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ExamFWWU4.htmClassroom activity: Käthe Kollwitz - a German Artist and the First World War.Nadezhda_Plevitskaya.htmNadezhda Plevitskaya, Soviet spy.USAflynn.htmElizabeth Gurley Flynn, imprisoned for her political beliefs.USArosenberg.htmJulius Rosenberg could have saved his wife from execution.Hope_Hale_Davis.htm
Hope Hale Davis: "I forfeited my most essential freedom, to think for myself."Hede_Massing.htm
Hede Massing - Soviet spy who became a FBI informer.SPnelsonS.htm

Steve Nelson, the Soviet spy that J.Edgar Hoover had to let go.


These two Americans helped Russia win the space race.


Frank Wedekind "deliberately sought to outrage bourgeois society".

USAaddams.htm"If you want the best ability, you must allow great liberty of action."USApeglerW.htmThe journalist Westbrook Pegler was in favour of lynching.FWW.htmComprehensive website on First World WarUSAfuchs.htmKlaus Fuchs - Hero or Villain?USArosenbergE.htmWhy did J. Edgar Hoover frame Ethel Rosenberg?PRESTONshankley.htm"A football team is like a piano. You need eight men to carry it and three who can play the damn thing."Harry_Dexter_White.htmA biography of Harry Dexter White, a successful Soviet spy.GERnazigermany.htmNazi GermanyFWWswaffer.htm"Freedom of the press... is freedom to print such of the proprietor's prejudices as the advertisers don't object to."spartacus-blogURL31.htmlGoogle, Bing and Operation Mockingbird. The CIA and Search-Engines.
Exam2WU1.htmClassroom Activity on the D-Day landings. A commentary on the assessment is also provided.USAhiss.htmAlger Hiss and the KGB files.ExamTEU2.htm

Why did Queen Elizabeth not get married?

2WWhomeAC.htmHome Front: A classroom activity that allows every student in the class to write a report (38 topics).Jhuxley.htm

The propagandist's purpose is to make one set of people forget that certain other sets of people are human.

Peter_Piaktow.htmWas Peter Piaktow (Peter the Painter) a government agent?
Siege_of_Sidney_Street.htmWas the Siege of Sidney Street a government conspiracy?spartacus-blogURL29.htmlIs Wikipedia under the control of political extremists?
Sidney_Hook.htmSidney Hook: Hero or Villain?GERliebknecht.htmThe Death of Karl Liebknecht by Kathe Kollwitz (1919)Magda_Goebbels.htmWhy did the parents of these five children decide that they had to die in Berlin on 1st May, 1945?RUSyezhov.htmIt is estimated that as head of NKVD (1937-38) he was responsible for on average of nearly 1,000 executions a day.JlondonJ.htm"I do not live for what the world thinks of me, but for what I think of myself."GERhitler.htmA detailed biography of Adolf HitlerUSAfrankfurter.htm"There is no greater inequality than the equal treatment of unequals." Felix FrankfurterSSkrivitsky.htm"Any fool can commit a murder, but it takes an artist to commit a good natural death."Ernest_Oldham.htmWhy MI5 did not want you to know about Ernest Holloway Oldham.Jsteffens.htm"Morality is only moral when it is voluntary."FWWtull.htmWalter Tull, footballer and war hero.FWWfoot.htmTrench Foot and the First World WarFwomen.htmWhy did the FA try to stop women's football in 1921?WWdaltongang.htmBill Powers, Bob Dalton and Grattan Dalton were killed on5th October, 1892.JFKindex.htmA comprehensive website on the assassination of John F. Kennedy.Wwspu.htmThe Women's Social & Political UnionSHEFFUfoulke.htmWilliam "Fatty" FoulkeREseacole.htmDo you agree with Michael Gove about Mary Seacole?Jwilde.htm“Disobedience in the eyes of anyone who has read history, is man’s original virtue. It is through disobedience that progress has been made, through disobedience and rebellion.”Wdeath.htmWomen's Death BattalionSSreilly.htmSidney Reilly after his execution in 1925RUSfive.htmThe first Five Year Plan in 1928, concentrated on the development of iron and steel, machine-tools, electric power and transport.WkeaS.htmAfrican-Americans in the Spanish Civil WarFWWtrench.htm
Life in the trenches during the First World War (1914-1918)USArobeson.htmWhy did Peggy Ashcroft and Paul Robeson in Othello cause a great deal of controversy in 1930.SPinternational.htmOver 50% of the 3,300 Americans volunteers were killed in the war.SPlincoln.htmPaul White was executed for desertion in March 1938SPmedicalaid.htmSpanish Medical Aid CommitteeWpankhurstS.htmSylvia Pankhurst recovering from hunger strike in July 1913.RUSkirov.htmWas Sergei Kirov murdered?PRwellington.htm“Next to a battle lost, the greatest misery is a battle gained.” Duke of Wellington
Wnuwss.htmThe Women's Pilgrimage in 1913.Natalia_Sedova.htmNatalia Sedova (1882-1962)Lev_Sedov.htmWas Trotsky's son, Lev Sedov, murdered?FWWmannock.htmMick Mannock, air ace and his campaign for parachutes for pilots in the First World War.Tudors.htmFrancis Bacon: "Hope is a good breakfast, but is a bad supper."RUSordzhonikidze.htmWhy did this photograph worry Stalin?Ffacup.htmWhy was there so much fuss when Blackburn Olympic beat Old Etonians in the 1883 FA Cup Final?railways.htmBritish RailwaysUSASauctions.htmA slave-market in America.USACWforrest.htmNathan Forrest, the founder of the Ku Klux KlanPRpeterloo.htmThe Peterloo MassacreJupton.htm

