Lannister (b. 274AC) [ edit | edit source ]

Tyrion is very caring towards his younger sister, and is possibly the only member of the family that truly loves Tasha. He is protective of her, but also frustrated at his inability to help her. Tyrion is proud of Tasha for her defiance against Tywin and Cersei.

Valarr Targaryen (b. 302AC) [ edit | edit source ]

Tasha's son with Aegon, born when she was eighteen. Tasha deeply loves and cares for her son, and is extremely protective of him, fearing that her family might want to hurt her child. She often spoils him and is very affectionate towards him.

Friends [ edit | edit source ]

Velena Targaryen (b. 282AC) [ edit | edit source ]

Tasha's good-sister through her marriage to Aegon. Velena was the first person Tasha told outside of her family about how Ramsay treated her during their marriage, and the two girls came to have respect for one another.

Marriages [ edit | edit source ]

Ramsay Bolton (b. 277AC) [ edit | edit source ]

Tasha's first husband, who she married at the young age of sixteen. He thought she was beautiful, but didn't care for her in the least. Ramsay was not at all kind towards Tasha, raping and beating her without remorse. He left Tasha with scars because of him biting her. Tasha came to be very afraid of him, and obeyed him because she didn't want to get hurt. Eventually Tasha had enough of being abused by him, and stabbed him repeatedly with a fire poker, killing him.

Aegon Targaryen (b. 282AC) [ edit | edit source ]

Tasha's second husband, who she married at the age of seventeen. At first, Aegon was contemptuous towards Tasha, believing her to be a spoilt little girl. However he later realised that her previous husband had abused her, and that had impacted heavily on her when her family refused to intervene. Aegon thought Tasha to be beautiful and came to admire her courage. After Tasha became with his child, Aegon married her and the two fell in love. Aegon loves Tasha dearly, and wants to protect her from anyone who might hurt her.

Edwyn Frey (b. 269AC) [ edit | edit source ]

Tasha's third husband, who she married at the age of seventeen. However this marriage doesn't count, as it was never consummated, and Tasha was still legally married to Aegon at the time despite Tywin's annulment of that marriage. Edwyn was fifteen years older than Tasha, and only saw her as a means to give him a son. He found her pretty, but despised her temper. On their wedding night, Tasha admitted to being pregnant with Aegon's child, angering Edwyn. He attempted to force himself on her, but Tasha accidentally killed him with a weight.

Tasha Cobbs Leonard

Tasha Cobbs Leonard is a Georgia-based gospel singer, songwriter, and pastor who broke out in 2013 with the powerful Grammy Award-winning single "Break Every Chain." Her musical success continued over subsequent chart-topping releases like 2015's One Place Live and the 2017 collaborative project, Heart. Passion. Pursuit., even as she continued her ministry work as a pastor in Atlanta.

Growing up in Jesup, Georgia, she began her career leading worship at Jesup New Life Ministries, the family church founded by her father, Bishop Fritz Cobbs. In 2006, she accepted a job with Pastor William H. Murphy III and his dReam Center Church of Atlanta and spent three years touring the U.S. as part of his musical ministry. In 2010 she launched her own solo career as a gospel artist with the album Smile, released independently on her own Tasha Cobbs Ministries label. Cobbs' career took off in 2013 when she signed with EMI and made her major-label debut with Grace. The album topped Billboard's gospel chart and even crossed over to number 61 on the pop chart, while its lead single, "Break Every Chain," became an even greater success and went on to earn a Grammy Award for Best Gospel/Contemporary Christian Music Performance. Two years later she moved to the Motown Gospel imprint for One Place Live, an album recorded live at the Redemption Church in Greenville, South Carolina. An even bigger success, it too reached number one on the gospel chart and hit number 28 on the Top 200. In early 2017 Cobbs married music producer Kenneth Leonard and and months later, Tasha Cobbs Leonard released her fourth album, Heart. Passion. Pursuit. A guest-heavy studio affair that featured gospel and CCM stars like Kierra Sheard and Anna Golden as well as an appearance from rapper Nicki Minaj, it proved to be yet another chart-topper and was captured the following year in a live version at Atlanta's Passion City Church. Her next project was the 2020 EP Intercession, whose four songs were recorded live at Nashville's Ocean Way Studio.

A Paladin of the Mojave branch of the Brotherhood of Steel, Tasha Weaver took part in the defence of HELIOS One during Operation: Sunburst against NCR troops. The Brotherhood was defeated, following its e

elder's disappearence, and was forced to retreat to Hidden Valley, and enter a lockdown state.

Weaver survived the attack, but was forced to pretend to be dead to avoid the NCR troops. When the NCR retreated, Tasha made her escape, however not without physical and mental scars.

Having failed in her duties as a Paladin, Weaver left the Brotherhood and the Mojave in exile, selling her T-51b armor and buying a T-45d from a merchant, and headed north.

Eventually, she came across New Cannan, a small town where she could start a new life.

In New Cannan, Weaver started practicing Mormonism, believing her survival was a gift from God.

Watch the video: Tasha Cobbs Leonard - Break Every Chain Live At Passion City Church (July 2022).


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