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The Romans Flooded the Colosseum for Sea Battles - Janelle Peters

The Romans Flooded the Colosseum for Sea Battles - Janelle Peters

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Dig in to the history of the Roman Empire’s staged gladiatorial naval battles and how they flooded the Colosseum to reenact famous battles.


Starting in 80 CE, residents of Rome and visitors from across the Roman Empire would fill the stands of the Colosseum to see gladiators duel, animals fight and chariots race around the arena. And for the grand finale, water poured into the arena basin, submerging the stage for the greatest spectacle of all: staged naval battles. Janelle Peters details the history of these mock maritime encounters.

Lesson by Janelle Peters, directed by Brett Underhill.

Watch the video: History of the Roman Colosseum - Naumaquias (July 2022).


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