It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends on his not understanding it.

PRholyoak.htmGeorge Holyoake, the founder of Secularism.SPlawO.htmWas Oliver Law murdered by his own men in the Spanish Civil War because he was black?ROMcicero.htm“To be ignorant of what occurred before you were born is to remain always a child.” Cicero
USAeinstein.htm“Imagination is more important than knowledge.” Albert EinsteinSPYpack.htmCynthia, the spy who seduced politicians.USAsanfrancisco.htmHistory of San FranciscoUSA.htmHistory of the United StatesJorwell.htmHe who controls the present, controls the past. He who controls the past, controls the future.USAtwain.htmMark Twain: "I have never let my schooling interfere with my education."USAslavery.htmThe Punishment of Slaves in the 19th Century.RUSluxemburg.htm"Those who do not move, do not notice their chains." Rosa LuxemburgFhistory.htmEarly History of FootballWWdonnerP.htmThe Donner PartyUSAfreedomR.htmJames Peck, a freedom riderUSAdarrow.htmClarence Darrow: "Lost causes are the only ones worth fighting for."USAhillJ.htmJoe Hill: "Don't waste any time in mourning. Organize."WWscalping.htmScalping in the Wild WestREnightingale.htmFlorence NightingaleRAstephensonG.htmGeorge Stephenson and British RailwaysTUmarx.htm
Karl Marx "Religion is the opium of the masses."
IRowen.htmRobert Owen, the enlightened employer.Normans.htmThe NormansSequiano.htm

"Until the lion has a historian of his own, the tale of the hunt will always glorify the hunter."

NORhastings.htmBattle of Hastingsvietnam.htmlThe Vietnam WarPRpaine.htm"One good schoolmaster is of more use than a hundred priests." Thomas PaineSPkoestler.htm"A faith is not acquired by reasoning. One does not fall in love with a woman, or enter the womb of a church, as a result of logical persuasion."FWWfield.htmField Punishment Number OneFWWafro.htmAfrican-American soldiers in the First World WarWdavison.htmDid Emily Wilding Davison intend to kill herself on Derby Day in 1913?USACWbooth.htmJohn Wilkes Booth and the Assassination of Abraham LincolnJorwell.htm

George Orwell: "At fifty everyone has the face he deserves".

