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Stetson University

Stetson University

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Stetson University, located in DeLand, Florida, was the first private university in Florida.It was founded in 1883, by New York philanthropist Henry A. DeLand Hall, erected in 1884, became the first building in Florida to be continuously used for higher education.The institution renamed DeLand College, in 1885, and in 1887, the Florida Legislature enacted the charter of DeLand University as an independent institution of higher learning.During 1885, in the times of a bad freeze in Central Florida, Mr. DeLand's finances could not support the university, and he persuaded Mr. Stetson, the nationally known hat manufacturer, to take over the endowment of the university.Mr. A final name change to Stetson University occurred in the 1990’s.Stetson University College of Law, founded in 1900, was Florida's first law school. In 1960, Stetson became the first white college in Florida to admit black students.Today, Stetson University is a non-sectarian, comprehensive, private university composed of four campuses, including DeLand, Celebration, Tampa, and St. Its graduate programs include education, counseling, business, law, and English.

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