WWflipper.htmHenry Flipper, the first African American to graduate from West PointUSAcivilwarC.htmThe American Civil WarUSACWcolored.htmAfrican-American Regiments in the American Civil WarUSAkkk.htmA history of the Ku Klux KlanGERhitler.htmAdolf Hitler in the First World WarJbrittain.htmVera Brittain, a nurse in the First World WarFWWkitchener.htmCartoon in German magazine, Simplicissimus, on a discussion between Lord Kitchener, Herbert Asquith and Winston Churchill in May 1915.USAmontgomeryB.htmMontgomery Bus BoycottGERraubal.htmThe true story of Geli Raubal and Adolf Hitler2WWgirls.htmWhat was life like for schoolgirls in Nazi Germany?TUDhenry8.htmIt is claimed that 72,000 thieves and vagabonds were hanged during his reign (over 2 per cent of the population).USAkennedyJ.htmWho killed John F. Kennedy?ARSENALroose.htmThe sad death of Leigh Roose in the First World War.USACstacy.htmThe Lynching of Rubin Stacy in 1935USAsitin.htmThe campaign against segregated lunch counters in 1960.USAlincoln.htmHow good was Abraham Lincoln?STUcromwellO.htmOliver Cromwell: Hero or Villain?GEReducation.htmEducation in Nazi GermanyMedieval.htmFarming in the Middle Ageswatergate.htmRichard Nixon, Watergate and the CIA?BLACKPmatthews.htmWhy did Stanley Matthews and the rest of the England team give the Nazi salute in May 1938? England beat Germany 6-3.WWwildbunch.htmThe Wild Bunch2WW.htmAdolf Hitler and the Second World War (1939-1945)RUSnazipact.htmWas the signing of the Nazi-Soviet Pact inevitable?2WWwomen.htmWomen in the 2nd World WarJmail.htmIn 1918 the Daily Mail claimed that the Russian Revolution was a German-Jewish conspiracy.TUkeynes.htmJohn Maynard Keynes: "The difficulty lies not in the new ideas, but in escaping from the old ones."JcarrEH.htmE. H. Carr: "Change is certain. Progress is not."GERnazigermany.htmTwo Germans accused of breaking Nazi Laws.USAkingML.htm"Never forget that everything Hitler did in Germany was legal."PRchurchill.htmWinston Churchill: “An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile - hoping it will eat him last.”WHmooreB2.htmBobby Moore, England's greatest ever defender.RUSlenin.htmDid Lenin betray the Russian Revolution?RUSkronstadt.htmThe suppression of the Kronstadt sailors in 1921RUStrotsky.htmDid Leon Trotsky betray the ideals of the revolution in 1921?RUSgapon.htmWhy was Father Gapon executed in 1906?USAdewey.htm“We learn what we do.” John DeweyPRhazlitt.htm"The love of liberty is the love of others; the love of power is the love of ourselves."RUSkollontai.htmWhy did Stalin not have Alexandra Kollontai executed?

The shame of residential schools must be worn by us all – not just historical figures

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A City of Charlottetown Public Works vehicle makes its way up Queen Street with the Sir. John A MacDonald statue after city crews removed it in Charlottetown, on June 1, 2021.

John Morris/The Canadian Press

No doubt Jason Kenney spoke for many Tuesday when the Alberta Premier decried the increasing practice of “cancelling” leading historical figures, notably the country’s founder, Sir John A. Macdonald, for their part in the calamitous residential schools policy.

The reported discovery of the remains of 215 Indigenous children on the site of the Kamloops Indian Residential School in British Columbia has given fresh impetus to the campaign to remove the statues of Macdonald from public places, to strike his name from public schools, and other formal acts of repudiation.

To Mr. Kenney, the sanction seemed at once too broad – Macdonald may have been the prime minister responsible for establishing the residential schools, but he was also the single person most responsible for the existence of Canada, which some would still account to his favour – and too narrow.

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If Macdonald is to be banished from the public square for policies we now regard as abhorrent, he asked, what of others: Sir Wilfrid Laurier, who brought in steep hikes in the “head tax” and other restrictions on immigration from China and South Asia, or Mackenzie King, who barred European Jews from seeking refuge in Canada during the Holocaust, or Pierre Trudeau, who imposed martial law in Quebec?

Or what about Tommy Douglas, father of medicare, winner of the CBC’s “Greatest Canadian” competition, but also an enthusiastic proponent of eugenics, that is to say, sterilization of “mental defectives”? Should his name, too, be stricken from the honour rolls?

These would be the glaring examples of selective morality Mr. Kenney suggests, if the head tax had remained in place for more than a century if Jews were still being barred from Canada until a couple of decades ago if the War Measures Act had resulted, not just in the arrest of thousands of people, but their agonizing deaths or if eugenics had been, not the personal preoccupation of Douglas and other social improvers of his day, but a keystone policy of the federal government, in force across the country.

It does nothing to diminish these evils to say that there is something exceptionally monstrous about the residential schools policy – as the law professor, human rights activist and former Justice minister Irwin Cotler has called it, “the single most harmful, disgraceful and racist act in our history.”

It is not just that tens of thousands of Indigenous children were taken from their families, against their will that they were confined for months at a time in remote and ill-maintained facilities, often in appalling conditions that while there they were subjected to mistreatment ranging from malign neglect to physical and sexual abuse or that all of this was carried out in the service of the barbaric and unambiguously racist policy of forced assimilation.

It is not even that, as the discovery at the Kamloops school reminded us, thousands of these pitiable children died as a result – as many as 6,000, according to the report by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission – many of them hastily buried in unmarked graves, without so much as a note to their parents.

No, it is that the schools were permitted to carry on with this carnage, long after Macdonald – prime minister after prime minister, decade after decade, generation after generation. It was known since at least the early 1900s, notably after the reports of Peter Bryce, chief medical officer at the Department of Indian Affairs, that the schools were breeding grounds for disease, that children were being abused, that they were dying in vast numbers.

Prince Charming Regal Carrousel at Magic Kingdom Park

Recently, I spent time with a historic and iconic attraction in Fantasyland. The sun had not yet cleared the horizon, and the Magic Kingdom was quiet but for the routine pre-open chores being tended to by fellow cast members. I would like to share some of my images with you, along with some tidbits of history you might enjoy.

The Distant Past

It is said that the word carousel dates back to the 12th century, and was actually a cavalry training exercise. In Italian, the word was garosello, and in Spanish, carosella. The French later adapted their version of “carrousel,” which involved elaborate displays of horse and rider routines performed as entertainment for royalty.

During the 18th century, the French developed a rotating device that featured carved horses and chariots that would go up and down, and those early carrousels were powered by mules, men and later, steam.

The Near Past

As merry-go-rounds became prevalent across the U.S., the Philadelphia Toboggan Company achieved great success, building approximately ninety of them before the Great Depression. They had the finest German and Italian wood carvers of their day. Each one was numbered, which brings us to Number 46 – The Liberty Carousel, built in 1917-1918. Originally delivered to Belle Isle Park in Detroit, it later appeared in New Jersey’s Olympic Park in Maplewood, N.J.

The Liberty was acquired by The Walt Disney Company in 1967, refurbished and painted to its present style and condition, and became the focal point for Fantasyland.

The Liberty, later named Cinderella’s Golden Carrousel, now the Prince Charming Regal Carrousel, is the largest carrousel in North America, with a diameter of nearly sixty feet.

Most of the beautiful “jumpers,” as they are called, are hand-carved from maple wood. There are a few fiberglass horses that were cast from originals, but you can’t tell the difference unless you perform the “thump” test …

All of the exquisite equines are painted white because white horses have been depicted as “heroes” during the ages, and everyone wants to be a hero.

Its theme of pride and patriotism is reflected throughout the Carrousel, as well as that of medieval bravery.

There are ninety steeds galloping, and one lone chariot. The chariot, original to Liberty, was lost during refurbishment, and rediscovered in 1997, when it was installed.

Little Known Fact

In 1971, during the installation of the carrousel, Roy O. Disney observed that its placement was off-center from the Cinderella Castle breezeway by eight inches. It was moved to its present position, centered.

Transformation Around Every Corner at Pixar Pier with Jessie’s Critter Carousel and More

In addition to the newly reimagined Incredicoaster and all-new Lamplight Lounge, guests will discover new experiences – both big and small – throughout the newly reimagined Pixar Pier.

In 2019, Jessie the yodeling cowgirl will invite you for a rootin’ tootin’ spin on Jessie’s Critter Carousel. Inspired by Jessie’s wilderness friends in the “Woody’s Roundup” television show from “Toy Story 2,” this newly reimagined attraction is a classic boardwalk carousel with a whimsical spin. Saddle up on one of 56 adorable friends, choosing from a turtle, snake, buzzard, armadillo, bunny, deer, raccoon, ram, skunk and two cozy logs inhabited by a family of owls.

And when Pixar Pier opens June 23 at Disney California Adventure park, guests will find transformation around every corner.

Just past Lamplight Lounge, you will find Adorable Snowman Frosted Treats. Inspired by the lovable and not-at-all-abominable monster from “Monsters, Inc.,” this will be your go-to for frozen treats.

In the “Toy Story” neighborhood of Pixar Pier, big appetites and small fries alike will love the Poultry Palace. This giant fun meal inspired by Pixar’s short, “Toy Story Toon: Small Fry,” even comes with a Fun Meal Zurg!

¿Quieres un churro? Stop by Señor Buzz Churros, where Buzz has switched into Spanish mode to offer this quintessential Disneyland Resort treat.

Further down Pixar Pier, Angry Dogs will be serving up some hot items – which is the perfect place for Anger from “Inside Out.” The more he burns with rage, the hotter the dogs get!

Come discover these and many more newly themed experiences throughout Pixar Pier at Disney California Adventure park!

Sidebar of Shame Carousel - History

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The website has an international readership, featuring separate home pages for the UK, US, India and Australia. [7] While the MailOnline maintains the conservative editorial stance of the print edition, much of the content featured on the website is produced exclusively for the MailOnline and is not published in the Daily Mail. It is known for its "sidebar of shame", [8] [9] a box listing celebrity misdemeanours. [3] The Financial Times, alluding to a quote by Samuel Johnson, has suggested that "If you are tired of MailOnline, you are tired of Kim Kardashian's life – and most readers are not" [3] however, actor George Clooney has described it as "the worst kind of tabloid. One that makes up its facts to the detriment of its readers" after it published an untrue story about his fiancée's Amal's family. [10] The website reached 199.4 million unique monthly visitors in December 2014, [11] up from 189.52 million in January 2014 and 128.59 million in May 2013, [12] according to the Audit Bureau of Circulations. [13]

Globally, MailOnline is the most visited English-language newspaper website [3] ComScore gave the site 61.6 million unique desktop computer visitors for January 2014, ahead of The New York Times' website, which received 41.97 million visitors in the same month. [14] According to ComScore, MailOnline recorded 100.5 million visitors across desktop computers, smartphones and tablets in that month. [15] In July 2014 it recorded 134 million users. [16]

Almost 70% of its traffic comes from outside the UK, mostly from the United States. [17] The Daily Mail print newspaper has no presence there, but has aggressively targeted the country with its online offering, branded as the "Daily Mail" rather than MailOnline. [3] In January 2014 it paid over £1m to the Charleston Daily Mail for the domain name www.dailymail.com in order to increase its attractiveness to US advertisers. [17]

In January 2014, it was ranked the eighth most-visited news website in Australia, up from tenth in December 2013. [18] Globally the site was forecast to reach £60m in advertising sales in the year to September 2014, up 49%. [19] £35m has been invested in creating the site. [3] The site has introduced sponsored articles, with a guarantee of 450,000 page views at a cost of £65,000 per article. [3]

MailOnline features a broad mixture of international news, and carries mainly UK-focused coverage of sport, personal finance, travel, celebrity news, science and lifestyle editorial. As of September 2014, it employs 615 people, including 406 editorial staff. [3] These create over 750 articles per day, [3] the editorial stance of which broadly reflects that of the Daily Mail, being to the right wing of mainstream British politics and typically supporting the UK Conservative Party. [20] MailOnline articles tend to be dominated by pictures rather than long-form journalism. [21]

A major component of the website is its entertainment news, often featuring celebrities such as Kim Kardashian or members of the British Royal Family such as the Duchess of Cambridge. [22] It is estimated that 25% of the traffic received by the website is purely to access the entertainment and gossip stories. [23]

The website allows users to create accounts in order to comment on articles, and also allows anyone to express anonymous approval or disapproval of comments made. The site also publishes statistics about this activity. [24] The house rules state that the monitors usually remove inappropriate content in full, [25] although they do reserve the right to edit comments. [26] The site also does not allow comments on some articles for legal or editorial reasons. [27]

  • September 2009: Geek.com reported that a story posted in MailOnline about a solar panel made from human hair [28] was a hoax. [29] Engineer Edward Craig Hyatt stated that it was not possible to use human hair in any configuration to generate electricity when exposed to light. [30]
  • June 2010: The Guardian reported that MailOnline had published an inaccurate story about an iPhone 4 recall, based on a Twitter message from a parody account by a Steve Jobs impersonator. [31] MailOnline realised its error and removed the article. [32]
  • In October 2011, MailOnline and several other news sources published standby articles on Amanda Knox's trial prematurely. The articles reported an upholding of the guilty verdict before the judge had finished announcing the reversal of the guilty verdict. [33][34][35][36] MailOnline stated the article was removed within 90 seconds and apologized. The article became the subject of a Press Complaints Commission complaint that noted the article's reporting of events and reactions that had not taken place and said that was "not acceptable" but commented positively on the handling of the error. [37][38][39][40]
  • January 2012: ABC News Radio reported the falsity of a story "repeated by numerous media outlets" concerning a supposed naming by Advertising Age of a campaign by singer Rihanna for fashion house Armani as the "sexiest ad of the year." The story, Ad Age said, "seemed to have originated with the British tabloid the Daily Mail.[41]Huffington Post removed the story and apologized. [42]
  • January 2012: Robert Hart-Fletcher, of the charity Kids and Media, told BeefJack, a gaming magazine, that quotes attributed to him were "completely fabricated" across a range of British media, most prominently the Daily Mail and the BBC. [43]
  • April 2012: MailOnline published an article about a dentist who extracted her ex-boyfriend's teeth the piece was later exposed as a hoax by MSNBC.com. The article appeared under the byline of reporter Simon Tomlinson, who said he does not know where the story came from. [44][45][46]
  • April 2012: The Christian Science Monitor reported that MailOnline had misused an opinion piece published in Egypt's Al-Ahram newspaper and translated into English by Al Arabiya. The original article claimed "Egypt's parliament was considering a piece of legislation sponsored by Islamists to allow men to have sex with their wives after their death." The Daily Mail, according to Monitor staff writer Dan Murphy, "distorted the original claim from a proposal to a done deal: 'Egyptian husbands will soon be legally allowed to have sex with their dead wives', the tabloid claimed, apparently having misunderstood the original Al Arabiya translation." [47]
  • October 2012: Actor Nicolas Cage received an apology and damages for a false story in MailOnline about allegations of tax evasion. [48]
  • July 2014: The MailOnline admitted having published an entirely false story about George Clooney and the family of his fiancée. [49]
  • April 2016: Martin Fletcher wrote in the New Statesman about travelling to Iraq and writing a piece for The Times, then seeing his piece appear on MailOnline under someone else's byline "within five hours". [50]
  • November 2016: The headline "(Almost) Straight Outta Compton" in an article about the actress Meghan Markle is subsequently seen as part of the racist treatment of Markle by some parts of the British media. [51]
  • February 2017: Wikipedia bans MailOnline citations as unreliable content. [52]
  • April 2017: The Sun threatened MailOnline with legal action over copyright infringement regarding a Sun exclusive video. According to a Sun executive, MailOnline was seen as responsible for blatant "piracy". [53]
  • July 2017: The Sun and the MailOnline drew criticism over the online posting of nude photos of Jodie Whittaker, the first women to play the character of The Doctor in the British television show Doctor Who. [54]
  • January 2019: as part of its feature designed to fight fake news, Microsoft Edge began to warn users against trusting MailOnline content, asserting that "this website generally fails to maintain basic standards of accuracy and accountability" and "has been forced to pay damages in numerous high-profile cases". [5] This was overturned a week later. [55]
  • June 2019: MailOnline has been blocked in China and remains inaccessible for unknown reasons. [citation needed]

The website was disallowed as reliable material for Wikipedia citations." [56] [52]

In March 2012, the Poynter Institute published an article criticising the MailOnline for failing to give proper attribution to the sources of some article content, and often reprinting paragraphs without permission or attribution. The article said that when the MailOnline is called out for stealing content, it will sometime removes the text in question without acknowledging or apologising for the problem. [57]

Martin Clarke, editor of MailOnline, said, "We will soon be introducing features that will allow us to link easily and prominently to other sites when further recognition of source material is needed." [57] However, by July 2013, MailOnline articles, including main articles, still did not contain any links to original sources or tips. [58]

In 2015, James King, who left the MailOnline after a year as a reporter, said that the editorial model of the Mail depended on "dishonesty, theft of copyrighted material, and sensationalism so absurd that it crosses into fabrication". King worked as a contractor, and declined a full-time job because he did not want to put his byline on his stories. [59]

Daily Mail Australia has been repeatedly and widely criticised by rival Australian news outlets, including Fairfax Media, News Corp Australia, ABC News, Nine Network, The New Zealand Herald and The Guardian Australia, [60] for rewriting the work of their journalists despite employing 90 editorial staff as of November 2018. [61] The Daily Mail claims that other news outlets are threatened by their growing popularity and that they attribute their sources. [62] In November 2018, media analysis television show Media Watch dedicated an entire program to criticising the Daily Mail. [60]

In March 2014, MailOnline Sports was named Laureus Sports Website of the Year at the 2014 Sports Journalist Association awards. [63]

In December 2013, the MailOnline Android mobile app, Daily MailOnline, was named one of "The Best Apps of 2013" in the UK by the Google Play store. [64]

In 2013, the MailOnline was singled out for a Design Effectiveness Award by the British Design Business Association. Brand42, the British agency that designed the MailOnline, received a Gold and the Grand Prix for the 2008 revamp [65] at the annual Design Business Association's Design Effectiveness Awards. The Grand Prix is the top prize at the awards ceremony and is given to the design project that delivers the greatest commercial benefit. [66]

In 2012, the MailOnline received the chairman's award for Online Media. [67]

In 2012, the Daily Mail and MailOnline won "eight awards, including newspaper of the year, campaign of the year and hat-trick for Craig Brown".

"I'd like to pay the most enormous tribute to all of the journalists on the Daily Mail and MailOnline, our new very successful, equal partner," Dacre said after accepting the newspaper of the year award. [68]

In 2011, the first year of the Online Media awards, MailOnline won for "Best Brand Development." [69]

Fear Big Dong and his loyal son Lu Bu!

Lu Bu can nothing against him

Nah, I'm sure after two fathers he has learned his lesson. Third time's the charm.

Also fitting because Dong Zhou's horny was the death of him

I know very little on Chinese history, can I have a source on this? Sounds like a fun read lmao

Technically the Han were undone by the group of guys with no dongs..


It was the yellow turbans who really ruined it, but I guess Dong Zhou kinda fucked China anyway.

Well the court was too preoccupied with infighting and intrigue to really effectively administrate the country. This coupled with natural disasters and famine created a scenario where order would break down and peasant uprisings were likely. The rebellion was maybe more a symptom of the dynasty starting to collapse than a root cause.

"I'm the guy who heard you say ɺnyone who wants an ice cream come over here'"


You said anyone. I am indeed one.

As a mom, that kid would have gotten ice cream.

i know, right? i see nothing wrong with this.

Read this in Walter White's voice.

If I was that lady I would have thought it was cute and gave the kid ice cream.

I’m with you. It’s cute. Just a kid’s innocent optimism shining on through. Someone needs to let Andy Ryan know that it’s nothing to be ashamed of

I gave my kids some watermelon on the playground this weekend and this adorable little Girl comes up and ask if she could have some. You Bet she Got a slice and she was so happy

You mean like a normal person?!

Idk for some reason I imagined like ice cream sandwiches and maybe she didn't have enough

Shanghai’s Lost Chinese Art Deco City

Back in the ‘90s, in a Shanghai flea market, I came across a set of faded postcards depicting a cache of 1930s Chinese Art Deco buildings that I’d never seen before. I assumed that they were long gone. Not at all, said the seller: They stood in an area shaped like a cross in northern Shanghai, and the surrounding road names all began with one of the characters Zhong, Hua, Min, Guo, Shang, Hai, Shi, Zheng or Fu: Republic of China Shanghai Municipal Government. This was Republic of China President Chiang Kai-Shek’s Greater Shanghai Plan – his Shanghai dream. Of course, I went to see them, and of course, they were magnificent. But what was the story?

The Greater Shanghai Plan

By the time the Republic of China, or the Nationalists, had united most of the country under their rule in 1928, Shanghai was already an internationally renowned city – but its renown came from its foreign concessions, in stark contrast to the poor, underdeveloped ‘Chinese Shanghai’ outside of the international areas. It was a national shame, and the Nationalists proposed to address it with a planned civic centre: a new, prosperous Chinese Shanghai.

The Greater Shanghai Plan, conceived in 1929.

Land was acquired in an undeveloped northeastern quarter of Shanghai, in what is today’s Jiangwan, and the city’s first urban plan was conceived. It was, ostensibly, a Chinese planned city for Chinese people, with a directive to design in “traditional Chinese style.” Yet Shanghai was already a cosmopolitan melting pot, and the urban planners and architects included Americans, Germans, and Chinese trained in both places. Indeed, the very inspiration of the plan was foreign: it came from Ebenezer Howard’s Garden Cities of Tomorrow, a description of a planned urban utopia, in which man lived in harmony with nature – an idea which also influenced prominent town planners such as Frederick Law Olmsted, who designed Central Park in New York.

Dong Dayou & The Spirit of a New Age

Greater Shanghai Plan buildings designed in the cosmopolitan, East-meets-West Chinese Art Deco style by an architect steeped in both traditions fit perfectly. Dong Dayou (he anglicized his name to Dayu Doon) had attended Tsinghua, the University of Minnesota and Columbia, before returning to Shanghai in 1928, where he established an architectural practice with the American architect and urban planner Asa Emory Philips. Significantly, Dong also worked with Henry K. Murphy, the American architect who was a firm advocate of adapting traditional Chinese styles for modern usage, and who Chiang had hired to design a modern capital for him in Nanjing.

The former Greater Shanghai Municipal Museum, 1935, fused East and West.

Dong’s designs for the new City Hall fused the latest international modernist and Art Deco styles with classical Chinese architecture, a metaphor, he said, for the spirit of this new age. Describing the Greater Shanghai Plan buildings, he said, “Instead of aiming at a reproduction of old styles, an attempt is made to apply and modify features suitable to modern needs.” It was a style alternately called Chinese Renaissance or Ming Revival, and much beloved by the Nationalist government, who applied it to their government buildings in Nanjing, as well.

This fusion was new, the work of a generation of young Chinese architects trained abroad. Traditional Chinese architecture required only masons and carpenters, while the engineering required of larger structures invariably resulted in western designs. “They [the architects] initiated a movement to bring a dead architecture to life: in other words, to do away with poor imitations of western architecture and to make Chinese architecture truly national,” says Dong.

And so the new city’s administrative and cultural center was carefully laid out across four square kilometers in the shape of a cross. (Why a cross? Well, Chiang-kai shek had become a Christian in 1930…) Here was the Greater Shanghai Municipality’s City Hall, Museum, Library, Stadium, Gymnasium and Natatorium, Hospital, Courthouse, Government Headquarters — nine buildings in all, gathered around a 20-acre plaza and reflected in a pool of water a third of a mile long – inspired, perhaps, by the famous Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool in Washington, D.C., which had been completed less than a decade earlier.

Skirmishes with the Japanese had been mounting, interrupting the construction of City Hall, and by 1937 much of the construction on the Greater Shanghai Plan subsided, never to resume. The courthouse was never built, nor the city government building, nor the reflecting pool. The Japanese occupied the buildings during the war and after the war, in 1945, the Chinese municipality moved its offices to the former Shanghai Municipal Council building on Jiangxi Lu. The new Communist government, too, turned its back on this purpose-built city and chose to set up their offices in what had been the power center of foreign Shanghai: the former Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank building on the Bund. The Greater Shanghai Plan faded into history.

Discovering the Lost Chinese Art Deco City Today

Today, Jiangwan lies far enough away from the city center that wandering the wide boulevards, punctuated with the surprise of grand, Chinese Art Deco buildings, feels like an adventure. The buildings are in various states of repair, yet the bold vision of the Greater Shanghai Plan is intact.

“The startling architecture of the new City Hall indicate that East and West have met in wedlock.” – Fortune magazine, 1935.

Athletic youngsters in tracksuits stride through the grounds of City Hall, now the Shanghai Sports Institute. It’s a modernist version of the Forbidden City: In 1935, Fortune magazine said, “Here [Jiangwan] indeed, it seems that East and West have at last met, and the startling architecture of the new City Hall, seems to indicate that they have met in wedlock.”

Dong tweaked the proportions, raising the central portion of the roof and streamlining. Traditional decorations, too, are streamlined and stylised, highlighting the geometric shapes that define Art Deco. In the spacious lobby, a map of Shanghai remains in the ochre terrazo, with a small depiction of the Greater Shanghai Plan cross. In 1935, it was the spectacular backdrop for the first ‘collective wedding’, with 57 couples and over 700 residents.

The first collective wedding, in front of City Hall, April 3, 1935.

From the steps of City Hall, across the treetops that have grown since these buildings were opened, the imperial yellow roof tiles of the Greater Shanghai Municipal Museum glint to the southeast, and those of its twin, the Greater Shanghai Municipal Library, to the southwest. Dong’s designs for these buildings took into account the needs for modern amenities within such as overhead lighting, and thus in this broad building, “only the central portion is emphasized by a “gate-tower” covered with a yellow tile roof,” he says, adding, “The omission of the heavy roof on the rest of the building is due to a measure of economy.” The former Museum is today part of Shanghai Second Military University and Changhai Hospital, imperial echoes executed in Chinese Art Deco, from the angular staircases to the brightly painted ceiling medallions and stylized characters on the terrazo.

The former Greater Shanghai Municipal Museum.

Greater Shanghai Municipal Museum, interior. The terrazo design is a Chinese compass rose, featuring the four directions.

The Greater Shanghai Municipal Library served as the library for Tongji Middle School until 2008 on my first visit there, floppy-haired teenagers played basketball in the courtyard. Today it lies empty and neglected, weeds growing from the tiled roof, but grand plans are afoot. The library, which was never completed, but still opened and held 10,000 volumes, will be restored to its original purpose for the residents of Yangpu district, and include an exhibition on its history. Set to open by 2017, the new library will feature two new wings, to be built according to Dong’s blueprints for the original library. Perhaps it signals a Ming Revival revival

or at least an appreciation of its legacy.

The Greater Shanghai Municipal Library

The Greater Shanghai Municipal Stadium, completed in 1935, was designed to be the place to host national events – but it is large enough, and grand enough to host something much bigger. After all, the Nationalists dreamed big, and had just sent off the very first Chinese delegation ever to the Los Angeles Olympics in 1932. Who’s to say an Olympics in Shanghai was not part of their plan? And what better place to showcase this new China than in Dong’s Chinese Art Deco stadium? Today, Olympic dreams behind it, the stadium is still used for sports, including the X Games, and a golf putting range is set up on the grass.

Greater Shanghai Municipal Plan in the stained glass of the former clubhouse, in the Stadium. Photos: Robert Bryan.

The Stadium, the gymnasium and Natatorium, and Changhai Hospital are another style of Chinese Art Deco – Art Deco forms with Chinese motifs. Said Dong, “These show the possibilities of adapting Chinese decorative features to modern structures.” Indeed, their classic Art Deco profile from afar looks western, but up close, decorative elements in the gateway and the terrazo all feature Chinese motifs.

Changhai Hospital, southern facade

Stylized “shou” or long-life motifs on Changhai Hospital.

Dong’s cleverest Art Deco building, though, is the one he created for the China Civil Aviation Association. Shaped like an airplane, one of the classic symbols of the Art Deco era, its shape was only visible from above – that is, from an airplane.

Civil Aviation building. Photo: John Meckley.

The Greater Shanghai Plan is a forgotten chapter in this city’s rich and layered history – and an architectural legacy well worth rediscovering.

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